Lot 48: guys behind the blog: january edition

January 28, 2016

guys behind the blog: january edition

it's that time again! boys behind the blog with heavens to betsy!! i love these posts and i love having taran answer these fun questions! 

what is taran currently:

Watching: man in the high castle.   i like the alternate history it portrays and it is kind of cool to think of what would happen if japan and germany had won world war II
Reading:  steve jobs by walter isaacson.  i like how steve jobs was completely dedicated to the craft that he chose and he was an amazingly innovative person.  he was a good businessman but kind of a hard person to be around.  it's a fascinating read. 
Listening to: entrepreneurial's tool kit.  it goes through and chapter by chapter start and then grow a great business.  it is very helpful for my preparation of starting my own business one day. 
Dreaming of: coming up with a life saving medical device.  i want to find a niche in the medical field that nobody else has tapped better and come up with a device that will help in that area. 
Eating: mexican food.  i just made burrito bowls.
Learning: solid works and learning how steve jobs built a made it successful and learning how i might be able to do the same in the future. and am also currently studying emergency medicine to see if there is an area in that field where a new medical device is needed. 
Wishing: that i was on a mediterrean cruise with my wife seeing places like sound cool like athens and istanbul and turkey.  where i would eat turkey just to be ironic. 
Obsessed with: my new Christmas present that i have named major that is a robotic arm. 
Loving: that i finished the steve jobs book! it was a very interesting book and he lived a very interesting life and i learned a lot from it.
Planning: a new medical device and am built a prototype.  what is it? medicine management device.  i'm not getting anymore specific than that to put on a blog where everyone reads because it isn't patented and i am paraonid. but if you know of anyone that could help or mentor me, please let my wife know. :) {i put in that smiley face. and also so glad he kept it in that simple of terms for me.}

what is your guy up to?


  1. I haven't done this before, but I'm definitely going to need to! My husband usually says something like, "Oh...I just emailed something you might consider blogging about." He is pretty involved, though. Last week he spent hours working HTML to get some different things working for me. I appreciate that he supports the blogging!

  2. So fun! I think Taran is amazing and he's going to change lives. And then he'll be able to take you on that cruise. :-)

  3. A Mediterranean cruise sounds soon amazing. That part of the world is stunning and I would definitely take the warm climate over the snow that's outside right now!


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