Lot 48: it's my birthday weekend!!

May 27, 2016

it's my birthday weekend!!

hey hey hey folks!! it's friday and it's a gooood day!! we are headed back home for memorial day weekend last night and i have been looking forward to this weekend for months.  i haven't seen my sister jessica since christmas so i am super excited to see her and am super excited for us all to be together again! 

let's wrap up this friday with some random stuff! 

1. my dad has had his plane and pilot's license for 5 years now i have never been up in the plane, flying.  i've sat in it.  while it was in the hanger.  but never been up in it. he wouldn't take anyone in the family flying for the longest time until he felt really, really confident as a pilot. but now, everyone else has flown with him but me.  so i made sure my dad had time this weekend to take me up, so we are going to do it today! i am so excited but also nervous.  his plane is tiiny.  so hopefully we won't have to cancel because of wind! that's a huge factor with a plane that small.

2. i am turning 26 on sunday.  and i am so ready for it.  i have a whole thoughtful post ready for you to be published on my birthday, but i am proud of the life i have lived and how much i have accomplished.  bring it on 26, i am not where i thought i'd be at this age, but that's okay! i've lived a full life! 

3.  my youngest niecephew is 1 (!!!) and i haven't seen her since she was about 7 months old so she has grown so much since i last saw her.  i can't WAIT to take that baby in my arms and never let her go and hold her and kiss her to pieces.  and marvel at all the cool stuff she can do like stand! and try to talk! wait for your instagram to explode with pictures of her.  i won't be able to help myself.

4.  things have been uncertain and frustrating for a few months now but i do feel i am on the edge of something amazing.  like my luck is about to turn around.  like things are about to work out.  i have hope, i have faith, and i know my Lord is Heaven is looking out for me and loves me.  and no matter what, he has me in His care.

5.  i have joined upwork as a freelance writer!! this is really exciting for me and i can't wait to jump in and start proposing jobs.  i am excited to see where it takes me and excited to grow as a writer as i learn from upcoming projects.  taran introduced it to me as he is registered as an engineer designer on there.  i'm a bit giddy that i have a way to do freelance writing work!! especially with how hard it has been to find a job lately!

that's all, folks! be sure to follow me on instagram to keep up with all the fun happenings this weekend!! happy memorial day and happy birthday to meeee!! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your plane ride!


  2. I've been totally behind the past few days. Happy Birthday! I hope you got to fly this weekend and that everything else is awesome.


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