Lot 48: los angeles: hollywood walk of fame

May 4, 2016

los angeles: hollywood walk of fame

time for part ii of our la trip! you can catch up on part i here

the second day, we went to knotts berry farm.  why not six flags, disneyland or universal studios?

when i visited la 3 years ago, it was right after i had my second first date with taran.  i went to knotts berry farm on that trip, and while i was there, i could not stop thinking about him.  i imagined him with me waiting in lines for the rides and wished he was there with me.  it was scary as i had only been on a few dates with him and i was already feeling that way, and i really felt like i was already falling in love with him. 

so we just had to go to knotts berry farm to make my 3 year old daydream come true.  it was very special.  dreams come true! hahaa. we had so much fun, and i  proved to be much braver when it comes to roller coasters.  the faster, the steeper drop, the most loops, the better!! taran is not a fan of steep drops.  there is a ride there called "xelerator" and it is a 90 degree drop at 80 mph.  AWESOME.  but it was closed that day!! i was so disappointed but taran was really relieved.  

the next and final day, we went to the hollywood walk of fame.

those palm trees!! aaaah la!! i love you with all my heart! i miss you so much writing this hurts my heart is miss it so much. 

could we look anymore like tourists?
you see the dolby theatre sign behind us? we went up the stairs and as close as we could to it. walked where the stars walk on oscars night!! so exciting. 

two of my favorite stars!

in front of the chinese theatre, stars put their hand prints and foot prints.i didn't take a picture of the chinese theatre for your viewing pleasure.  there were a lot of things that i didn't take pictures of when we were there that were interesting because i was so used to it and had been there so many times. so just imagine the chinese theatre, yeah? 

 we kept seeing dedications to "sid" on foot prints.  we were really confused and saw the reference was in the 40s and 50s. we googled it and discovered "sid" is sid grauman founded the chinese theatre which is technically called "grauman's chinese theatre." apparently he owned a ton of theatres and was a big wig in hollywood during the 40s.  he also founded the egyptian theatre, which is home to the first movie premiere (robin hood). 

the hunger games stars did their foot prints and hand prints! so did the harry potter cast! emma, daniel and rupert. i forgot to take a picture of that. 

i have never seen a quentin tarantino movie because they are far too graphic for me, but i have no doubt he is a genius. and i really wanted to see if the rumor was true about his footprints. the shoes quentin wore for his foot prints were the kill bill shoes that say something explicit on the soles.  so his foot prints are chilling down there swearing at you. he seems like a very elitist angry man. 

at the steps to the dolby theatre!! that white and black circle at the top of the stairs is the entrance.  we peeked in and i definitely recognized it from watching the red carpet! on the towers along the hallway, they have each best picture oscar winner film listed on the tower. it's pretty cool. didn't take a picture of that either.

there are a ton of shops aligning the hallway where the stairs are and shops once you walk up the stairs.  this candy store claimed to be the best candy store in the world and it was so hard not to go crazy in it! 

the view from the top of the stairs. i tried to get tickets to jimmy kimmel but of course it's really hard to get in so it didn't happen.  oh well. 

i love this of hollywood blvd.  it's so pretty.  on the ground, there are little stories of how famous people got their start and you have to guess which star it is.  it's really fun. 

obligatory picture in front of the hollywood sign!

the rest of the day we kind of drove around and failed to do things we wanted to do because of traffic, getting lost, and being hangry.  but we did make it to california donuts, which i had been dreaming about for ages.  i had seen them everywhere on instagram and was dying to have them. they weren't as good as i expected, but i didn't care, because hello, there are lucky charms on my donut. i like my donuts a little crunchy and they were very, very soft.  we then went to joans on third per taza's recommendation.  it was soooo good.  then we tried to go to the santa monica pier but we ended up driving on the santa monica freeway to malibu on the pacific palisades which was gorgeous it absolutely took my breath away.  one of the most gorgeous sights i have ever seen.  and of course, i didn't take a picture. to turn around and go to the pier would have been grid lock traffic, taran was carsick, i was tired and we were getting crabby. so we decided to call it quits and go back to our airbnb. (i had never used airbnb before but it was great!) we went home through ucla area which was gorgeous (la is just so gorgeous! i love it so much!) so taran could see more of my city.  

this trip was so what i needed.  i can't even tell you how much i needed it. and it was so wonderful i feel like it was a wonderful, delicious dream.  i cried when the plane took off and cried when the plane touched down.

la will always have my heart.  it's my favorite city in the world.  and it was so amazing that i  got to share it with taran. la forever!! 


  1. I'm so glad you had a great trip. That's such a bummer that Xcelerator was closed! That one is crazy, but it's pretty much the only roller coaster at Knott's that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to puke. I LOVE hanging out at Hollywood and Highland. It's so much fun!

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