Lot 48: May 2016

May 31, 2016

i asked my husband some questions...

don't we love getting to know taran better! boys behind the blog!! i asked him some questions of my own as well. 

if you could switch lives with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?  tesla. he is just crazy smart and undervalued.  he was one of edison's lab asssistants and edison stole a lot of his ideas.  he was crazy, though, especially at the end of his life.  but he is an absolute genius and without him we would have AC which is the power that comes out of plugs.

who do you admire most?  my mom.  she has been through a lot and has stayed with the gospel the whole time no matter what.  she taught me hard work, how to read, and persistence.  my love of books came from my mom.  my love of education came from my mom.

what is your favorite book series?  the mistborn trilogy by brandon sanderson.  brandon weaves literary magic and his worlds come alive in my mind.

what is your favorite television show?  right now it's better call saul.  i liked that it was a prologue to breaking bad and i liked learning the backstories of all the characters and how all the people got to be who they are.  it was really interesting.

Would you rather have to wear your swimsuit to work OR have to carry around a large beach umbrella open all day at work? swimsuit.  so i can show off my manly muscles. {he means this jokingly.  really, he just thinks carrying around an open umbrella is more embarrassing than walking around shirtless.}

Would you rather play on an MLB team OR get to tour with your favorite band all summer? play for a MLB team. i don't follow sports because i hate to watch them but i love to play them, so i couldn't tell you which team i would want to go with.  but that sounds much more fun than with touring with a band because i don't know how to play any instrument. 

Would you rather go to the beach and forget your towel OR go to the beach and forget your sunscreen?  towel because the beach you will just dry off quickly but sunburns will be with you for days and days. 

Would you rather take a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world OR take a month-long vacation but have to stay within 100 miles of home? week long vacation. month long vacations are just boring.  and i would go on a mediterranean cruise with my wife! and see allll the sites! {we have talked about this a lot on the blog!

Would you rather get to have as much ice cream as you want this summer, but only be able to get vanilla OR only get to have ice cream three times this summer, but you can have whatever flavors you want? have ice cream only 3 times. the flavors i would have are pistachio, a resse's one so i could share with you, and another pistachio one.  i like pistachio a lot!  that much vanilla ice cream ice cream, i would get sick of it really quickly and i wouldn't want ice cream anymore. 

May 29, 2016


today i am 26 and it feels really, really good. in a lot of ways, i feel 26, or even older.  i've lived a good life, i've done a lot in my life.  i'm proud of how much i have accomplished, how much i have learned, and how much i've grown. {to recap: in my life i have gone to two different universities, lived in 7+ cities, lived in london, LA, graduated college, lived on my own 300 miles away from home for the past 7 years, created a life for myself time and time again and i have moved around, have several different jobs, created a good career in marketing after the 4 years of college, gotten married, written screenplays, laughed, performed onstage in theater, recorded albums, acted in films, performed in dinner theater, sung in front of thousands, gotten a talent agent, and become an aunt to 8 nieces and nephews.}

^^me turning 21 in london having tea at kensington palace. 

but in some other ways, i feel younger. a lot less mature, and a lot more childlike.  i thought by 26 i wouldn't be still figuring out what career path i wanted.  but life gets ya, and that's okay.  i try not to look at people like jlaw and dakota johnson who are my age and so successful and not go whaaaaat?!?! how is that possible?!?! it's funny how the same age can look so different on so many different people.  it sure looks different on dakota johnson than it does on me.

i'm proud of everything i have done in my life and where i am at.  over this weekend, i am ecstatic to tell you i accepted a job offer!! no more unemployed lauren! ringing in 26 with a new job! how great is that!! and it is in the marketing field yes, but it is working for my beloved church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  i can't wait.  i am so blessed and excited that i get to work for my church.  this is a huge milestone for me and a huge deal.  our church has millions!!

i have really been struggling trying to figure out what to do with my life and career, and marketing is what i kept falling back on because it is what i know how to do and what i am good at, but i hated marketing because i hated manipulating people into taking their money.  but that won't be the case in this instance at all! i will be preaching the gospel that i so believe in using my education and honed skills!

