Lot 48: February 2016

February 19, 2016

here we go!

i know you are all soooo upset that i have been absent the past two weeks and have literally only written about my husband because it was our anniversary and valentine's day.  and i am sure you are all just dying to hear about my new job.  i have tried to write many times, but whenever i do, i get stuck, because i don't know what i can say about my job and what i can't.  and even if i can say it, i don't know if it is wise.

1) so i have decided that i won't talk too much about my simply fascinating job as a 911 dispatcher because 1) i don't want to get into trouble 2) this is 911, people.  i am going to hear and have already heard horrible things that i don't want to share and my job is not a means of entertainment in conversation.  this is real life and real people and their worst days of their lives and the horrors that have happened to them is not something to used as a way to exchange interesting conversation.  that just doesn't feel right.

2) today i take my test as i have completed my classroom training and now i go onto the floor.  the best way i can explain my training is to compare it to med school.  so these past two weeks have been med school as i have been in classroom training.  next week, i'm on the floor taking calls with a trainer sitting next to me making sure nothing stupid happens because i have no idea what i am doing.  think of that as my residency.  during my "residency" i have to take a million more tests and go through more training and once my trainer passes me off, i can go on my own shift and take calls on my own.  then, after i have been there a year, i am off probation and i am official and legit and then i'll be all very important like.

anyway, enough about the job!

3) my parents went to hawaii for my mom's birthday i was really envious.  it was when i was buried in "med school" (ooops! talking about the job again! i said i wasn't going to talk about it too much!) it's still really cold here and they were lying on a beach that i imagine looks like this.  not fair, right?

4) sad/good news, my brother-in-law got into grad school at arizona state university so my sister is moving to phoenix area in august.  that's two sisters in phoenix! and she is taking my two gorgeous nieces with her! sad! i'm glad i still have one sister remaining here.

5) tomorrow we plan on going to the ice castle about 40 minutes away from us.  love taza went there recently when she was in utah (anyone else love her? #blogcrush) and took great pictures.  but knowing me i will probably bail because it will be so cold.  but i am determined to go!!

i start on the dispatch floor on sunday, so wish me luck on my tests and on my first day on the floor! lots of love to you all and have a good weekend!

February 14, 2016

signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours

happy  valentine's day everyone! even if you have no one romantic to share this day with, i guarantee that you have someone who loves you that you can keep in mind today.  but today does kind of suck when you're single.  so watch all your favorite show's v-day episodes that are about being "alone" today, that always made me feel better.

you can probably guess that this post is about my love, because what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't write about him today.  plus, i love him so much i just want to shout it from the rooftops as often as possible. 

*the following pictures are our engagement pictures that i don't think i have shared before, so that is very exciting! i shared a few of them before, but this is the complete collection, minus the ones that sucked. 

i met taran four years ago, at a religion class in college.  i was really happy when he sat next to me for obvious reasons: he is really, really hot.  we became friends and went on a few dates but morphed into friends and you can read the whole love story here.

a year later, we began seriously dating and another year later, we were married. 

each anniversary, we go back to where we had our second first date, the date we had when we began dating seriously.  we reminisce of what we talked about and how nervous we were and how taran thought he wasn't going to call me again because i was so insistent that he tell me in detail personality traits of his nieces and nephews and he thought that was weird.

i remember so clearly sitting across from him at that restaurant, at that table, thinking how easy it was to talk to him.  and how i felt like i had known him my whole life.  like he was already my best friend and i could tell him anything.  i felt safe, and like i had found the other half of my puzzle. 

i didn't understand the word "partner" until now. with this new job, taran is sacrificing so much for me to accomplish my dreams.  i have wanted to be in law enforcement for a really long time.  working 4pm - midnight we aren't seeing each other a whole lot and it is really hard on us, especially him.  but he wants me to accomplish my goals.  he is incredibly supportive.  i also didn't understand what that word meant until now. 

partner.  lifting me up, supporting me, giving me the strength to accomplish this, and sacrificing things that he wants so i can have what i want.  the tables will switch one day, and i will gladly sacrifice for him, but right now, he is giving me everything he can so i can do this. that is what a partner is.  that is what a partner does. 

i never knew that anyone could love someone this much.  i love this man more than anything. he is always there when i need him, makes me better, completes me and is my best friend.

happy valentine's day, baby. i love you to the moon and back. 

February 8, 2016

two years

today marks two years of being hitched to this guy.  and i couldn't be happier.  i am often awestruck at how much i love him.  sometimes, it feels i might burst. 

i've always considered myself a pretty good writer but when i try to describe how much i love taran, words, the proper words, are hard to come by. but i will try.

he makes me laugh harder than anyone i know. i love experiencing new things with him, going through the good times, but most importantly, i love going through the lows of life with him.  there is no one else i would want by my side.  he is my air.  on saturday at our anniversary dinner where we go every year back to our second first date and it was so magical and sweet and we talked about how nervous we were back then on that date and how we knew when we looked across the table, we just knew, this was it. every moment with him is nothing short of magical. i love him to the moon and back.  he makes me whole. 

he is kind, diligent at his goals, serves me constantly, and is always sharing emotional and physical weight when times get tough.  he is my partner in every sense of the word.  i love his thirst for learning. i love how his brain must costantly be working to invent and design and create a new medical device.  i admire that about him. he works so hard and i am so proud of him.  he pushes himself, and i couldn't be a luckier woman. 

 the past two years have not been easy.  we have stumbled as we've figured out how to cohabitate and figure out how to merge two families into one, and to merge two personalities into a peaceful and loving household.  life has thrown us some huge curve balls these past two years, but it has made us better people and better partners.  God knew what he was doing when He set us aside for each other and when he allowed these not so fun curve balls thrown our way.  He knew we would we through it and be a better person for it.

happy two year anniversary, baby.  i love you more than words can say.  thank you for making me the happiest, luckiest girl alive and thank you for being by my side.  i couldn't do half of what i do without you.

your bride

ps. if you want to read about our wedding day i recapped it here here and here and here is the proposal story and love story is listed in post above but here it is again! now you know allllllll because if it were me, i would want to know all the romantic details.  

