Lot 48: things I hate more than cheese

April 28, 2016

things I hate more than cheese

really, i just have no creativity when it comes to blogging lately and have just been stealing other people's ideas.  i am copying sarah's post on things she hates more than april fools day.  thanks for the idea, sarah!

i've mentioned many times before that i really, really hate cheese.  i remember liking it when i was little, but in elementary school, like in 3rd grade or something, it just changed and i just didn't like it anymore.  i hate the texture, the taste, the smell, everything about it.  i can taste it even if there is a hint of cheese in something.  it's a hard life guys, cheese is in everything. it's hard to order at restaurants a lot of the time. #thestruggleisreal. but, with copying sarah's idea, there are things i hate more than cheese.

  • being cold 
  • traffic
  • kristen stewart
  • big bang theory
  • cats
  • people who talk on the phone in a library
  • no food in the fridge 
  • a broken iphone
  • pranks
  • being so busy i don't even have time to read blogs
  • when keeping with the kardashians is on break and there are no new episodes to watch
  • camping
  • summer
  • no cuddle time with the husband
  • when my niecephews think they are too cool to play with me
  • SPORTS(sorry sarah)
  • when no one reads my blog
  • via GIPHY
  • unemployment
  • people ranting on facebook
  • early mornings
  • delayed flights
  • people who constantly say "uh huh" and "mmm" while listening to someone talk.  it's infuriating.
  • when people walk slowly
  • when people drive slowly
maybe this is just a list of pet peeves? hmmmmm...

if you see me, don't look at me weird when i order pizza with no cheese. 


  1. I HATE being cold. It's the worst. There's a reason I live in California. And don't get me started on Kristen Stewart.


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