Lot 48: January 2016

January 29, 2016

spies, st ives, new job and a cool 8 year old

friday! fun, fun, fun.  remember that song? when it was popular, i used to play it at the end of the work day really loudly to annoy my coworkers.  it was the highlight of my day. what are your plans for the weekend? my parents are in town, so tomorrow we are taking all the babies to a play place where there is bowling and lazer tag and such.  it will be fun! 

1) influenster sent me these amazing products from st ives! 
the St. Ives® Even & Bright Bodywash is so rejuvenating. i love it because it really wakes me up in the morning.  it is also exfoliating which i love that it gets my dead skin off! after i wash my body i just smell the bottle because it just smells so good and gives me a jolt to wake up for the day.  
the St. Ives® Pear & Soy Hand and Body Lotion is very moisturizing but at the same time very light on your skin.  it doesn't feel heavy like the jergens lotion i used to use.  plus, the pear scent feel calming, like i'm in a spa.
the St. Ives® Oatmeal Scrub face wash doubles as mask.  i put it on at the beginning of my shower and leave it on the duration of my shower and wash it off at the end.  i was having trouble with zits before i used this face wash, but since then, my skin is near perfect.  it really is amazing.  i am in love with it.  i can't believe how good these products are. 

2) as it's oscar season, i have been doing my homework with seeing the nominated movies.  bridge of spies was absolutely amazing.  i was it with my best friend amy and at the end, it was so suspenseful i was holding my breath.  
with creed, i had no idea it was a rocky movie.  i have never seen a rocky movie, so it took me a while to figure out it was a rocky movie.  so i was pretty confused for the majority of the movie.  i think i would have enjoyed it more if i had seen rocky II.  
i loved the martian.  when i watched the golden globes, i hadn't seen it and only knew the the premise, so i was confused why it was in the comedy category.  but after i saw it, i understood.  it was funny! but again, at the end, i was so nervous that they weren't going to be able to save him that i was gripping taran's arm that he said "honey! you're hurting my arm! they're going to get him, it's okay!" and i had to keep repeating to myself the writing rule as old as oedipus, a comedy is where the protagonist doesn't die and it ends with a wedding traditionally, and a drama ends with a death.  and the martian was in the comedy category, so of course he doesn't die!! but i was nervous at the end.  but the movie was amazing.  i still need to see brooklyn.  not looking forward to it, it sounds horribly depressing.

3) my best friend who still lives back home is in the midst of pharmacy school interviews and yesterday she interviewed at my alma mater here and i really want her to go here so she can live here! but like, 10 schools want her and she has her pick, but i want her to live here so badly! keep your fingers crossed!  

4) i was watching ellen clips on you tube and saw this clip for this awesome 8 year old fitness trainer.  he is so cute and awesome and hilarious.  watch it.  he is so funny and so cute.  i about died. 

5) this is big news! i have been wanting to be a 911 dispatcher for about 2 years, and for the past 4 months, i have been working very hard at my dream.  it is extremely hard to become a dispatcher because we have to be able to multi task to an extreme extent and handle crazy things.  i applied at two places and didn't get into one but i did get accepted into a police department 911 dispatching! i start a week from monday! i can't tell you how excited i am! this is where i belong and what i want to do.  i am ecstatic!  i will be working all kinds of weird hours, graveyards, swings and days and my training is a YEAR. but i can't wait to start.  this is dream job, and i can't tell you how good it feels for your dream come true.  i can't wait to help people, protect and serve.  wish me luck! (excited squeal!)

have a good weekend everyone!  

January 28, 2016

guys behind the blog: january edition

it's that time again! boys behind the blog with heavens to betsy!! i love these posts and i love having taran answer these fun questions! 

what is taran currently:

Watching: man in the high castle.   i like the alternate history it portrays and it is kind of cool to think of what would happen if japan and germany had won world war II
Reading:  steve jobs by walter isaacson.  i like how steve jobs was completely dedicated to the craft that he chose and he was an amazingly innovative person.  he was a good businessman but kind of a hard person to be around.  it's a fascinating read. 
Listening to: entrepreneurial's tool kit.  it goes through and chapter by chapter start and then grow a great business.  it is very helpful for my preparation of starting my own business one day. 
Dreaming of: coming up with a life saving medical device.  i want to find a niche in the medical field that nobody else has tapped better and come up with a device that will help in that area. 
Eating: mexican food.  i just made burrito bowls.
Learning: solid works and learning how steve jobs built a made it successful and learning how i might be able to do the same in the future. and am also currently studying emergency medicine to see if there is an area in that field where a new medical device is needed. 
Wishing: that i was on a mediterrean cruise with my wife seeing places like sound cool like athens and istanbul and turkey.  where i would eat turkey just to be ironic. 
Obsessed with: my new Christmas present that i have named major that is a robotic arm. 
Loving: that i finished the steve jobs book! it was a very interesting book and he lived a very interesting life and i learned a lot from it.
Planning: a new medical device and am built a prototype.  what is it? medicine management device.  i'm not getting anymore specific than that to put on a blog where everyone reads because it isn't patented and i am paraonid. but if you know of anyone that could help or mentor me, please let my wife know. :) {i put in that smiley face. and also so glad he kept it in that simple of terms for me.}

what is your guy up to?

