Lot 48: a note for all you new college graduates

May 25, 2016

a note for all you new college graduates

connnnnnngratulationsssss college graduates!! what an exciting time of life!! i graduated 4 years ago (i can't believe it has been that long!) and as i have been noticing graduation pictures on social media, i have been thinking about how my life has changed since i graduated college and how life was so different 4 years ago.  

so i thought i'd write a note to all you shiny new fresh out of college peeps because this is a scary/awesome/exciting/hallelujah-i-did-it time!

dear college graduate:

you did it!! after 4 years of studying what felt like non stop, pulling some all nighters and forcing yourself to stay awake in class, you have graduated college!! hooray!! you must be darn terrified.  there is a lot of pressure to get a good job now and to have your life figured out right now, isn't there?   but i have a secret for you: it's all lies.  you don't have to have everything figured out right now!! you are 22!! (probably!) who has their life figured out then?? i'm turning 26 in 5 days and i still don't know what i want to do or have my life figured out.  if you graduate college and the next day wait tables, that's fine (and that's what i did to pay the bills until i found something.)  

you have given yourself a wonderful gift: a college diploma.  i can assure you it is a lot easier to a job with a college diploma.  you gave yourself 4 years of memorable experiences, made friends and learned.  that is invaluable.  now the world is your oyster!! there are so many options of what you can do.  don't feel pressured to get a fancy prestigious job right out of college.  if you get into your field you majored in and realize you don't like it, that's okay!! 

in this day and age, the majority of people change jobs and careers multiple times! i have! twice! take deep breaths.  try new things.  continue to learn.  continue to grow.  accept and know that your future might not go as you planned, and that is okay! because it is your future.  your life.  your career.  

and most of all have fun.  because there are no tests, no papers to write, no required reading.  go read a fun book now!! 


  1. Oh the things I wish I had told my college-aged self! Like, for starters, being a grown up kind of sucks and put it off as long as possible. :-)

  2. I loved my college very much and I have many good memories! :) It was funny, interesting and amazing! :) Of course, there were some difficulties, especially with homework, but http://college-writers.com/ always helped me that's why I remember my college time with pleasure. :)

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