Lot 48: single dayzzz

April 27, 2016

single dayzzz

single daaaaayzzzzz.
as i get more and more excited for my best friend patrisha to move here in august, i have been thinking about how much i had with my friends when i was single.  friendships change once you are married.  you don't go out all dressed up to get boys, really when i go out with friends again, i am in jeans and a sweatshirt with no makeup on because whynot.  i am there to impress no one.  

looking back in time is funny because when i was single, there were times i detested it and all i wanted was to be married, and other times when i was having so much fun being free and single and attached to no one.  i have no desire to be single, i don't miss be single. i like being married. but patrisha and i have never lived in the same city before while i was married, or have had a lot of time together while i have been married.  so it will be different. 

so let me share my favorite story from when i was single, yeah? good fun. 

when i was on my study abroad in london, my friends and i went to a lot of clubs to go dancing. it was so much fun and my favorite memories of college. and london, for that matter.  

these pictures are from the night that was the best.  i found a place to go dancing, but when we got there, it was for middle aged people and had a huge cover charge, so we went walking to find another place.  i spotted this girl who looked like she was dressed up to go clubbing like we were, so i said "guys! she's dressed cute and looks like she knows where to go! let's follow her!" so we did and totally freaked her out.  we kept a good distance, but she kept turning around and eventually ran into this club near covent garden.  we followed her in and she just bee lined for her friends and kept looking at us.  i didn't care.  she had led us into exactly what we were looking for.

my friends and i came up with signals to give each other when guys would start creepin' so we had each other's backs.  we hung out with a group of guys who had just joined the army or whatever it is over there and they were on break or something from training.  they were wearing white shirts and had sharpies that they were trying to get everyone to sign before they left. 

we danced so hard that night, we laughed so hard that night, lived so hard that night.  it was one of the best nights of my life.  i miss those days of getting dressed up and going out to dance to your heart's content.  i asked taran if we could go dancing this weekend, so hopefully we will make it happen.  sometimes you just need to dance it out!!

when i was single, there were times i was so focused on having a boyfriend that i didn't stop to appreciate all the things i could do without being attached to anyone.  there were some periods where i did appreciate it and loved it, like london and when i lived in LA, but the rest of the time i mostly moped.  lame.

being single, free, attached is fun.  carefree.  appreciate it.  get dressed up and go out just for fun, with no other purpose than to have fun, instead of getting guys numbers.  the phrase "stop looking and that's when he'll find you" is so true, i think.  when you are happy with yourself, your life, and your independence is when you meet 'the one.'

so live it up!! love yourself and stop worrying. just have fun.  and if you don't know what club to go to, follow a girl that's dressed cute and she will lead you to the best club.


  1. What a fun post, it's funny looking back on those days where we thought life was hard or something. Oh the memories!

  2. I think we definitely spend too much time looking forward to the next phase that we don't spend enough time enjoying where we're at. I'm glad you can look back on your single days and enjoy the memories!


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