the calendar year started off very rocky, but i am so happy to turn 26 today and know this year is going to be one of the best yet.

i am actually looking forward to turning into the late 20s.  i feel ready, mature, and excited to take on the "grown up things" that i think 26 year olds do. have babies.  buy houses.  save for retirement.  aggressively pay off bills. to those things i say BRING IT.

but i know i have a lot to learn.  the 26 year olds i know are mothers already and are selfless and strong and are a million things i'm not.  and although i know this year will be full of ups and downs, i can't wait to learn from them and become a better person, daughter of God, employee, wife, sister, friend, daughter and hopefully, mother.

26: bring. it. on. 

May 27, 2016

it's my birthday weekend!!

hey hey hey folks!! it's friday and it's a gooood day!! we are headed back home for memorial day weekend last night and i have been looking forward to this weekend for months.  i haven't seen my sister jessica since christmas so i am super excited to see her and am super excited for us all to be together again! 

let's wrap up this friday with some random stuff! 

1. my dad has had his plane and pilot's license for 5 years now i have never been up in the plane, flying.  i've sat in it.  while it was in the hanger.  but never been up in it. he wouldn't take anyone in the family flying for the longest time until he felt really, really confident as a pilot. but now, everyone else has flown with him but me.  so i made sure my dad had time this weekend to take me up, so we are going to do it today! i am so excited but also nervous.  his plane is tiiny.  so hopefully we won't have to cancel because of wind! that's a huge factor with a plane that small.

2. i am turning 26 on sunday.  and i am so ready for it.  i have a whole thoughtful post ready for you to be published on my birthday, but i am proud of the life i have lived and how much i have accomplished.  bring it on 26, i am not where i thought i'd be at this age, but that's okay! i've lived a full life! 

3.  my youngest niecephew is 1 (!!!) and i haven't seen her since she was about 7 months old so she has grown so much since i last saw her.  i can't WAIT to take that baby in my arms and never let her go and hold her and kiss her to pieces.  and marvel at all the cool stuff she can do like stand! and try to talk! wait for your instagram to explode with pictures of her.  i won't be able to help myself.

4.  things have been uncertain and frustrating for a few months now but i do feel i am on the edge of something amazing.  like my luck is about to turn around.  like things are about to work out.  i have hope, i have faith, and i know my Lord is Heaven is looking out for me and loves me.  and no matter what, he has me in His care.

5.  i have joined upwork as a freelance writer!! this is really exciting for me and i can't wait to jump in and start proposing jobs.  i am excited to see where it takes me and excited to grow as a writer as i learn from upcoming projects.  taran introduced it to me as he is registered as an engineer designer on there.  i'm a bit giddy that i have a way to do freelance writing work!! especially with how hard it has been to find a job lately!

that's all, folks! be sure to follow me on instagram to keep up with all the fun happenings this weekend!! happy memorial day and happy birthday to meeee!! 

May 25, 2016

a note for all you new college graduates

connnnnnngratulationsssss college graduates!! what an exciting time of life!! i graduated 4 years ago (i can't believe it has been that long!) and as i have been noticing graduation pictures on social media, i have been thinking about how my life has changed since i graduated college and how life was so different 4 years ago.  

so i thought i'd write a note to all you shiny new fresh out of college peeps because this is a scary/awesome/exciting/hallelujah-i-did-it time!

dear college graduate:

you did it!! after 4 years of studying what felt like non stop, pulling some all nighters and forcing yourself to stay awake in class, you have graduated college!! hooray!! you must be darn terrified.  there is a lot of pressure to get a good job now and to have your life figured out right now, isn't there?   but i have a secret for you: it's all lies.  you don't have to have everything figured out right now!! you are 22!! (probably!) who has their life figured out then?? i'm turning 26 in 5 days and i still don't know what i want to do or have my life figured out.  if you graduate college and the next day wait tables, that's fine (and that's what i did to pay the bills until i found something.)  

you have given yourself a wonderful gift: a college diploma.  i can assure you it is a lot easier to a job with a college diploma.  you gave yourself 4 years of memorable experiences, made friends and learned.  that is invaluable.  now the world is your oyster!! there are so many options of what you can do.  don't feel pressured to get a fancy prestigious job right out of college.  if you get into your field you majored in and realize you don't like it, that's okay!! 

in this day and age, the majority of people change jobs and careers multiple times! i have! twice! take deep breaths.  try new things.  continue to learn.  continue to grow.  accept and know that your future might not go as you planned, and that is okay! because it is your future.  your life.  your career.  

and most of all have fun.  because there are no tests, no papers to write, no required reading.  go read a fun book now!! 

