Lot 48: i asked my husband some questions...

May 31, 2016

i asked my husband some questions...

don't we love getting to know taran better! boys behind the blog!! i asked him some questions of my own as well. 

if you could switch lives with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?  tesla. he is just crazy smart and undervalued.  he was one of edison's lab asssistants and edison stole a lot of his ideas.  he was crazy, though, especially at the end of his life.  but he is an absolute genius and without him we would have AC which is the power that comes out of plugs.

who do you admire most?  my mom.  she has been through a lot and has stayed with the gospel the whole time no matter what.  she taught me hard work, how to read, and persistence.  my love of books came from my mom.  my love of education came from my mom.

what is your favorite book series?  the mistborn trilogy by brandon sanderson.  brandon weaves literary magic and his worlds come alive in my mind.

what is your favorite television show?  right now it's better call saul.  i liked that it was a prologue to breaking bad and i liked learning the backstories of all the characters and how all the people got to be who they are.  it was really interesting.

Would you rather have to wear your swimsuit to work OR have to carry around a large beach umbrella open all day at work? swimsuit.  so i can show off my manly muscles. {he means this jokingly.  really, he just thinks carrying around an open umbrella is more embarrassing than walking around shirtless.}

Would you rather play on an MLB team OR get to tour with your favorite band all summer? play for a MLB team. i don't follow sports because i hate to watch them but i love to play them, so i couldn't tell you which team i would want to go with.  but that sounds much more fun than with touring with a band because i don't know how to play any instrument. 

Would you rather go to the beach and forget your towel OR go to the beach and forget your sunscreen?  towel because the beach you will just dry off quickly but sunburns will be with you for days and days. 

Would you rather take a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world OR take a month-long vacation but have to stay within 100 miles of home? week long vacation. month long vacations are just boring.  and i would go on a mediterranean cruise with my wife! and see allll the sites! {we have talked about this a lot on the blog!

Would you rather get to have as much ice cream as you want this summer, but only be able to get vanilla OR only get to have ice cream three times this summer, but you can have whatever flavors you want? have ice cream only 3 times. the flavors i would have are pistachio, a resse's one so i could share with you, and another pistachio one.  i like pistachio a lot!  that much vanilla ice cream ice cream, i would get sick of it really quickly and i wouldn't want ice cream anymore. 

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  1. That ice cream question is a hard one!

    Can Taran throw? Because the Angels need a new pitcher, so I'm sure he could come down and join them. And then you could come to LA with him. :-)


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