Lot 48: two years

February 8, 2016

two years

today marks two years of being hitched to this guy.  and i couldn't be happier.  i am often awestruck at how much i love him.  sometimes, it feels i might burst. 

i've always considered myself a pretty good writer but when i try to describe how much i love taran, words, the proper words, are hard to come by. but i will try.

he makes me laugh harder than anyone i know. i love experiencing new things with him, going through the good times, but most importantly, i love going through the lows of life with him.  there is no one else i would want by my side.  he is my air.  on saturday at our anniversary dinner where we go every year back to our second first date and it was so magical and sweet and we talked about how nervous we were back then on that date and how we knew when we looked across the table, we just knew, this was it. every moment with him is nothing short of magical. i love him to the moon and back.  he makes me whole. 

he is kind, diligent at his goals, serves me constantly, and is always sharing emotional and physical weight when times get tough.  he is my partner in every sense of the word.  i love his thirst for learning. i love how his brain must costantly be working to invent and design and create a new medical device.  i admire that about him. he works so hard and i am so proud of him.  he pushes himself, and i couldn't be a luckier woman. 

 the past two years have not been easy.  we have stumbled as we've figured out how to cohabitate and figure out how to merge two families into one, and to merge two personalities into a peaceful and loving household.  life has thrown us some huge curve balls these past two years, but it has made us better people and better partners.  God knew what he was doing when He set us aside for each other and when he allowed these not so fun curve balls thrown our way.  He knew we would we through it and be a better person for it.

happy two year anniversary, baby.  i love you more than words can say.  thank you for making me the happiest, luckiest girl alive and thank you for being by my side.  i couldn't do half of what i do without you.

your bride

ps. if you want to read about our wedding day i recapped it here here and here and here is the proposal story and love story is listed in post above but here it is again! now you know allllllll because if it were me, i would want to know all the romantic details.  


  1. You two are so cute! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Your pictures are seriously so stunning. Happy Anniversary- you sound so perfect for one another. Hope you enjoy your day and night together!

  3. Hope you have many more wonderful years ahead of you, I do like how happy you both look in the photos

  4. I am looking forward to see more photos of such a lovely wedding. Keep posting! I am also going to attend a wedding at one of the best Chicago wedding venues and feeling so excited as it’s my niece wedding.


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