Lot 48: have some chocolate

March 24, 2016

have some chocolate

life is rough sometimes.  a lot of the time actually.  there are some days when you are barely holding it together.  people are mean, you feel like you are doing badly at work, you feel ugly or fat, whatever. here's my advice when that happens:

have some chocolate.

last year, i was at one of my volunteer organizations when i overheard one employee crying to another employee about something troubling going on in her personal life.  she was obviously very upset and the situation sounded very serious and really sad.  all the other employee could really do for her was listen and give sympathy and a hug.  at the end of the conversation, she said "here, have some chocolate." 

i've thought a lot about that.  when things aren't going your way or you feel like your whole world is caving in, what is something that makes you feel better? ice cream? wine? chocolate? 

other than using things that could make us fat or alcoholics, i wanted to share something magical i have learned recently.

it's been a bit of a rough go lately as i have struggled to learn how to take 911 calls.  there is so much to learn, i terrified of making mistakes and i am very, very aware that i am the only hope for the callers.  it's a lot of pressure and it has really been getting to me.  so one day, i decided to try something different. 

you know that i chose my word for the year as joy.  i was getting ready for work and was thinking to myself, how do i have joy in doing this incredibly stressful job? i love it, it's where i want to be. i'm so busy occupied by fear i am not taking anytime to have joy in the many people i have protected and helped. so i decided right then and there that i was going to have a good day.  no matter what happened, i wasn't going to let it get me down and i was going to have a joyful day.

i can't tell you what a difference that attitude made.  i made hardly  any mistakes, i was so much happier at work, i was joyful in the work i did and it was such a relief to feel less pressure.  don't think i wasn't taking the lives of the officers and those who called seriously that day, that wasn't the case in the slightest.  i just changed my attitude.  and i did my job so much better.

it's really amazing the power of attitude.  i challenge you to make a conscious choice to have a good day at the start of your day.  to smile through difficulties and let people's not so nice comments slide off your back.   i love that quote by eleanor roosevelt: "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 

and if choosing to have a good day doesn't work, you can always have some chocolate! 


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  1. I love in the Harry Potter books when the antidote for being attacked by joy-sucking dementors is to eat chocolate. I think that is so applicable to life.

    Yes, our attitudes are EVERYTHING. Sometimes it's hard to just slap a smile on your face and try to think positively, but when we do everything we can to try to do that, it makes such a difference.


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