May 23, 2016

that time i was in texas

once upon a time, i had dreams of being an actress.  who doesn't really.  when you were a little girl at least?  all growing up, i was heavily into performing and acting and dancing and singing and did it as much as i could get my hands on.  

when i was 17, i got an opportunity to go to the middle of nowhere in texas and film a movie that has been seen by no one.  my saint of a mother supported me and went with me to a very small town west of dallas. 

to this day, i am not really sure this all happened.  my sister's best friend was heavily into acting and had an agent and she passed along this role opportunity to me.  i don't know if she got this role opportunity from craigslist or her agent or what, but i had a skype call with the director and i was offered the part.  

it was a very strange experience because it was such a low budget and was really just a creative guy wanting to make a film.  the pictures above and below are us rehearsing in his house where his grandma fed us 3 meals a day and his friend held the boom mic while we shot.  his mom helped with other things like lighting but that was the extent of my crew.  and my mom.  

{oh  hahaha!! we're filming a movie in the middle of nowhere! this is really weird!} 

my character was a girl who was murdered in the first bit of the film.  that's why i only had to be there for a week, my part was small but still exciting. 

speaking of small, the town was microscopic! you literally blink and you miss it.  there was a motel, which we stayed at, a diner next to it, a "steakhouse" and a DQ.  my mom was such an amazing trooper for coming with me! while i filmed, she sat in the car with the a/c blasting. we come from dry heat people, we do not do humidity! 

 i had a bit of a scene where i was standing at the river ("river."  the river was green and marshy and i couldn't even see the water. yuck!) and i remember thinking "oh my gosh, if i fall in...."

there were mosquitos everywhere.  my mom got bitten so many times, as did i.  when i had a half day of shooting and we went to this zoo (that was a really awesome zoo but i can't for the life of me remember what city it was in! a giraffe licked me!) and on the drive, my mom kept stopping to itch her foot, she had about 6 bites on her feet!! yeeks! 

we got to do some fun stuff as well as filming. we had one day off of filming and all the girls, (the girls in the photos above,) had moved from other places as well to do the film.  we became good friends and on our day off, my mom drove us an hour and a half to dallas we went shopping!!

how i was murdered was i was stabbed to death.  so there was a lot of cornstarch blood on me that attracted ants.  and it was really really  sticky.  fun.  fun, fun, fun. 

we had two identical shirts in which i was killed in.  one that was before i was stabbed, and one after.  the one after my mom took a knife and just went to town ribbing the shirt apart.  then i put it on and on went the blood!! 

they put bits of branches in my hair, got dirt and smeared it all across my hair and my chest and around where i was lying.  i laid on this bridge for over an hour where the director shot me from all angles and while my costars "found me" and grabbed my arms and my face and were right there in my face reacting to finding their friend dead! all the while i was trying to look dead and not breathe while they cradled my head.

it's real hard to keep your eyes open and to breathe shallowly for long periods of times, guys.  while someone is moving your body around.  

the worst part was the director had booked the park for the day so we could film, but some idiots came to the park and started yelling that they had reserved the park for the day for a music festival!! while lying there on a super uncomfortable bridge covered in sugar and cornstarch with ants crawling allll over me, i could hear them honking and yelling while the director's mom tried to hold them off.  

this picture is my 'party trick'.  i love showing this to people and they freak out because it looks real for a second.  "hey, wanna see a picture of me dead?" 

one day while filming at the park, these gorgeous dogs who i think were strays decided to be my friend.  it made all the ants and the sticky blood worth it.  