February 5, 2016


i believe that life is made up of tiny little pieces.  events, emotions, actions, beliefs.  each tiny little fragment making up a whole puzzle that makes your life.  last june, i had a choice.  i choose door #1, a door that was not the wise door to take, a door that had only caused me problems in my life, or take the less stable, but in the long run, better for me door #2.  

i chose door #2.  

the past 8 months have been a time of great growth for me and on monday, i embark on a new chapter of my life.  this past week, i have had to say goodbye to everything that i built to keep me going these past 8 months.  it's been sad and has made me feel extremely grateful for my determination to constantly push myself as hard as i can as well as for all the people and friends i've made these past months.

i've had to say goodbye to all my volunteer obligations and the place i am going to miss the most without question is the detox center.  i fell so in love with that place.  when i first started, i knew nothing at all about drugs, what contraband looked like, what someone would be like if they were high, nothing.  but i wanted to be there, because every single person on this earth deserves a second chance.  they deserve an opportunity to get clean, but they may not to be able to afford to go to a treatment center.  the facility i volunteered at was county funded, and the majority of the clients there were homeless.  a lot of them were brought in by cops or because they had broken their parole.  some of them were arrested while they were there.  a lot were brought in by hospitals.  no matter where they came from, and even if it was their 20+ time there, i didn't care.  the clients were kind, they were struggling, and i loved helping them. 

 amy poehler wrote once that when she was a teenager and working in an ice cream parlor, after they closed up, she would stand on the table and do her little bits and make people laugh.  and when she made people laugh, she would feel this hot bubbling in her belly that would send electricity through her body.  so the past 8 months as i have been wandering around this town volunteering wherever i could get my hands on trying to figure out what in the world i actually wanted to do, i remembered that.  

and where i'm going now, where i'll be on monday, that is the only place that that gives me that hot bubbling in my gut and sends a shot of electricity through my body.  

but just ask amy.

you go where the current goes.

February 4, 2016

my ring obsession

i have a confession for you.  i have been wearing bling bling on my wedding ring finger since high school.  frankly, i don't think it is that uncommon.  i know a lot of girls who would wear rings as a way to keep creeps away from them.  it's a common tactic.  i wore rings for that reasons, sure.  but mostly, i just love rings.  especially on that finger.

when i was single, when i wore it on that finger, it made me feel loved, like i belonged to someone and comforted.  wow, that sounds really pathetic.  

even though i am now married, i still switch out my wedding ring for other rings frequently.  the ring above i bought with my own money several months ago because i hadn't bought myself a wedding ring in a while.  and i like to switch it up.  that might sounds really rude and disrespectful to my sweet husband who worked hard to buy me my wedding ring, but i promise you, he doesn't mind when i wear different rings.  

truthfully, i get on a kick where i wear a fake one for a while but then go back to my real one because there really is no ring in the universe as beautiful as my real ring.  it's gorgeous.  it signifies our bond and our commitment to each other and his love for me. it's my favorite ring that i own, and that is why i wear it the most often is why it is the only ring out of the literal dozen of rings that i haven't lost.  i still stare at it all the time, especially when i am driving.  it's a hazard.  everyone knows it is shiniest while driving by the sunlight! 

i love what rings signify.  when you have a ring on that "that" finger, it means that there is someone out there that loves you.  but what about when a man has a ring on "that" finger? what do you think when you see that? you just think married, but if you think about it more, do you think, "there is a woman out there who loves him so much she put a ring on it" or "he loves his wife so he marked himself taken." i think with women, a ring says "he liked it, so he put a ring on it." not "she liked him so she put it on on herself." but with guys, i think it is that way. without angering feminists, women are "marked", men "mark" themselves.   

what do you think? who "marks who?" 
do you have any fake wedding rings? even if you are married or not? 

February 2, 2016

honey ginger chili chicken recipe

so this is a weird post for me.  this doesn't happen, like ever.  i am posting a recipe post! this never happens, guys! but this is one of my favorite recipes ever, i just have to share it. 

in an 8x8 or 9x13 line the pan with foil and melt half a stick of butter in foil. set oven to 350 

mix in bowl:

1 1/2 of flour
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp pepper

 rinse chicken pat them dry but not all the way dry with a paper towel.

dredge the chicken in the flour mixture. put the chicken in the pan and bake for about 30 minutes with the bottom side up (so the side of the flour facing down) 

make the honey ginger chili sauce:

half a jar of chili sauce Heinz 
1/3- 1/2 cup of honey 
1 tsp ginger 

heat the sauce on the stove and whisk it up! 
after 30 minutes turn the chicken over carefully then put honey ginger sauce on, causing the sauce to be on the flour side. bake for another 15 minutes.

take them out of the oven and there ya go!

i like to eat them with mashed potatoes and gravy with a vegetable! yummy yummy!

enjoy! and also enjoy this rare recipe share from me because this is few and far between.