Lot 48: i'm a poser

January 15, 2016

i'm a poser

hello my friends! it is friday!! let me give you five topics on this friday day.

1) let's start off the weekend by the HILARIOUS 15 second video that i have been wanting to share with you for quite a while now. taran and i have watched it so many times and we laugh so hard and we can barely breathe.

excellent. now that you have laughed which is good for the soul, let's talk about oscar nominations.

2) i'm a poser. i really know nothing about hollywood.  i lived there for a semester and worked for two productions companies and really did learn a lot, but i really know nothing about awards.  i was completely wrong yesterday i think when i talked about the golden globes. i said that the peers vote but karen, who knows far more than me, said that it is a team of writers and film critics vote.  so i was wrong.  i'm often wrong. 

but just because i have no idea what i am talking about doesn't mean i don't have an opinion.  

i have a colossal sized crush on tom hardy.  when i saw the dark knight rises  i didn't know who the actor was who played bane, but the entire movie, i was like, 'why am i so attracted to bane?' i just couldn't stop staring at him the entire movie.  when the movie ended i looked it up and saw it was tom hardy. i put my palm to my head and said "because it was tom hardy!! duh!!" i'd had a crush for him for years already.  

there were also some more good surprises like inside out getting nominated for best screenplay, as animated movies rarely get nominated outside their animated category, let alone get into the screenplay category.  that is very, very rare. 

3) last saturday, taran and i went to a rescue shelter and walked a dog! it was so much fun.  we have been wanting a dog for a while so it was the perfect way to scratch our itch.

 we got to go in the kennel and pick out which dog we wanted to walk.  we fell in love with this sweet baby named blackjack.  we thought we were going to be able to walk one dog per person, but it's one dog per set of car keys.  they make you give them your keys, makes sense; they don't want you to drive away with their dog without adopting. so since we came together, we could only walk one dog.

i've talked about my dog max before, so when taran saw this white lab that was kind of looks like a golden retriever, he let me pick him over blackjack.  what a sweetheart. 

his name was kilo and he got fiesty with the other dogs.  max was kind of like that too sometimes, so i knew how to handle him. 

 it was such a fun day, and we can't wait to go back tomorrow! we might do it every weekend! we don't think it would be responsible to get a dog until we have a house with a yard for the dog to run around and play in while we are at work.  we don't want our dog to feel fenced in or bored.  max had our whole backyard and i loved when he stood at the top of our hill with his shoulders back and overlooked his "kingdom" like a lion.

4) when i was at my sister's watching the golden globe's i stayed afterwards to watch the new bbc sherlock episode with them.  who watched? that show is....just....ah!! i can't even describe how good it is and i turned my sister onto it and my other sister loves it too and it's just the best.  what did you think of the new episode?  i thought it was fantastic and such a creative way to approach the new season and the new dilemma.

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  1. Those dogs are so precious!! I know what you mean about the yard and stuff, though. I wish Chris could get a dog but he doesn't have a yard either, so no dogs. Sad face.

    And hey, it's an easy mistake on how the voting works for the Golden Globes.

    Oh, and YES to Tom Hardy. Yum!! He was SO good in The Revenant that I was super happy he got an Oscar nomination for it. Even though he plays a bad guy, there's still something so irresistible about him, isn't there??


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