it was a good experience and i am so glad i did it.  it's one of those stories i will be able to tell my children someday.  the film has done well at festivals and has won some awards, as you can see from the poster.  when i got a copy of the film, i couldn't even watch myself i was so bad.  geez.  

as i am approaching 26 (in a week!!) i am so thankful for the experiences and risks and adventures i have taken in my life.  i've lived a good, full life.  i have lots of stories and adventures and i have lived and learned and loved and pushed myself out of my comfort zone constantly.  that's the life i want to live.  and i am so glad that as i look back on my 26 years of life, i can say that i have lived that life.  that is a really good feeling. 

below is the trailer.  i'm in the beginning with the guy covering my mouth.  i look so terrorized!! aaaahh!!! 

thanks for reading and letting me share my fun story :) 

May 20, 2016


i've been thinking a lot lately about 'where your home is.'  what do you think the definition for home is?

is it where your hat is? (that's a quote from gilmore girls in season 2 when mia comes to town and she is talking to emily about the gap years where emily never saw lorelai but mia was the one who raised her.) is home simply where the people you love are, or is home a feeling you get when you are doing something that makes you happy?

if we were in a country song, i would say "home is where the heart is." country song or a glade commercial.  they both say that.

my parents are selling my childhood home and it is crushing me.  i can't imagine someone else living in that house.  that's my house!! i haven't lived there in 8 years, but i still refer to it as 'home' or 'my house.'  it is 300 miles south of where i live, and when if someone asks, "what are you doing this weekend?" and if i am going to saint george my response always is "i'm going home for the weekend." 

saint george is where i grew up.  its where i lived from ages 5-18.  it's my home.

but it isn't my only home.

i have always said that los angeles is my home too.  i only lived there for 4 months, but the second i arrived, i felt like i had lived there forever.  there was no adjustment period, no culture shock, nothing like that. when i arrived in LA, i felt like i was coming home.

and here in salt lake city, i have lived here for 7 years.  this is my home too. it's where i picked myself up and moved to a brand new city where i knew 1 person.  i made a life for myself here.  its where i went to college and graduated college and figured out how to be an adult after college and where i met my husband. i love it here.

are each of those my homes?  or does the glade commercial speak truth that home is where your heart it?  my friend from my london study abroad (i lived there too! is that my home as well?!) described being in love as "coming home."  that when you are with that person, you are home.  when she said that, i had never really been in love.  but when i fell in love with taran, i completely understood what she was talking about.

taran is my home.  wherever he is, that is my home.  we could be homeless living under a bridge, if he was there, that's my home.  knowing this and feeling this eases the sting of my childhood home being sold.  my biggest concern when my parents announced they were selling was "where do i go when i want to 'go home?'" my childhood home won't be there anymore!!

but does that really matter?  i have a home.  a constant home that goes with me wherever i go and i will follow wherever he goes.  it's interesting when you are on vacation and you are done exploring for the day, and you end up saying "i want to go home." because the hotel you're staying at while you are on vacation is your home.  home seems like a very fluid concept.

i made this playlist a while ago when i was homesick.   homesick for saint george.  these are songs my mom always played in the car driving us around to our activities or on errands.  all these songs bring me right back to my childhood.  billy joel, simon and garfunkel.  they bring me back home because they remind me of home.

there are so many definitions of home. i would love to hear your thoughts.  what is home to you?  where is it?  do you have several?

May 19, 2016

thoughts from my iphone part deux

don't you just love it when i throw together all my ideas from my iphone into one big post like i did here? i have a lot of thoughts i think and write down as blog ideas on my iphone so here i go again, spreading all them out into one big post.

- this is from a verrry long time ago, but i read in the news about people in thailand using the three finger hunger games gesture to protest against the government.  the gov took the hunger games out of theaters and when then people protested outside the theater using the three finger gesture; the people were detained.  but it's still awesome and amazing how one movie can invoke such a stir and wave across society.  in real life.  that series isn't just a book or movie.  it has translated to real life.  this is why i love entertainment. 

