Lot 48: my sunday is your friday.

March 4, 2016

my sunday is your friday.

for all of you, today is the first day of your weekend.  for me, today is my sunday. i work 4 10 hour shifts sat - tues so wed-fri are my weekends.  it is really nice to have 3 days off each week.  but they always end up being busier than i would like. they involve way too many errands and chores, none of which i have time for on the days when i work.

1. my mom is in town and yesterday i went to my sister's house to see her and help her babysit the boys while my sister was at the dentist.  it was so much fun because the boys actually wanted to play with me! we played in the sandbox, we played red rover, and played with their toys.  they did so many cute and funny little things i lost count and i loved every minute of it.  they even answered my questions about how their schools are!! 

in the picture above, we were pretending that the rock was a ship and the grass was water. oliver (the one who clearly couldn't care less about the picture) kept pretending to be different sea creatures. such imagination.  all of them are the most amazing, incredible little humans and i learn so much from them. 

2. i finally finally finished breaking bad.  i stopped for a long while after season 2 because it was making me too sad.  but then i started it again and just tore through that thing and it definitely lived up to the hype. except for one thing.  i heard so many people talk about the train episode. "the train episode, the train episode, that's the best episode of all of breaking bad," i would hear people say that all the time. so i got really excited for that episode and after i watched it, i thought 'is that it???' that episode so did not live up to the hype.  i don't understand at all why everyone was freaking out about it.  i think there are other ones that are much, much better than that one. 
so i am in the market for a new show to bing watch and need suggestions, so bring 'em! 

3. i have a scratch on my right eye which i am sure you are every interested about.  but it is very uncomfortable and annoying and inconvenient and i don't know what to do about it. it hurts to close my eyes so it is a bit of a problem. 

4. i would tell you what my weekend plans are but this is my sunday, so today for our last weekend day i think we are going to go use a restuarant gift card on a date and see a movie. there are so many good ones out that i want to see: zootopia, whisky tango foxtrot, triple 9. kung fu panda 3. lots of good movies to see!!

5. i had my teeth cleaned yesterday and i have no new cavities! it's like a miracle!!  take that, sugar!! 

and that's all i got. over and out. i guess life is boring. but i like it. because i love my life right now. have a good weekends friends! be safe!! 


  1. If those are the movies you're choosing from, I'd pick Zootopia. I saw that one and WTF this week at press screenings and LOVED Zootopia. WTF is good, but it's not the comedy they're making it out to be. AT ALL. I've heard very mixed, but mostly not great things about Triple 9. Oh, and one of my friends was an assistant editor on Kung Fu Panda 3 and his name is even in the credits. So I'd recommend that one on his behalf. But, really, you won't be disappointed in Zootopia.

    Yay for finishing Breaking Bad! I agree that I didn't think the Train Episode was as big a deal as other people made it seem, but I think the thing about it is that it sets up so much of what ends up happening. So while the episode itself isn't a big deal, it's a pretty important one.

    Another binge-worthy show...Have you watched any of the Netflix originals? I LOVE Daredevil, am enjoying Jessica Jones, and REALLY want to get back to House of Cards. OH! And also, since you loved Breaking Bad, you HAVE TO give Better Call Saul a try. It's SO good.

  2. Stopping over from the link-up! My nephews are passed the age of wanting to play with me and I miss the days when I was the cool Auntie! Hope work goes well the next couple of days!

  3. Sounds like a fun playdate! I love the imagination that kids have. I've only seen one episode of Breaking Bad! Everyone says it's phenomenal...I just haven't had a chance to watch it yet!


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