Lot 48: Currently.....

April 15, 2016


i haven't done a currently sesh in a long time so i thought it would be a good time to catch up!

stressing.... about a lot a lot of things that i don't think its wise to share with the blogging world. and also, i noticed that i posted a very personal post a long while back on my blog that was the most read post this month, and as i read it, i just thought 'oh no, honey, what were you thinking. you don't like sharing your business with other people.  what is wrong with you. you little lamb from years ago.' even just reading this makes me feel uncomfortable, it was just waaaay too personal, so i deleted it.  i just am not comfortable sharing personal things about my life. i guess at one point i obviously way, but not way.  maybe one day again.  but any positive thoughts you have, send my way! 

counting... my blessings.  i really am so blessing, sometimes i can't believe it.  i am always in awe of how the Lord has blest me and Taran and i thank Him everyday for the things he has given us.  we have beautiful lives.  we have a nice, cozy apartment, we always somehow manage to pay our bills, we are able to have lots of time together, we have no mind blowing issues that are rocking our world.  i really have no complaints.  two peas in a pod we are.  usually in sync.  i would say always, but come on people, this is a marriage. 

wishing... that i was better at reading books. i check books out from the library and never seen to crack them open.  tv is always so much more satisfying and i hate that about myself! reading books is such an intellectual act, and you learn so much from them.  and i wish i had more discipline to crack them open.  and when i do manage to crack them open, i usually never finish them. i have a short attention span, thanks to tv.  ugh!! 

also wishing.... that i had a book club i could join.  i think that would be a really fun way to make friends! 

proud of... taran who started actual engineer design as pick up jobs on the side from his full time job.  he is doing so great and is learning so much.  i am so proud of him! i heard him talking to a client the other day and i swear, it was like listening to some kind of nerd, foreign language that made so thoroughly no sense that i could have sworn he was just making up words because i had never in my life heard any of those terms before.  it was crazy.  because he is crazy smart.  and i did not get a 7 year degree in engineering so i understandably have zero idea what he was saying.  

excited about... memorial day weekend. like, really excited.  the family, all 14 of us, will all gather at home, our hometown, the dear sweet house we grew up in that my parents are trying to sell (cue sobs) for a fun filled, sun filled, tubing on the boat at the lake, jumping off cliffs and up to my neck in sweet/you're-cute-but-are-testing-my-patience babies for an extended weekend i will get to see my sister that i haven't seen in almost a year! 

also excited about.... that my bff patrisha is moving here in august to go to pharmacy school! i seriously cannot WAIT! 

tired from.... being tired.  i have not been sleeping well lately.  i blame the stress.  but it is getting really annoying. 

listening to... hailiee steinfeld.  i got hooked on her after i heard one of her songs playing in a movie i saw.  i think she is one of my new favorite artists. she rocks hard.

watching.... everything. i blew through  baby daddy, bowfinger and a bunch else.  i will do my netflix finds post on it later. see netflix posts 1, 2 and 3.

happy weekend!! 


  1. Oh how fun that Patrisha is moving there! Way to go Taran on his extra work, that's great :) I texted you a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if you got it. Unfortunately another friend of mine isn't getting some of my texts, maybe it's my phone! Thinking of you :)

  2. I'm so glad you and Taran are doing so well!

    Fun fact about Hailee Steinfeld...Chris's nephew plays guitar and actually recorded a video with her a few months ago. He said she's super nice.


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