Lot 48: signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours

February 14, 2016

signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours

happy  valentine's day everyone! even if you have no one romantic to share this day with, i guarantee that you have someone who loves you that you can keep in mind today.  but today does kind of suck when you're single.  so watch all your favorite show's v-day episodes that are about being "alone" today, that always made me feel better.

you can probably guess that this post is about my love, because what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't write about him today.  plus, i love him so much i just want to shout it from the rooftops as often as possible. 

*the following pictures are our engagement pictures that i don't think i have shared before, so that is very exciting! i shared a few of them before, but this is the complete collection, minus the ones that sucked. 

i met taran four years ago, at a religion class in college.  i was really happy when he sat next to me for obvious reasons: he is really, really hot.  we became friends and went on a few dates but morphed into friends and you can read the whole love story here.

a year later, we began seriously dating and another year later, we were married. 

each anniversary, we go back to where we had our second first date, the date we had when we began dating seriously.  we reminisce of what we talked about and how nervous we were and how taran thought he wasn't going to call me again because i was so insistent that he tell me in detail personality traits of his nieces and nephews and he thought that was weird.

i remember so clearly sitting across from him at that restaurant, at that table, thinking how easy it was to talk to him.  and how i felt like i had known him my whole life.  like he was already my best friend and i could tell him anything.  i felt safe, and like i had found the other half of my puzzle. 

i didn't understand the word "partner" until now. with this new job, taran is sacrificing so much for me to accomplish my dreams.  i have wanted to be in law enforcement for a really long time.  working 4pm - midnight we aren't seeing each other a whole lot and it is really hard on us, especially him.  but he wants me to accomplish my goals.  he is incredibly supportive.  i also didn't understand what that word meant until now. 

partner.  lifting me up, supporting me, giving me the strength to accomplish this, and sacrificing things that he wants so i can have what i want.  the tables will switch one day, and i will gladly sacrifice for him, but right now, he is giving me everything he can so i can do this. that is what a partner is.  that is what a partner does. 

i never knew that anyone could love someone this much.  i love this man more than anything. he is always there when i need him, makes me better, completes me and is my best friend.

happy valentine's day, baby. i love you to the moon and back. 


  1. so so sweet! your pictures are seriously STUNNING!

  2. A great post finding the right partner other half is amazing I found my other half 33 years ago this June he drives me crazy at times but I do so love him


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