Lot 48: here we go!

February 19, 2016

here we go!

i know you are all soooo upset that i have been absent the past two weeks and have literally only written about my husband because it was our anniversary and valentine's day.  and i am sure you are all just dying to hear about my new job.  i have tried to write many times, but whenever i do, i get stuck, because i don't know what i can say about my job and what i can't.  and even if i can say it, i don't know if it is wise.

1) so i have decided that i won't talk too much about my simply fascinating job as a 911 dispatcher because 1) i don't want to get into trouble 2) this is 911, people.  i am going to hear and have already heard horrible things that i don't want to share and my job is not a means of entertainment in conversation.  this is real life and real people and their worst days of their lives and the horrors that have happened to them is not something to used as a way to exchange interesting conversation.  that just doesn't feel right.

2) today i take my test as i have completed my classroom training and now i go onto the floor.  the best way i can explain my training is to compare it to med school.  so these past two weeks have been med school as i have been in classroom training.  next week, i'm on the floor taking calls with a trainer sitting next to me making sure nothing stupid happens because i have no idea what i am doing.  think of that as my residency.  during my "residency" i have to take a million more tests and go through more training and once my trainer passes me off, i can go on my own shift and take calls on my own.  then, after i have been there a year, i am off probation and i am official and legit and then i'll be all very important like.

anyway, enough about the job!

3) my parents went to hawaii for my mom's birthday i was really envious.  it was when i was buried in "med school" (ooops! talking about the job again! i said i wasn't going to talk about it too much!) it's still really cold here and they were lying on a beach that i imagine looks like this.  not fair, right?

4) sad/good news, my brother-in-law got into grad school at arizona state university so my sister is moving to phoenix area in august.  that's two sisters in phoenix! and she is taking my two gorgeous nieces with her! sad! i'm glad i still have one sister remaining here.

5) tomorrow we plan on going to the ice castle about 40 minutes away from us.  love taza went there recently when she was in utah (anyone else love her? #blogcrush) and took great pictures.  but knowing me i will probably bail because it will be so cold.  but i am determined to go!!

i start on the dispatch floor on sunday, so wish me luck on my tests and on my first day on the floor! lots of love to you all and have a good weekend!

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  1. I'm glad the job is going well, but I totally understand not talking about it and also being so busy and not having time to blog. But I miss ya, friend!


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