January 25, 2016

things i'm obsessed with: according to my friends

i love it when i read a fun post by another blogger and it gives me the idea to copy it because it is just that good.  such thing happened when i read this fun blog post by caroline where she asked her friends what she was obsessed with and with her blessing, i decided to copy her. so here goes!
**my friends' comments are in black and my responses to their comments are in pink because i just loove to copy caroline.


television, reading, music and pop culture:
it really really doesn't surprise me that this section is the biggest.  if you know me, then you know that i live and breathe television.  so well done friends, well done.  btdubs.... the peeps who i had do this was my sister my two best friends and my husband. 

gilmore girls - oh course, this is a 'duhhh.'  this is and always will be my favorite show of all time.  ot got me through some heavy stuff when i was a young teen.




"amazing tv shows in general like:"

parks and recreation - yes

blindspot -YES

nashville - YAS 

jane the virgin - once it was on netflix i went through it at warped speed. but love triangles bother me, and the drama is CRAZY.   so i am taking a break and not watching season 2 for a while. 

award shows 

oscars, tony awards, etc - yes, you know it's true
the story of each episode of tv i watch. "i dissect them." - taran wrote that one.  he knows better than anyone because he is the one who watches tv with me and i always have to say in the first 5 minutes of the mysteries of laura 'it was the assistant!!' and i have to always be right. 

script writers.  i always have to see who wrote each episode of each comedy.  i have to look up all the actors and all the writers and see what they did and see what they have done. - this is very, very true.  my poor husband.  raise your hand if you are an aspiring tv comedy writer? just me? leave it in the comments.  well whenever i watch an episode of a comedy, i must look for who wrote the episode. if we missed it, i make us go back until we find the name.  (ps. it's always announced after the creator of the show in the credits in the first act. after writer, director is announced. then credits stop.) then i pause the show and look up on IMDB who the person is and what else they wrote and if they haven't written anything ever according to my bff IMDB i get really mad.  but it would make for a fun trivia night! i can tell you who are the writers on each comedy show you love that's on tv and their writing history from memory.  and i follow all of them on instagram. #creepy. 

television and television - well said, amy. 




reading books

the bachelor - this only applies if amy is with me to make fun of every single person in the show and to laugh along with me.  watching it by myself is no fun at all. 

maroon 5

LA - of course! the greatest city in the world, the heart of the entertainment industry! i miss it so much! can i move back? 

people & pets:




your babies - meaning my nieces and nephews.  i do love them a lot.  but how could i not? they are so dang cute! 

max/future puppy that will be a golden retriever - in case you missed the story, here are memories from my childhood golden retriever dog named max. 

i am anti-obsessed with cats - hate them. HATE them. 

clothing and accessories:

socks - just like dumbledore.  i got socks for Christmas and was so happy.  or did dumbledore not like socks? no, i think he told harry he wanted a nice pair of socks instead of boring books. it get you, professor. 

fancy things on a budget



bling rings/jewelry - oooooh yes.  that is my vice. in september, i bought myself with my own money a 4 carat princess cut with halo.  it's fabulous and i love it. i told taran to get me this HUGE rock for our anniversary in 2 weeks.  obviously fake.  i only ask that all my fake rings be sterling silver so they don't turn my fingers green. i don't really care if i'm not surprised or not, i always tell him what to get me.  he likes that i'm decisive. ;) but i don't know what he engraved on it! 


gobstoppers - i have been obsessed with this particular candy since high school.  it is my other vice.  or maybe i have many. i love the gobstopper, hard candy not chewy.  and they are a candy miracle. 

some starbursts 

gushers - i have a problem.  we always have to have gushers in the house or else i get really crabby.  i must have them and i must eat them everyday. 


straws - i don't like drinking a glass of water and having to drink around the ice! 

water "(i was born with a glass of water in my hand.)" - that is taran's infamous phrase.  i do drink a lot of water.  i always have to be drinking water.  i get really thirsty easily and i drink about a gallon a day.  seriously.  there must always be a glass of water next to me, a full glass, or i get really anxious. 

