Lot 48: ch-ch-chaaanges

February 5, 2016


i believe that life is made up of tiny little pieces.  events, emotions, actions, beliefs.  each tiny little fragment making up a whole puzzle that makes your life.  last june, i had a choice.  i choose door #1, a door that was not the wise door to take, a door that had only caused me problems in my life, or take the less stable, but in the long run, better for me door #2.  

i chose door #2.  

the past 8 months have been a time of great growth for me and on monday, i embark on a new chapter of my life.  this past week, i have had to say goodbye to everything that i built to keep me going these past 8 months.  it's been sad and has made me feel extremely grateful for my determination to constantly push myself as hard as i can as well as for all the people and friends i've made these past months.

i've had to say goodbye to all my volunteer obligations and the place i am going to miss the most without question is the detox center.  i fell so in love with that place.  when i first started, i knew nothing at all about drugs, what contraband looked like, what someone would be like if they were high, nothing.  but i wanted to be there, because every single person on this earth deserves a second chance.  they deserve an opportunity to get clean, but they may not to be able to afford to go to a treatment center.  the facility i volunteered at was county funded, and the majority of the clients there were homeless.  a lot of them were brought in by cops or because they had broken their parole.  some of them were arrested while they were there.  a lot were brought in by hospitals.  no matter where they came from, and even if it was their 20+ time there, i didn't care.  the clients were kind, they were struggling, and i loved helping them. 

 amy poehler wrote once that when she was a teenager and working in an ice cream parlor, after they closed up, she would stand on the table and do her little bits and make people laugh.  and when she made people laugh, she would feel this hot bubbling in her belly that would send electricity through her body.  so the past 8 months as i have been wandering around this town volunteering wherever i could get my hands on trying to figure out what in the world i actually wanted to do, i remembered that.  

and where i'm going now, where i'll be on monday, that is the only place that that gives me that hot bubbling in my gut and sends a shot of electricity through my body.  

but just ask amy.

you go where the current goes.


  1. I remember the part from the book. I need to be on the look out for electricity. I am excited to see where yours is leading you!

  2. I'm excited for you and to see how this door nourishes and benefits your life! Change is never easy, especially when you have to say goodbye to things that are close to you, but in the long run you'll look back and be happy you listened to the electricity and followed the current!

  3. I'm so excited for you and this new adventure! I am hoping this is everything you dream it will be.

  4. Such a beautiful post from a beautiful soul. I love volunteering also and haven't been able to do so because of my crazy work schedule for the past 8 months. I am so excited for your new chapter and career and can't wait to hear more about it. Go get 'Em girl!


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