Lot 48: blank over blank

March 21, 2016

blank over blank

once again, sarah is my inspiration for a blog post.  i don't know where that girl gets her creativity! 

san francisco over miami

crazy stupid love over some kind of beautiful

dr pepper over coke

swimming pools over hot tubs

europe over caribbean

los angeles over san francisco

musicals over straight plays

browsing bookstores over browsing libraries

pizza over pasta 

staying up with pillow talk with the husband over getting enough sleep

best friend moving here for pharmacy school over best friend moving to arizona for pharmacy school

babies over dogs

polar bears over dogs

no sports over sports

no cats over cats

dry heat over humidity

manicures over pedicures

cookies over ice cream

italian food over mexican food

blogging over never blogging

one direction over justin bieber [if i had to choose a tween band/singer]

tv over reading

tv over movies

what are some things that you like best? 


  1. I loved when Sarah did this and I love that you did it too! I am totally going to steal it too. So much fun!

    Except nothing over ice cream. :-)

  2. Ahhh steal away! I love this post idea, I think it gives you a really good insight into the blogger! And PIZZA over PASTA ALL DAY ERRRYDAY!

  3. I so agree with most of this list just so you know, I ave not been to see a movie in years and even if I record a movie at home to watch later it can sit in my planner for months before I get around to watching it


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