- I'm really glad I decided to not be an actress.  i just could not handle all that publicity.  paparazzi jumping out everywhere, the press taking every minuscule detail of my life and make one huge story of nothing.  not that me deciding not to be an actress i of course turned down stardom.  cause that is for sure what would have happened.  ha!  i love ready the gossip magazines and i feel bad for these people that i am reading up on.  these magazines rate bikini bodies, and worst of all, their parenting.  it makes me sick when i see the cover of OK! listing hollywood's worst and best mothers.  like, how would they know?? 


-i'm going through a bit of a crisis where i am trying to figure out what i want to do with my life.  it is really difficult and not fun at all.  i don't know what i'm doing, and given past experiences, as I look for a job, I am being extremely picky to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. i feel compelled to ask 'who am i?' but i think i know.  i like meeting people, working hard, providing for my tiny family of me and my husband, coming up with creative ideas to solutions, and having a purpose and somewhere to go each day.  being unemployed is hard on the soul.  job hunting is hard for the soul.  i'm really exhausted, really tired, and i am trying really hard to not let my hope waver.  but job hunting is like dating, i need the company to be a good fit for me and they need me to a good fit for them.  it's hard to have hope that i will find a job where the company and i both match.  prayers will be appreciated.

- something i miss about college are intellectual conversations.  i loved in college when we just had discussions about things, it was fulfilling.  i love that i have that with taran, someone to get intellectual stimulation with. i love it when we read things together and talk about them after. marry someone who is on the same intellectual level as you.  it's so much fun and makes taran even sexier when he shows how smart he is.

- taran and i are having a hard time finishing our projects.  he has a bunch of invention designs that he hasn't finished and i have a bunch of scripts i haven't finished.  so we have made a pact that we are going to work on these projects x hours a week and finish these things!! when he is designing, i'm writing and the other way around.  check back in with me to hold me accountable!! 

have a happy thursday! 

May 11, 2016

netflix finds part 4

another edition of good findings on netflix!! catch up with part 1, 2, and 3

i am going to start with a tv show that i just really fell in love with. i had just finished breaking bad and was looking for a new show and remembered that my sister liked baby daddy.  

this show is so funny.  it really, really is.  like laugh out loud funny. it's about a guy, ben (middle) who gets a baby girl dropped off on his doorstep from a one night stand.  he lives with his pro hockey playing brother danny (right) and his best friend tucker (left. tahj mowry! hellooo! who remembers watching smart guy growing up?) ben raises his daughter emma with their help and the help of his and danny's childhood best friend riley and their mom, bonnie.  i especially love the mom character, bonnie wheeler and love the love triangle between riley and the two brothers.  taran usually knows when i am watching it because he can hear me laughing out loud so hard i can't catch my breath from the other room.  it's still on the air but this season only had like 10 episodes! sad face. 

this movie was a real steve martin gem that we happened upon one night.  it's about a struggling producer, bowfinger, (steve martin) who gets one last chance to make a movie to get noticed before he gets "hollywood old."  he has a team of trusted friends and colleagues that stick by him, but he is determined to have eddie murphy be in the film.  bowfinger lies to his cast and crew and tells everyone that eddie murphy agreed to do the movie but instead films eddie murphy without his consent, somehow, without tipping his cast, crew, or eddie off.  it's hilarious.  the plot sounds really wacky, and (it is!) and gets even funnier when eddie murphy goes missing and they have to shoot with a look alike who happens to be eddie's brother who is a super awkward person.  it is such a funny movie! i highly recommend it when you need a laugh!

this film is with tom hanks and julia roberts.  it is about a man, larry crowne (tom hanks) who after several decades of working at a sports warehouse (i think that's right?) he is let go due to management changes and that he doesn't have a college degree.  larry decides to go to community college and julia roberts is one of his teachers.  it's really a wonderful film about how it is never, ever too late to change your life or become who you want to be. 

it took me two tries to get through this one, but once i did watch it, i loved it.  the first time it just made me sad that a guy at such an age was at such a tough point economically and had to go to college for the first time at such an age. but i tried again and after i pushed past the sad beginning, i really loved the inspiring and philosophical aspects of the film.  is college important? is it important simply for the experience, that it makes you a better person, that you gain experiences in the classroom that are valuable even if they might not apply to real life? 

