Lot 48: the golden globes are weird

January 14, 2016

the golden globes are weird

the golden globes are one of the biggest nights in hollywood and took place this past sunday.  as my tv is on good for watching dvds, i went to my sister's house to watch it.  i got dressed up in my tulle skirt and heels and brought sparkling grape juice and treats and filled out my ballot with guesses of who i thought would win.

to be honest, i never held the golden globes in the highest of esteem.  they honor tv and film together, and that doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.  the oscars and the emmys are awards that really matter to me.  also, to be clear, the golden globes are given out by the hollywood foreign press, while emmys are given out by academy of television arts and sciences and oscars, aka academy awards are given out by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences.

anyway. the academies hold their awards at the chinese grauman theater in hollywood while the golden globes are held at the beverly hilton hotel.  golden globes are smaller.  and guests are seated at tables.

my favorite part is always the red carpet i love the see who has the prettiest dresses.

this is barbara meier.  she is germany's next top model.  when she walked in, i had no idea who she was, but her dress was so gorgeous my jaw dropped.  i am allll for cinderella dresses.  

i think gina rodriguez is gorgeous and i just loved her dress.  simple and elegant.

i have no idea who lily james is but i liked her dress.  it looked Egyptian kind of.

j.law. j.law. i have no idea what this dress is.  i don't know what this dress is trying to tell me.  what is it? it is back less and has these weird slits on the side.  i have no idea.  i hate this dress so much. 

i loved that lady gaga won because i think she is one of the most talented people  on the planet and also i loved her dress.  old hollywood.  so classic.  i'm glad she is past her phase of wearing meat. 

i am in love with this dress mostly for the train.  laverne looked gorgeous. 

above is rachel bloom, creator and star is crazy ex-girlfriend.  i'm finally getting to my point as to why the golden globes are weird.  really, all awards are weird.  a bunch of your peers vote who is best and then if they think you are the best, they give you an award.  it is literally like voting for prom king or queen.  but for adults.  in hollywood.  i imagine hollywood to be like on huge clique.  

crazy ex-girlfriend is a new show on the cw that is a musical.  i love it and it is hilarious.  i was shocked and very pleased when rachel was nominated for acting in the show and even more shocked and pleased when she won.  

that's another weird thing.  i was sure lily tomlin was going to win in that category, but i got a surprise.  sometimes, the award shows surprise you and they go with the underdog, the unpopular girl who is the bookworm who spends her lunch hour reading presidential biographies in the library. 

but then, later on, you're unsurprised when mozart in the jungle wins as well as the lead actor wins.  

but all in all, award shows are weird.  but, i'll see you again next month for the oscars where each clique in hollywood will vote again for that tiny gold man.

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  1. I would buy some new workout clothes to help with my New Years resolution!

  2. I didn't watch the Golden Globes because I REALLY can't stand Ricky Gervais. He makes me angry just by existing. So I skipped it and kept up with the awards on Twitter. I have always had a problem with the fact that SO much attention is given to the Globes and the HFPA. It is made up of fewer than 100 people, all of whom are film critics and writers. And all of whom are determined to be "edgy" and "daring" when it comes to the movies and shows that they recognize. This is why the Globes almost ALWAYS go to TV shows you've never heard of. Because they WANT it to be that way.


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