Lot 48: los angeles: wb studio tour

May 2, 2016

los angeles: wb studio tour

i think it is time to blog about LA! we went on a little vacay last weekend and i've been having serious withdrawls all week.  la is where my heart is, my favorite city in the world, my home.  i lived there during my junior year of college and interned at two production companies.  i fell in love with the city then and never wanted to leave.  
taran had never been to la before and so i wanted to show him all of my favorite places and also check out some places i had never been to. 

the first thing we did was the wb studio tour.  it was so much fun and wait til you see where i got to go on the lot! i nearly died! 

we got on a little car/tram thing and went all over the lot.  first we went to new york street on the back lot.  the back lot means where things are filmed, and front lot is where the offices are.  

this was where friends was shot and a million other things.   our guide told us where things were filmed from certain movies, it was really cool!! they work so hard to make it look real.  they took tar and dropped it on the sidewalk, put cracks in the sidewalk, anything to make it real.  the thing that surprised me most was how much shows can trick us!! 

that little patch of grass is used pretty much anytime a show needs a graveyard.  how can they make it look like a graveyard with that tiny bit of grass?!?! they trick us! also, that building is the casino from oceans 13.  

you can see our little tram/car thing.  there is nothing behind those doors, all fake.  some places were "shell sets" where you could actually go inside something and shoot inside.  

fun fact: when they shoot scenes where it is raining, they have these big metail things above the set have holes of 4 inches in diameter, and the water pours down and then get recycled up through the metal thingy again. it is really hard to see rain on camera, which is why they make the drops so big.  they also add milk in the water to make the rain more visible.  

and now for the best part that will blow your freaking mind!! gilmore girls, gilmore girls, gilmore girls!! i have talked about how much i love this show on the blog. i am the biggest fan.  

i got to go to stars hollow!!!! it was a dream come true, i was fully freaking out. 

luke's diner!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it?? it was a shell set, so scenes in luke's diner were actually shot inside that set, not on a sound stage. 

and around the corner..

miss pattys!! excuse the pole in the way. 

i couldn't believe i was on the set, and to see in real life how stars hollow was all laid out. because they are currently shooting the new episodes for netflix, it was really good timing because all their sets were out.  this set is also where they shoot pretty little liars and seinfeld.  

the gazebo was in a parking space that we drove by as we were leaving the tour.  painted on the ground it says "gazebo parking only." 

the church!! taran said "is that where the guy who was protesting let down his sign and it ripped??" haha. 

mrs kims!! it was all so surreal.  everything looked exactly like it did on tv.  taran was like "this doesn't look like kim's house" or "this doesn't even look like lorelais house" but it really did.

LORELAI'S HOUSE.   the stupid sun made for horrible pictures. i almost fainted when i got to see the house.  i still can't even believe i was there.  you walk inside and it is split into two houses.  one side is lorelai's house, and the other side is sookie's house.  you walk through the house and when you come out the other side....

sookie's house!! 

chilton!!  also where they shot a bunch of other stuff for other shows.  i also saw the high school that i forgot to take a picture of, rory's study tree, and where phoebe and rachel ran in central park like crazy people with their arms flailing about.  one patch of grass was central park. crazy. 

luke and lorelai's cars!! i also saw the actors' trailers.  guys, it was the best thing to happen ever that i got to see all this.  not kidding when i say it was a dream come true. and when we got to the tour, i had no idea what magical life making events were in store.  i had no idea i was going to see the gilmore girls set, but i did!! 

fuller house set was up too! they are shooting the second season! had to take a picture at the tanner/fuller residence. 

this is a sound stage, where they shoot the majority of shows.  producers do everything they can to avoid shooting outside.  there are so many factors you can't control.  it needs to be quiet and you need to be able to control the sound.  you can't do that outside because a plane could fly by, birds could chirp, whatever.  so things you think are shot outside are shot in a soundstage that are made to look like they are outside. and they add in noise later.  

we got to see the set of the fosters.  we had never seen the show but after the tour we watched a few episodes and now i'm addicted and i'm in the midst of binging.  you aren't allowed to take pictures in sets, so i wish you could see! there was a huge hanging backdrop that looked like houses across the street.  there was so much detail in that house, that set.  it was mind boggling.  and it was a really big set, too.  fun fact: how they change the trees from autumn to spring and such is they staple leaves on the tree that are appropriate for the season.  crazy!

here we saw batman props and such.  the batmobiles were enormous.  waaay bigger than i imagined they would be.  taran was very excited about it. 

the last part of the tour was the "stage 48" portion.  this was where you could learn about animation, costume design, production design, and see a few more sets. 

this was "let's show you about screenwriting" section.  i got really pretentious and didn't read anything about it because obviously i know everything they were going to say.  but this little set is what my home office will look like someday.  one of the things i love most about la is i feel so creative while there.  there is so much creativity all around, it is so easy to get inspired.  so naturally, i am now writing a new script and got a few other script ideas while i was there.

this is the model of the hospital in inception.  so much detail, i thought it was so cool. 

this was the best part!! friends set!! it was fun to sit on the couch, even though it was a replica of the set. still super cool. 

lord of the rings: i'm a wizard, he's a hobbit.  they took our picture and they did this thing where i looked like a giant compared to taran. i was so confused when i sat down, i thought it was a harry potter thing (we had seen some of the costume and set pieces earlier, but my pictures sucked so i didn't post them.) until taran told me it was lord of the rings.  

there were three things you could get in and they would take your video and when you watched it, the scene would match.  you could fly on a broom, zoom through space or "drive" the batman motorcycle. this was really fun, the person taking my video was directing me like "now you're spinning!!! now grab hold! now pass out. now wake up and be scared again!" my reactions, for your enjoyment: 

i obviously had to get on the batman motorcycle.  it was super uncomfortable.  the one used in the movie had a lawn mower engine.

when we walked out, i was struck with these beauties! i will have an emmy someday!! taran was confused and asked "why are different ones? this ball thing and that gold guy..." even though i have made sure he knew the difference between golden globes, emmys and oscars, he was still confused because he had never seen the trophy.  i wanted to steal one. 

if you made it to the end of this post you are a rockstar!! so many pictures! next post will be the hollywood walk of fame. stay tuned! 


  1. I LOVED this post!! I did the WB tour 4 years ago and had so much fun. I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, and just realized that the mental hospital is the same building as Chilton. The main courtyard and Church have been used in so many movies and TV shows, it's crazy to see how different they can make it look.

  2. Oh my gosh! Do you know that I have lived in California for 80% of my life and have never ever not once done the WB tour. I need to fix that!

  3. I am so jealous of seeing the GG set...I love that show so, so, much! I just started "The Fosters" the other night. I'm having surgery this summer and we got rid of cable so I may hold off and save watching the rest of it for recuperation. I'm sure I'll watch GG (again) too. They didn't give any secrets away about when the new episodes will air, did they?! :)


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