all good questions.

i watched only the lonely because i love the actor john candy.  this was a really funny movie about an overbearing irish mother in chicago and her almost 40 yr old son.  danny, (john candy) falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her, but his mother keeps getting in the way.  it is really a sweet and romantic movie that is one of those snuggle in on a warm night when you need to relax and just watch netflix kind of movie. 

i really didn't know about this one because i really don't know about jack nicholson. he is really creepy but that was my take from just him as a person, and i really love diane keaton, and she was nominated for an oscar for this, so i wanted to try it. something's gotta give isn't something that i recommend you spend your time with unless you are really, really bored. truthfully, i had never seen jack nicholson act so i was curious about that too, and i was pleasantly surprised that he had some real moments where he didn't just seem like a creepy old horn dog who had 'creepy old man' written across his face.  he did surprise me a little.  but the whole, bring home an old guy only for your mother to fall in love with him thing is just weird.  and creepy.  let's just avoid that whole mess altogether. 

i saved the best for last.  okay, guys, this movie.  the money pit.  where has this movie been hiding.  something you have to know about me is that i love phyiscal comedy.  people falling down, people tripping, all that, i love it and it is my favorite kind of humor right next to dog humor.  and this movie was filled to the brim with physical comedy.  i was laughing so hard throughout this entire movie i had to pause it during my fits of laughter so i didn't miss anything very often.  let's just say it took me a loooooong time to get through this movie.  it's one of those gems that you are so glad you have seen but at the same time wish you haven't seen because you wish you could experience it for the first time all over again.  why are you still reading this blog? don't you want to go laugh your a** off?  go to netflix and watch this 80's gem right now.  now.  you won't be sorry.  and bring kleenexes because you WILL laugh so hard you'll cry.

you're welcome. ;)

let me know what netflix movies you like so i can give them a try! 

May 9, 2016

the squeaky wheel gets the oil

this post is nerve-wracking.  i will either get a whole bunch of haters commenting or a whole bunch of people agreeing with me saying "THANK YOU, yes! exactly!" or it could be a mixed bag.

i've been wanting to talk about this issue for a long time now.  and i am tired of being silent. 

i try really hard to make my blog neutral and to not talk about hot topics or anything, and to keep the blog fun.  but i have to speak up about this. 

read the two quotes above.  i grabbed these quotes from the november issue of cosmopolitan: 50 fun, fearless woman article.  as i think about those quotes, i realize these women are saying these things to gay, transgender, bisexual people.  they want those people to be able to have control over their bodies and have their voices be heard.  moj and laverne aren't speaking to me, a straight, female born and identified woman, who doesn't believe in things they believe in.  they probably wouldn't want me to have a voice for what i believe in, would they?  i'm only allowed to share my opinions if they are they same as everyone else's, right? isn't that the unspoken rule? "sshhhhh, don't talk unless you agree with me."

there is an underlying issue when it comes to marriage equality and LGBT rights.  people in those groups who fight for those rights yell loud and proud "i deserve to be heard! i deserve to have rights! i should be able to marry my wife!" 

and they should be heard.  they should have rights.  we are all human.  everyone needs to be treated with respect.  i am glad that same-sex couples are recognized in a way that they can get information when one is in the hospital, that they can adopt children, that they can get equal opportunity jobs the same as straight or non transgender people can.  they deserve all that.  i am happy about all of that. 

LGBT groups demand tolerance, in the least.  (i know 'tolerance' can be an offensive word because gays and lesbians don't want people to be 'tolerant' of them because that implies there is something intrusive that they are doing, and they don't feel they are living their lives in an intrusive way.  their life is just a life, nothing to be tolerant of.  so i apologize if me using 'tolerant' offends anyone) they demand to be heard.  but what about us? those who are not in LGBT groups?
 here is my issue, what i am afraid to say. 

tolerance needs to go both ways.  but it doesn't.

