Lot 48: what tv show would you want to be in?

January 20, 2016

what tv show would you want to be in?

maybe i got this idea from another blogger and i forgot who it was so i can't give credit.  sorry! sorry emoji face.  but i started thinking of the idea of what tv show would you want to be in? as in, what tv show would you want to be an actor or an extra in. we have already done what fictional places would you want to visit. i asked taran what his choices were and here is what he came up with: 

luther. taran thinks luther is the coolest guy on the tv.  he's fearless, brilliant, and as taran lived in london for two years, this show is as taran puts it "completely british.  even more than sherlock.  everything they say and the way they talk is authentically british." this show was way too scary for me, i only watched a few episodes, but i kept having to ask, "what does 'guv' mean? why do they call everyone that?" or "what does this phrase mean?" i think that's the main reason why he loves it.  because it is authentically british.  and luther is cool. he would love to be around a british cast but i think he would get intimidated being around idris elba. 

sherlock. who wouldn't want to be on sherlock?  every episode is so creative and i think being an extra on the show would be fun just to know what was happening before everyone else in the world would. 

superstore.  i turned him onto this show when it premiered, and it is so funny.  you will literally laugh the entire episode.  taran's favorite guy is the wheelchair guy.  i think he wants to meet him in real life.   he's the funniest.  everyone is funny.  and it would be a highly entertaining to see if these actors are as funny in real life as they are on the show.

my choices 

gilmore girls.  duh.  obviously.  for those of you who know me, this can't be a surprise to you.  i would completely freak out if i got to meet the cast and got to be on set.  luke's diner, lorelai's house, all of it! what a dream come true! 

blindspot.  this is one of my favorite shows that is on the air right now.  but i wouldn't want to be an extra, i would want to be one of the agents trying to get to the bottom of the tattoos.  i love this show and it would so cool to be apart of it.  and i think i would hover around jaimie alexander while she got all her tattoos put on, because i want to see how it is done.

and now i would like to jenn from crown me in glitter.  jenn is a nurse with the cutest little girl named harper.  she writes about her life, her love of disneyland, and living in virginia.  she also gives killer makeup tips and her love of target! 


what is your favorite holiday? 
As much as I love the "holidays season" surrounding Christmas time, my favorite would have to be Halloween. Fall is my favorite time of year and since Halloween comes around during the fall, Halloween it is! 

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  or where is the fav place you have been that you loved?
I was born & raised a military brat, so have lived in a lot of places! I was born in Hawaii and wish I remembered my time there because I think it would be my favorite! However since I don't remember it, I will go with the happiest place on earth-Disney World! We're a bit Disney obsessed over here :) 

if you had to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
Ryan Reynolds. He's super cute, kinda dorky and hilarious. 

what is your dream job?
To have a dog rescue. We currently have 3 dogs and they were all rescues besides one. We did have 4, but unfortunately had to put one down last year. We have also had one that we adopted out to another home, and I just love helping the sweet babies that can't help themselves! 


  1. Gosh, this is a great topic! I honestly don't know what shows I would pick. I would LOVE to work on The Walking Dead. I think that would be awesome. And The Goldbergs because that cast is freaking hilarious. If it could be a show from the past then I would definitely pick Friends. And Lost.

    Oh, and I agree with Jenn about Ryan Reynolds!

  2. I love this! Back in the day, I would've totally picked Felicity and Friends. Now I would love to be on Scandal or Grey's Anatomy!

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