Lot 48: thoughts from my iphone

April 19, 2016

thoughts from my iphone

all bloggers do this, right? we jot down blog post ideas when inspiration strikes us before we forget it on our phones, kate spade notebooks, or whatever is really trendy that i am out of the loop of? i do it! but they often are ideas that can't be flushed out out into an entire blog post, or maybe they could and i am just not that good a writer, i don't know.  but i did a post back in nov 2014 where i posted all the ideas i wrote down in one big post i thought i should do it again!

^^horrible graphic but i really am not a graphic designer, just terrible. this is one of the worst i have ever made.  apologies. ^^

- when does it become our business to interfere with other peoples' marriages?  do you tell the wife that you know her husband is cheating? this situation happened to one of our close friends and it got taran and i thinking.  it is such a difficult decision!  such a difficult decision that they made a movie about it, the dilemma, one of those movies that you would watch on plane to pass the time or if you wanted a chill friday night.  it's funny but not the greatest movie ever made, but the story holds up.  what would you do?? tell the spouse you know the other spouse is cheating? or stay out of it? or just stalk the mister/mistress to get all the facts like vince vaughn did?

- when does something very sad or horrific affect you? when is it your business? if it's your sister? your friend? your friend's daughter? where is the line? it's tricky isn't it?

- why do people always say "have a happy easter from our family to ours" or "have a merry Christmas and a very joyous New Year from our family to ours" instead of simply saying "have a happy tuesday, from me to you.!"  i guess neither is sincere, right, because you put out Christmas cards to show off how well you're doing in your life and how awesome your body is this year, and you never really mean "have a great day!" but i really wish those simple phrases were true. those "take cares" and "have a good day" aren't sincere anymore.  i feel like we just go through life not really watching out or looking out for those around us, those who need us.  let's make an effort to keep our ears and hearts open and make those phrases we say on a daily basis meaningful.  let's make it a goal.  brighten someone's day everyday!

- what if the blogging community was a college campus?  and we all got to see each other and hang out?  do you think there would be clicks or do you think it be more like Google campus where brilliant minds share ideas and enjoy each other's intellect? one thing is for sure.  we would all get really fat because all the food is free OR we would never eat because there is food everywhere and we would be too busy taking pictures of it to eat.

- i delay finishing tv shows.  majorly delay.  when a tv series ends, to me it's like losing a friend.  isn't that pathetic? that's just sad. there are some series' that i binge watched that i still haven't finished because i know i will be super upset when it ends.  like i haven't finished seinfeld, i just can't imagine that brilliant show being over.  as that show was popular when i was a pre-teen, i obviously didn't watch it in it's prime.  so i blew through it when it was released onto hulu.  i finished it up until the finale in sept and still haven't pulled the plug and watched the finale.  #pathetic.

- this is from a verrry long time ago, but i read in the news about people in thailand using the three finger hunger games gesture to protest against the government.  the gov took the hunger games out of theaters and when then people protested outside the theater using the three finger gesture.  they were detained.  but it's still awesome and amazing how one movie can invoke such a stir and wave across society.  in real life.  that series isn't just a book or movie.  it has translated to real life.  this is why i love entertainment. 

- I'm really glad I decided to not be an actress.  i just could not handle all that publcity.  paparazzi jumping out everywhere, the press taking every minisclue detail of my life and make one huge story out of  nothing.  it would drive me crazy.  not that by just saying "i'm so glad i didn't become an actress" would instantly shoot me to stardom, let's be real, guys.  but honestly, how do celebs put up with that?  have you ever fantasized about your face being on billboards and big movie screens or performing in front of 10,000 of your closest "friends" screaming your name? i have, for sure!! and that part would be amazing.  but the foot work to get there sounds exhausting.  even just talking about it makes me exhausted.


  1. Well, if it helps, the Seinfeld finale was not good. Honestly, one of my least favorite series finales ever.

    When I tell people to have a great day, I really mean it. But I agree that it has become a cliched, impersonal sentiment.

    I think if the blogging community was a college campus, there would definitely be cliques, but then there would be a big group of us, probably the majority, that wouldn't be defined by cliques and would just hang out with each other. And eat all the food.

  2. What gets me is how some shows end with rotten show, like Will and Grace that ending was stupid, Seinfeld also had a stupid ending these are just two shows that come to mind there are others though.


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