i don't believe in gay marriage.  and i feel like if i say that, i will be stoned or ostracized or my car will be keyed or vandalized.  seeing two women kiss or two men kiss makes me uncomfortable, simply because i don't understand it.  i think couples should be able to kiss and hold hands in public.  i have nothing against that.  it just makes me uncomfortable.  but i feel that if i am uncomfortable, that makes me a bad person.  i'm a hater.  i'm too conservative.  "it's 2016, what is wrong with you.  get on board."  why do i have to get on board? why do i have to agree? i have a right to not believe the same things as you and not be scared.  just like you have the right to believe what you want to believe and not be scared of what people might think or do to you.  

i'm not asking gay people to change who they are, so why are you asking me to change who i am? 

i believe marriage should be between a man and a woman only, and that same-sex couples should have civil partnerships.  like i said, they should be able to know what is going on if one goes into an emergency room, they should be able to adopt children and be on each other's insurance. maybe i'm ignorant that they can do all that with civil partnership.  but i am religious.  God created marriage for man and woman.  it is going to be difficult for taran and i to raise children in this day and age where we teach our children such things but they see different things around them.

i was watching the fosters (because i got to go on the set and then i got addicted to the show!) and if you don't know the show, real quick, it is about a lesbian couple and their biological, foster and adopted children. why i'm bringing up the show is this one scene:  stef, part of the couple was angry at her father who was religious and had a hard time with her 'lifestyle choices.' when he used 'lifestyle choices' as a phrase to describe her life, she got very angry because it wasn't a lifestyle for her, it was just a life.  and her father didn't come to her wedding because her father didn't believe in gay marriage.  so her father gave her a car as he was trying to have a relationship with her and be nice by giving her a new car as her's broke down. stef was so angry with him because of his beliefs and views, she didn't accept the car. 

then her partner, lena, said something perfect and incredible.  ''tolerance goes both ways stef. he's trying.'  lena was smart enough to get it.  stef's father was trying to be tolerant  and be included in her life, but stef was so angry that he wasn't all in and had a problem with her life at all, she wrote him off.  but as lena smartly reminded her, tolerance goes both ways.  stef's father was trying, so stef needed to try too.  

i'm not a hater.  i don't cringe in disgust if i see a same-sex couple.  all people need to treated with kindness and respect.  and that includes me.  i need to be treated with respect, even though i don't have the same opinions as you and have different values.  i'm not a bad person.   i'm tolerant of you, so i feel you should be tolerant of me.  i am glad our society have come so far with with same-sex marriage and accepting gay 'lifestyles'.  i am glad that people feel comfortable in coming out and being themselves.  because there is nothing sadder or worse than not being able to be yourself.  i am glad things are different for gays and lesbians now than they were many years ago. i am glad they don't have to feel ashamed or struggle as much as they used to.  but this revolution is so loud, so strong, i feel it hates on those who believe differently. and i am in no way comparing persecution.  i am glad jenn shared her thoughts in the comments below, because she is right, i have no idea the hate gays have to face just for being who they are.  that isn't right. 

despite that and knowing that, i still would like to share an example of someone not being treated with respect because she has good conservative beliefs:

i came across this in april's cosmopolitan.  and it made me very angry. 

 #1 they put eyes on the bible, making it look like an emoji.  that is completely inappropriate and offensive.  #2 modesty is important to me.  it was taught to me at a young age and i believe it is a staple of righteous living. "show what God gave you girl?" NO. that's her choice.  and it's a "FAIL" because,  it isn't part of this sexual revolution era that we live in?  is that the reason?  

i feel as though we are pressured heavily to be involved in this era, this love revolution.  and if we don't, we are shown in cosmo as a "fail."  that doesn't seem right to me.  

if you do agree with me, tweet, facebook, pin, to spread the word.  i think this side of the issue isn't talked about or really thought about.

be kind to others and love one another. 

just like ellen says. 

