Lot 48: that time i was in texas

May 23, 2016

that time i was in texas

once upon a time, i had dreams of being an actress.  who doesn't really.  when you were a little girl at least?  all growing up, i was heavily into performing and acting and dancing and singing and did it as much as i could get my hands on.  

when i was 17, i got an opportunity to go to the middle of nowhere in texas and film a movie that has been seen by no one.  my saint of a mother supported me and went with me to a very small town west of dallas. 

to this day, i am not really sure this all happened.  my sister's best friend was heavily into acting and had an agent and she passed along this role opportunity to me.  i don't know if she got this role opportunity from craigslist or her agent or what, but i had a skype call with the director and i was offered the part.  

it was a very strange experience because it was such a low budget and was really just a creative guy wanting to make a film.  the pictures above and below are us rehearsing in his house where his grandma fed us 3 meals a day and his friend held the boom mic while we shot.  his mom helped with other things like lighting but that was the extent of my crew.  and my mom.  

{oh  hahaha!! we're filming a movie in the middle of nowhere! this is really weird!} 

my character was a girl who was murdered in the first bit of the film.  that's why i only had to be there for a week, my part was small but still exciting. 

speaking of small, the town was microscopic! you literally blink and you miss it.  there was a motel, which we stayed at, a diner next to it, a "steakhouse" and a DQ.  my mom was such an amazing trooper for coming with me! while i filmed, she sat in the car with the a/c blasting. we come from dry heat people, we do not do humidity! 

 i had a bit of a scene where i was standing at the river ("river."  the river was green and marshy and i couldn't even see the water. yuck!) and i remember thinking "oh my gosh, if i fall in...."

there were mosquitos everywhere.  my mom got bitten so many times, as did i.  when i had a half day of shooting and we went to this zoo (that was a really awesome zoo but i can't for the life of me remember what city it was in! a giraffe licked me!) and on the drive, my mom kept stopping to itch her foot, she had about 6 bites on her feet!! yeeks! 

we got to do some fun stuff as well as filming. we had one day off of filming and all the girls, (the girls in the photos above,) had moved from other places as well to do the film.  we became good friends and on our day off, my mom drove us an hour and a half to dallas we went shopping!!

how i was murdered was i was stabbed to death.  so there was a lot of cornstarch blood on me that attracted ants.  and it was really really  sticky.  fun.  fun, fun, fun. 

we had two identical shirts in which i was killed in.  one that was before i was stabbed, and one after.  the one after my mom took a knife and just went to town ribbing the shirt apart.  then i put it on and on went the blood!! 

they put bits of branches in my hair, got dirt and smeared it all across my hair and my chest and around where i was lying.  i laid on this bridge for over an hour where the director shot me from all angles and while my costars "found me" and grabbed my arms and my face and were right there in my face reacting to finding their friend dead! all the while i was trying to look dead and not breathe while they cradled my head.

it's real hard to keep your eyes open and to breathe shallowly for long periods of times, guys.  while someone is moving your body around.  

the worst part was the director had booked the park for the day so we could film, but some idiots came to the park and started yelling that they had reserved the park for the day for a music festival!! while lying there on a super uncomfortable bridge covered in sugar and cornstarch with ants crawling allll over me, i could hear them honking and yelling while the director's mom tried to hold them off.  

this picture is my 'party trick'.  i love showing this to people and they freak out because it looks real for a second.  "hey, wanna see a picture of me dead?" 

one day while filming at the park, these gorgeous dogs who i think were strays decided to be my friend.  it made all the ants and the sticky blood worth it.  

it was a good experience and i am so glad i did it.  it's one of those stories i will be able to tell my children someday.  the film has done well at festivals and has won some awards, as you can see from the poster.  when i got a copy of the film, i couldn't even watch myself i was so bad.  geez.  

as i am approaching 26 (in a week!!) i am so thankful for the experiences and risks and adventures i have taken in my life.  i've lived a good, full life.  i have lots of stories and adventures and i have lived and learned and loved and pushed myself out of my comfort zone constantly.  that's the life i want to live.  and i am so glad that as i look back on my 26 years of life, i can say that i have lived that life.  that is a really good feeling. 

below is the trailer.  i'm in the beginning with the guy covering my mouth.  i look so terrorized!! aaaahh!!! 

thanks for reading and letting me share my fun story :) 

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  1. Your name is even on the end title card! You're famous! :-)

    That's such a fun story and you definitely HAVE TO live it up. I still brag about the time I was an extra in the Mighty Ducks 2, even though you can't really ever see me.

    This movie kind of reminds me of Julianne Moore's character in Benny & Joon. Have you ever seen that one? If not, GO WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY.


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