Lot 48: spies, st ives, new job and a cool 8 year old

January 29, 2016

spies, st ives, new job and a cool 8 year old

friday! fun, fun, fun.  remember that song? when it was popular, i used to play it at the end of the work day really loudly to annoy my coworkers.  it was the highlight of my day. what are your plans for the weekend? my parents are in town, so tomorrow we are taking all the babies to a play place where there is bowling and lazer tag and such.  it will be fun! 

1) influenster sent me these amazing products from st ives! 
the St. Ives® Even & Bright Bodywash is so rejuvenating. i love it because it really wakes me up in the morning.  it is also exfoliating which i love that it gets my dead skin off! after i wash my body i just smell the bottle because it just smells so good and gives me a jolt to wake up for the day.  
the St. Ives® Pear & Soy Hand and Body Lotion is very moisturizing but at the same time very light on your skin.  it doesn't feel heavy like the jergens lotion i used to use.  plus, the pear scent feel calming, like i'm in a spa.
the St. Ives® Oatmeal Scrub face wash doubles as mask.  i put it on at the beginning of my shower and leave it on the duration of my shower and wash it off at the end.  i was having trouble with zits before i used this face wash, but since then, my skin is near perfect.  it really is amazing.  i am in love with it.  i can't believe how good these products are. 

2) as it's oscar season, i have been doing my homework with seeing the nominated movies.  bridge of spies was absolutely amazing.  i was it with my best friend amy and at the end, it was so suspenseful i was holding my breath.  
with creed, i had no idea it was a rocky movie.  i have never seen a rocky movie, so it took me a while to figure out it was a rocky movie.  so i was pretty confused for the majority of the movie.  i think i would have enjoyed it more if i had seen rocky II.  
i loved the martian.  when i watched the golden globes, i hadn't seen it and only knew the the premise, so i was confused why it was in the comedy category.  but after i saw it, i understood.  it was funny! but again, at the end, i was so nervous that they weren't going to be able to save him that i was gripping taran's arm that he said "honey! you're hurting my arm! they're going to get him, it's okay!" and i had to keep repeating to myself the writing rule as old as oedipus, a comedy is where the protagonist doesn't die and it ends with a wedding traditionally, and a drama ends with a death.  and the martian was in the comedy category, so of course he doesn't die!! but i was nervous at the end.  but the movie was amazing.  i still need to see brooklyn.  not looking forward to it, it sounds horribly depressing.

3) my best friend who still lives back home is in the midst of pharmacy school interviews and yesterday she interviewed at my alma mater here and i really want her to go here so she can live here! but like, 10 schools want her and she has her pick, but i want her to live here so badly! keep your fingers crossed!  

4) i was watching ellen clips on you tube and saw this clip for this awesome 8 year old fitness trainer.  he is so cute and awesome and hilarious.  watch it.  he is so funny and so cute.  i about died. 

5) this is big news! i have been wanting to be a 911 dispatcher for about 2 years, and for the past 4 months, i have been working very hard at my dream.  it is extremely hard to become a dispatcher because we have to be able to multi task to an extreme extent and handle crazy things.  i applied at two places and didn't get into one but i did get accepted into a police department 911 dispatching! i start a week from monday! i can't tell you how excited i am! this is where i belong and what i want to do.  i am ecstatic!  i will be working all kinds of weird hours, graveyards, swings and days and my training is a YEAR. but i can't wait to start.  this is dream job, and i can't tell you how good it feels for your dream come true.  i can't wait to help people, protect and serve.  wish me luck! (excited squeal!)

have a good weekend everyone!  


  1. A brand I have not only heard of but a brand I use.
    Oh how exciting, I think emergency dispatchers do a bloody wonderful job and often don't get the praise and respect due to them.
    We are quick to point the finger when someone in this job slips up though

  2. I'm so excited for you about the job. I hope you absolutely love it and that it's even better than you hope!

    Yes, The Martian was so great! I loved it! And Bridge of Spies was very good too. I'm planning to see Brooklyn this week. It does look depressing, but I'm sure it's really great.

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