Lot 48: netflix finds part 4

May 11, 2016

netflix finds part 4

another edition of good findings on netflix!! catch up with part 1, 2, and 3

i am going to start with a tv show that i just really fell in love with. i had just finished breaking bad and was looking for a new show and remembered that my sister liked baby daddy.  

this show is so funny.  it really, really is.  like laugh out loud funny. it's about a guy, ben (middle) who gets a baby girl dropped off on his doorstep from a one night stand.  he lives with his pro hockey playing brother danny (right) and his best friend tucker (left. tahj mowry! hellooo! who remembers watching smart guy growing up?) ben raises his daughter emma with their help and the help of his and danny's childhood best friend riley and their mom, bonnie.  i especially love the mom character, bonnie wheeler and love the love triangle between riley and the two brothers.  taran usually knows when i am watching it because he can hear me laughing out loud so hard i can't catch my breath from the other room.  it's still on the air but this season only had like 10 episodes! sad face. 

this movie was a real steve martin gem that we happened upon one night.  it's about a struggling producer, bowfinger, (steve martin) who gets one last chance to make a movie to get noticed before he gets "hollywood old."  he has a team of trusted friends and colleagues that stick by him, but he is determined to have eddie murphy be in the film.  bowfinger lies to his cast and crew and tells everyone that eddie murphy agreed to do the movie but instead films eddie murphy without his consent, somehow, without tipping his cast, crew, or eddie off.  it's hilarious.  the plot sounds really wacky, and (it is!) and gets even funnier when eddie murphy goes missing and they have to shoot with a look alike who happens to be eddie's brother who is a super awkward person.  it is such a funny movie! i highly recommend it when you need a laugh!

this film is with tom hanks and julia roberts.  it is about a man, larry crowne (tom hanks) who after several decades of working at a sports warehouse (i think that's right?) he is let go due to management changes and that he doesn't have a college degree.  larry decides to go to community college and julia roberts is one of his teachers.  it's really a wonderful film about how it is never, ever too late to change your life or become who you want to be. 

it took me two tries to get through this one, but once i did watch it, i loved it.  the first time it just made me sad that a guy at such an age was at such a tough point economically and had to go to college for the first time at such an age. but i tried again and after i pushed past the sad beginning, i really loved the inspiring and philosophical aspects of the film.  is college important? is it important simply for the experience, that it makes you a better person, that you gain experiences in the classroom that are valuable even if they might not apply to real life? 

all good questions.

i watched only the lonely because i love the actor john candy.  this was a really funny movie about an overbearing irish mother in chicago and her almost 40 yr old son.  danny, (john candy) falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her, but his mother keeps getting in the way.  it is really a sweet and romantic movie that is one of those snuggle in on a warm night when you need to relax and just watch netflix kind of movie. 

i really didn't know about this one because i really don't know about jack nicholson. he is really creepy but that was my take from just him as a person, and i really love diane keaton, and she was nominated for an oscar for this, so i wanted to try it. something's gotta give isn't something that i recommend you spend your time with unless you are really, really bored. truthfully, i had never seen jack nicholson act so i was curious about that too, and i was pleasantly surprised that he had some real moments where he didn't just seem like a creepy old horn dog who had 'creepy old man' written across his face.  he did surprise me a little.  but the whole, bring home an old guy only for your mother to fall in love with him thing is just weird.  and creepy.  let's just avoid that whole mess altogether. 

i saved the best for last.  okay, guys, this movie.  the money pit.  where has this movie been hiding.  something you have to know about me is that i love phyiscal comedy.  people falling down, people tripping, all that, i love it and it is my favorite kind of humor right next to dog humor.  and this movie was filled to the brim with physical comedy.  i was laughing so hard throughout this entire movie i had to pause it during my fits of laughter so i didn't miss anything very often.  let's just say it took me a loooooong time to get through this movie.  it's one of those gems that you are so glad you have seen but at the same time wish you haven't seen because you wish you could experience it for the first time all over again.  why are you still reading this blog? don't you want to go laugh your a** off?  go to netflix and watch this 80's gem right now.  now.  you won't be sorry.  and bring kleenexes because you WILL laugh so hard you'll cry.

you're welcome. ;)

let me know what netflix movies you like so i can give them a try! 


  1. A few of these are on my list to watch! I love 80s & 90s movies!

  2. I don't have Netflix although when I house/dog sat for my brother I watched a whole season and half of Deadly Women on Netflix

  3. I used to watch The Money Pit EVERY TIME it was on TV, which, when I was a kid, was ALL THE TIME. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! It's freaking hilarious. And yes, the physical comedy is really funny, but then there are also just such great lines that you miss if you aren't paying attention. Hilarious. Have you also seen The Burbs? Love it!

    And yes, I liked Larry Crowne too. People criticized it because of the community college aspect and I was like, I WORK at a community college and this is totally accurate.

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