Lot 48: favorite new years memories

January 1, 2016

favorite new years memories

happy new year everyone!! i for one am very, very excited to ring in 2016.  i am excited to start a new and to see what this new year has in store for me.  2015 was not a good year.  i am so happy 2016 is here!! 

last night, i wanted to go out for a bit and check out the big party that was happening downtown.  as you can see above, there was a big sparkly ball they had that was going to drop at midnight.  but it. was. so. cold.  we couldn't handle walking around downtown for too long.  but i curled my hair and we got all dressed up! that part was fun.

the big party took place in the convention center downtown.  we didn't want to pay to go in, so we just looked down to the drums that you could go to town on, which looked like a lot of fun! 

taran thought he looked pretty cool in his hat. 

we went into the marriott downtown to get warm and to take a kissing picture, because it had been far too long since we had taken one and that was a bit of a problem for me.  i was wearing this cute headband that said happy new year on it that was attached to these springy things. it was cute.

because it is always so cold, we always end up in bed by 10 watching the movie new years eve and cuddling while drinking sparkling cider.  it's a fun tradition.  we are low key people, so this tradition always suits us.

growing up, my parents always threw these huge new years eve parties.  my mom would make two huge pots of homemade chicken soup and would lay out a bunch of treats in the dining room and would invite the whole neighborhood.  i always loved it.  everyone would come over to our house all dressed up and ready to ring in the new year with the neighbors they loved.  i loved and still love my neighbors, they were such an important staple in my childhood.  i loved those parties.

another favorite memory is new year's 2009.  my friends and i stayed up all night watching gossip girl and had a sleep over eating junk food.  we had gone to the party downtown and had all shared a big bottle of sparkling cider and then went to my friend's house to have a gossip girl marathon.  my best friend's family has a tradition on new year's where they leave a show outside their bedroom door and they get a little presents put in it and in the morning they have a big breakfast and open their small presents.  i think it's called kris kringle something.  and her family would always include us in it, it was so sweet.  all the years after that, we would get in her hot tub and play our secret new year's eve game before we went out.  those are my favorite memories.

what are some of your favorite new year's eve memories?


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  1. I hope 2016 is a bloody marvelous year for you and yours, take each day as you find it


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