Lot 48: nicknames

April 25, 2016


i've been thinking about nicknames lately.  you get a name when you are born, but that isn't always what you are called.  you might choose a different name, your friends might choose a different name for you, or you might become a rapper and choose a name that makes no sense at all.  

when i was born, i didn't open my left eye for a week.  and i think even after that i would close only that eye a lot.  my parents called me winkie.  i've seen baby pictures of me where i am being held in my mom's arms, and i'm just lying there with one eye shut, looking at the camera like, "hey, wasssup, how you doin....."

i haven't been called winkie in a really long time.  names my family sometimes calls me lu, and when my dad is a really good mood, if he is walking by me, he will say in a sing song voice "la la la la la la!!!!"

im not really winning in the nickname department when it comes to really cool nicknames. or aliases. whatever you want to call it. rappers, hip hop, music producers have it down with naming themselves crazy stuff:

koko laroo
major lazer
50 cent
ll cool j

they sound awesome but confusing. how did they come up with this stuff? how did they choose this? curtis james jackson, how did you get 50 cent out of that name? james todd smith, i am looking at you too.  granted, if you two were trying to rap with those names, i would definitely laugh at you. ll cool j and 50 cent sound much better.

so to gain street cred, here are nicknames i propose for myself:

100 cent
tt warm k
velvet rancher
spy loroya
lazer pointer

i think these are all simply brilliant names and would do wonders for my street cred. which one should i choose, do you think?

how about you? what are your nicknames?


  1. These are awesome!

    I could never get away with a cool nickname. That's why my friends just call me Weiner.

  2. I have never had a nickname, don't know why although when she was really young my sister called me "donna" why I have no idea, my dad will at times call me Josephine also not my name and he is the only one to call me that, he also is the only one allowed to call my daughter "nicky nat" her name is Natasha Nicolle.


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