May 4, 2016

los angeles: hollywood walk of fame

time for part ii of our la trip! you can catch up on part i here

the second day, we went to knotts berry farm.  why not six flags, disneyland or universal studios?

when i visited la 3 years ago, it was right after i had my second first date with taran.  i went to knotts berry farm on that trip, and while i was there, i could not stop thinking about him.  i imagined him with me waiting in lines for the rides and wished he was there with me.  it was scary as i had only been on a few dates with him and i was already feeling that way, and i really felt like i was already falling in love with him. 

so we just had to go to knotts berry farm to make my 3 year old daydream come true.  it was very special.  dreams come true! hahaa. we had so much fun, and i  proved to be much braver when it comes to roller coasters.  the faster, the steeper drop, the most loops, the better!! taran is not a fan of steep drops.  there is a ride there called "xelerator" and it is a 90 degree drop at 80 mph.  AWESOME.  but it was closed that day!! i was so disappointed but taran was really relieved.  

the next and final day, we went to the hollywood walk of fame.

those palm trees!! aaaah la!! i love you with all my heart! i miss you so much writing this hurts my heart is miss it so much. 

could we look anymore like tourists?
you see the dolby theatre sign behind us? we went up the stairs and as close as we could to it. walked where the stars walk on oscars night!! so exciting. 

two of my favorite stars!

in front of the chinese theatre, stars put their hand prints and foot prints.i didn't take a picture of the chinese theatre for your viewing pleasure.  there were a lot of things that i didn't take pictures of when we were there that were interesting because i was so used to it and had been there so many times. so just imagine the chinese theatre, yeah? 

 we kept seeing dedications to "sid" on foot prints.  we were really confused and saw the reference was in the 40s and 50s. we googled it and discovered "sid" is sid grauman founded the chinese theatre which is technically called "grauman's chinese theatre." apparently he owned a ton of theatres and was a big wig in hollywood during the 40s.  he also founded the egyptian theatre, which is home to the first movie premiere (robin hood). 

the hunger games stars did their foot prints and hand prints! so did the harry potter cast! emma, daniel and rupert. i forgot to take a picture of that. 

i have never seen a quentin tarantino movie because they are far too graphic for me, but i have no doubt he is a genius. and i really wanted to see if the rumor was true about his footprints. the shoes quentin wore for his foot prints were the kill bill shoes that say something explicit on the soles.  so his foot prints are chilling down there swearing at you. he seems like a very elitist angry man. 

at the steps to the dolby theatre!! that white and black circle at the top of the stairs is the entrance.  we peeked in and i definitely recognized it from watching the red carpet! on the towers along the hallway, they have each best picture oscar winner film listed on the tower. it's pretty cool. didn't take a picture of that either.

there are a ton of shops aligning the hallway where the stairs are and shops once you walk up the stairs.  this candy store claimed to be the best candy store in the world and it was so hard not to go crazy in it! 

the view from the top of the stairs. i tried to get tickets to jimmy kimmel but of course it's really hard to get in so it didn't happen.  oh well. 

i love this of hollywood blvd.  it's so pretty.  on the ground, there are little stories of how famous people got their start and you have to guess which star it is.  it's really fun. 

obligatory picture in front of the hollywood sign!

the rest of the day we kind of drove around and failed to do things we wanted to do because of traffic, getting lost, and being hangry.  but we did make it to california donuts, which i had been dreaming about for ages.  i had seen them everywhere on instagram and was dying to have them. they weren't as good as i expected, but i didn't care, because hello, there are lucky charms on my donut. i like my donuts a little crunchy and they were very, very soft.  we then went to joans on third per taza's recommendation.  it was soooo good.  then we tried to go to the santa monica pier but we ended up driving on the santa monica freeway to malibu on the pacific palisades which was gorgeous it absolutely took my breath away.  one of the most gorgeous sights i have ever seen.  and of course, i didn't take a picture. to turn around and go to the pier would have been grid lock traffic, taran was carsick, i was tired and we were getting crabby. so we decided to call it quits and go back to our airbnb. (i had never used airbnb before but it was great!) we went home through ucla area which was gorgeous (la is just so gorgeous! i love it so much!) so taran could see more of my city.  

this trip was so what i needed.  i can't even tell you how much i needed it. and it was so wonderful i feel like it was a wonderful, delicious dream.  i cried when the plane took off and cried when the plane touched down.

la will always have my heart.  it's my favorite city in the world.  and it was so amazing that i  got to share it with taran. la forever!!