Lot 48: 26!!

May 29, 2016


today i am 26 and it feels really, really good. in a lot of ways, i feel 26, or even older.  i've lived a good life, i've done a lot in my life.  i'm proud of how much i have accomplished, how much i have learned, and how much i've grown. {to recap: in my life i have gone to two different universities, lived in 7+ cities, lived in london, LA, graduated college, lived on my own 300 miles away from home for the past 7 years, created a life for myself time and time again and i have moved around, have several different jobs, created a good career in marketing after the 4 years of college, gotten married, written screenplays, laughed, performed onstage in theater, recorded albums, acted in films, performed in dinner theater, sung in front of thousands, gotten a talent agent, and become an aunt to 8 nieces and nephews.}

^^me turning 21 in london having tea at kensington palace. 

but in some other ways, i feel younger. a lot less mature, and a lot more childlike.  i thought by 26 i wouldn't be still figuring out what career path i wanted.  but life gets ya, and that's okay.  i try not to look at people like jlaw and dakota johnson who are my age and so successful and not go whaaaaat?!?! how is that possible?!?! it's funny how the same age can look so different on so many different people.  it sure looks different on dakota johnson than it does on me.

i'm proud of everything i have done in my life and where i am at.  over this weekend, i am ecstatic to tell you i accepted a job offer!! no more unemployed lauren! ringing in 26 with a new job! how great is that!! and it is in the marketing field yes, but it is working for my beloved church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  i can't wait.  i am so blessed and excited that i get to work for my church.  this is a huge milestone for me and a huge deal.  our church has millions!!

i have really been struggling trying to figure out what to do with my life and career, and marketing is what i kept falling back on because it is what i know how to do and what i am good at, but i hated marketing because i hated manipulating people into taking their money.  but that won't be the case in this instance at all! i will be preaching the gospel that i so believe in using my education and honed skills!

the calendar year started off very rocky, but i am so happy to turn 26 today and know this year is going to be one of the best yet.

i am actually looking forward to turning into the late 20s.  i feel ready, mature, and excited to take on the "grown up things" that i think 26 year olds do. have babies.  buy houses.  save for retirement.  aggressively pay off bills. to those things i say BRING IT.

but i know i have a lot to learn.  the 26 year olds i know are mothers already and are selfless and strong and are a million things i'm not.  and although i know this year will be full of ups and downs, i can't wait to learn from them and become a better person, daughter of God, employee, wife, sister, friend, daughter and hopefully, mother.

26: bring. it. on. 


  1. That sounds like such an exciting job for you! I'm so glad!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

  2. You're beautiful! I hope you had an amazing birthday!!! I am way happy for you to have a job you enjoy!!! you'll do awesome! Thanks for sharing inspiring posts! Your blog is way uplifting and I'm thankful, to be a follower of it!!!


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