dr pepper

sparkling red grape juice - i get so excited when this yummy that comes around the holiday season.  sparkling red grape juice cocktail by martinelli's is my all time favorite drink and is another thing i must always have in the house.  every time i drink it, i find it so relaxing. it is so tasty and delicious and makes me feel like i am treating myself, which makes a bad day much better. 



reading blogs

yes, yes, yes.  all true.  i spend a lot of time blogging. it is hard work.  i could do a lot more.  it's hard! and it takes up a lot of time! but i love it! i love "meeting" other bloggers and getting to know them even if they halfway across the country or even across the world.  

**all my friends know me extremely well and were right on all accounts.  i am, indeed, obsessed with all of the above.  now you go play and leave a comment on me and caroline's posts!

January 20, 2016

what tv show would you want to be in?

maybe i got this idea from another blogger and i forgot who it was so i can't give credit.  sorry! sorry emoji face.  but i started thinking of the idea of what tv show would you want to be in? as in, what tv show would you want to be an actor or an extra in. we have already done what fictional places would you want to visit. i asked taran what his choices were and here is what he came up with: 

luther. taran thinks luther is the coolest guy on the tv.  he's fearless, brilliant, and as taran lived in london for two years, this show is as taran puts it "completely british.  even more than sherlock.  everything they say and the way they talk is authentically british." this show was way too scary for me, i only watched a few episodes, but i kept having to ask, "what does 'guv' mean? why do they call everyone that?" or "what does this phrase mean?" i think that's the main reason why he loves it.  because it is authentically british.  and luther is cool. he would love to be around a british cast but i think he would get intimidated being around idris elba. 

sherlock. who wouldn't want to be on sherlock?  every episode is so creative and i think being an extra on the show would be fun just to know what was happening before everyone else in the world would. 

superstore.  i turned him onto this show when it premiered, and it is so funny.  you will literally laugh the entire episode.  taran's favorite guy is the wheelchair guy.  i think he wants to meet him in real life.   he's the funniest.  everyone is funny.  and it would be a highly entertaining to see if these actors are as funny in real life as they are on the show.

my choices 

gilmore girls.  duh.  obviously.  for those of you who know me, this can't be a surprise to you.  i would completely freak out if i got to meet the cast and got to be on set.  luke's diner, lorelai's house, all of it! what a dream come true! 

blindspot.  this is one of my favorite shows that is on the air right now.  but i wouldn't want to be an extra, i would want to be one of the agents trying to get to the bottom of the tattoos.  i love this show and it would so cool to be apart of it.  and i think i would hover around jaimie alexander while she got all her tattoos put on, because i want to see how it is done.

and now i would like to jenn from crown me in glitter.  jenn is a nurse with the cutest little girl named harper.  she writes about her life, her love of disneyland, and living in virginia.  she also gives killer makeup tips and her love of target! 


what is your favorite holiday? 
As much as I love the "holidays season" surrounding Christmas time, my favorite would have to be Halloween. Fall is my favorite time of year and since Halloween comes around during the fall, Halloween it is! 

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  or where is the fav place you have been that you loved?
I was born & raised a military brat, so have lived in a lot of places! I was born in Hawaii and wish I remembered my time there because I think it would be my favorite! However since I don't remember it, I will go with the happiest place on earth-Disney World! We're a bit Disney obsessed over here :) 

if you had to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
Ryan Reynolds. He's super cute, kinda dorky and hilarious. 

what is your dream job?
To have a dog rescue. We currently have 3 dogs and they were all rescues besides one. We did have 4, but unfortunately had to put one down last year. We have also had one that we adopted out to another home, and I just love helping the sweet babies that can't help themselves! 

January 15, 2016

i'm a poser

hello my friends! it is friday!! let me give you five topics on this friday day.

1) let's start off the weekend by the HILARIOUS 15 second video that i have been wanting to share with you for quite a while now. taran and i have watched it so many times and we laugh so hard and we can barely breathe.

excellent. now that you have laughed which is good for the soul, let's talk about oscar nominations.

