Lot 48: my guilty pleasures

March 2, 2016

my guilty pleasures

guys!! it's been so long! it's a blogger rule to at least address a long absence from your blog, right? i've been completely caught up with my new job that everything else except my marriage and my family have fallen behind. i've missed blogging a lot but had nothing to write about and couldn't really think of anything. nor did i have time to write.

but now that i feel like i have a handle on my new life, hopefully the creative juices will come back and i will find balance again.

i thought it would be fun to write about my guilty pleasures. everybody has them.  i like knowing what other people's are and i like telling people mine to see if we have any in common. i'll tell you mine, you tell me yours! 

1) i have written before about my obsession for the kardashians.  oh i love them so much.  they are so oblivious to the real world.  kim took a flight to paris just to eat her favorite food when she was pregnant with saint.

yes, kim, it is.  but i find them fascinating. and hilarious. i have seen every episode of every spin off they have and anxiously await for KUWTK to return.

some of their finest moments: 

oh kardash dolls. k dolls. dash dolls, as you may call yourselves or your employees. you're all crazy.  thank you for keeping me entertained. 

2) gossip magazines.  i get these on my ipad from the library.  i only get ok magazine  and star.  it's a shame because i think us weekly and people are the more reliable ones, but if i have a few dollars to spend i will pick up a people at the store if there is something extra juicy on the cover.  i just love learning all the celeb gossip.  these magazines are trash, but i can't stop reading them. 

3) real housewives of new york city.   i only watched up to about season 5.  the drama is so ridiculous and fantastic. i wrote about my love for RHONYC here but i can't resist putting in a few gifs.  
4) i also love learning about serial killers.  they fascinate me.  i have to know why they are the way that they are.  what made them that way?  i love knowing their stories and watching movies about them.  if i can stomach the violence.  they fascinate me.  does that make me creepy? 
okay, i told you my guilty pleasures, now you tell me yours! 


  1. The Kardashians are my guilty pleasures! They are completely oblivious but I love the family relationships they have - it's so real with a little big of added drama!

  2. Reality TV all around is my guilty pleasure. The housewives are my favorite--the original OC crew is the best in my opinion, but Beverly Hills and Jersey are high up there too! Do you watch Pump Rules on Bravo? Love that too...I love it alllll obviously hahahah

  3. I enjoy the Housewives too, but OC is the only one I watch and sometimes BH, depending.
    I also love reading/watching about serial killers, so interesting and just want to know - and too about who they hurt, etc


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