2) i'm a poser. i really know nothing about hollywood.  i lived there for a semester and worked for two productions companies and really did learn a lot, but i really know nothing about awards.  i was completely wrong yesterday i think when i talked about the golden globes. i said that the peers vote but karen, who knows far more than me, said that it is a team of writers and film critics vote.  so i was wrong.  i'm often wrong. 

but just because i have no idea what i am talking about doesn't mean i don't have an opinion.  

i have a colossal sized crush on tom hardy.  when i saw the dark knight rises  i didn't know who the actor was who played bane, but the entire movie, i was like, 'why am i so attracted to bane?' i just couldn't stop staring at him the entire movie.  when the movie ended i looked it up and saw it was tom hardy. i put my palm to my head and said "because it was tom hardy!! duh!!" i'd had a crush for him for years already.  

there were also some more good surprises like inside out getting nominated for best screenplay, as animated movies rarely get nominated outside their animated category, let alone get into the screenplay category.  that is very, very rare. 

3) last saturday, taran and i went to a rescue shelter and walked a dog! it was so much fun.  we have been wanting a dog for a while so it was the perfect way to scratch our itch.

 we got to go in the kennel and pick out which dog we wanted to walk.  we fell in love with this sweet baby named blackjack.  we thought we were going to be able to walk one dog per person, but it's one dog per set of car keys.  they make you give them your keys, makes sense; they don't want you to drive away with their dog without adopting. so since we came together, we could only walk one dog.

i've talked about my dog max before, so when taran saw this white lab that was kind of looks like a golden retriever, he let me pick him over blackjack.  what a sweetheart. 

his name was kilo and he got fiesty with the other dogs.  max was kind of like that too sometimes, so i knew how to handle him. 

 it was such a fun day, and we can't wait to go back tomorrow! we might do it every weekend! we don't think it would be responsible to get a dog until we have a house with a yard for the dog to run around and play in while we are at work.  we don't want our dog to feel fenced in or bored.  max had our whole backyard and i loved when he stood at the top of our hill with his shoulders back and overlooked his "kingdom" like a lion.

4) when i was at my sister's watching the golden globe's i stayed afterwards to watch the new bbc sherlock episode with them.  who watched? that show is....just....ah!! i can't even describe how good it is and i turned my sister onto it and my other sister loves it too and it's just the best.  what did you think of the new episode?  i thought it was fantastic and such a creative way to approach the new season and the new dilemma.

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January 14, 2016

the golden globes are weird

the golden globes are one of the biggest nights in hollywood and took place this past sunday.  as my tv is on good for watching dvds, i went to my sister's house to watch it.  i got dressed up in my tulle skirt and heels and brought sparkling grape juice and treats and filled out my ballot with guesses of who i thought would win.

to be honest, i never held the golden globes in the highest of esteem.  they honor tv and film together, and that doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.  the oscars and the emmys are awards that really matter to me.  also, to be clear, the golden globes are given out by the hollywood foreign press, while emmys are given out by academy of television arts and sciences and oscars, aka academy awards are given out by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences.

anyway. the academies hold their awards at the chinese grauman theater in hollywood while the golden globes are held at the beverly hilton hotel.  golden globes are smaller.  and guests are seated at tables.

my favorite part is always the red carpet i love the see who has the prettiest dresses.

this is barbara meier.  she is germany's next top model.  when she walked in, i had no idea who she was, but her dress was so gorgeous my jaw dropped.  i am allll for cinderella dresses.  

i think gina rodriguez is gorgeous and i just loved her dress.  simple and elegant.

i have no idea who lily james is but i liked her dress.  it looked Egyptian kind of.

j.law. j.law. i have no idea what this dress is.  i don't know what this dress is trying to tell me.  what is it? it is back less and has these weird slits on the side.  i have no idea.  i hate this dress so much. 

i loved that lady gaga won because i think she is one of the most talented people  on the planet and also i loved her dress.  old hollywood.  so classic.  i'm glad she is past her phase of wearing meat. 

i am in love with this dress mostly for the train.  laverne looked gorgeous. 

above is rachel bloom, creator and star is crazy ex-girlfriend.  i'm finally getting to my point as to why the golden globes are weird.  really, all awards are weird.  a bunch of your peers vote who is best and then if they think you are the best, they give you an award.  it is literally like voting for prom king or queen.  but for adults.  in hollywood.  i imagine hollywood to be like on huge clique.  

crazy ex-girlfriend is a new show on the cw that is a musical.  i love it and it is hilarious.  i was shocked and very pleased when rachel was nominated for acting in the show and even more shocked and pleased when she won.  

that's another weird thing.  i was sure lily tomlin was going to win in that category, but i got a surprise.  sometimes, the award shows surprise you and they go with the underdog, the unpopular girl who is the bookworm who spends her lunch hour reading presidential biographies in the library. 

but then, later on, you're unsurprised when mozart in the jungle wins as well as the lead actor wins.  

but all in all, award shows are weird.  but, i'll see you again next month for the oscars where each clique in hollywood will vote again for that tiny gold man.

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