Lot 48: January 2015

January 30, 2015

free cobbler? yes please!!

*this is not a sponsored post*

hey it's friday again!! isn't that freaking fantastic!! i am so happy to say that after a very rough monday, this week was a thousand times better than the previous weeks.  i can't even tell you how happy i am to say that.  really.  thank you so much for your prayers and love and support.  this week has gone by so fast which i just couldn't be more grateful for given how terrible the previous two weeks have been.

last night, i got to attend a super fun blogger event at cobbler cove at station park! station park is a new mall that is about 20+ miles north of where i live.  it is a gorgeous outdoors mall with a water fountain and an ice skating rink.

near the skating rink the overhead music started playing "the way you look tonight" so i grabbed taran and started slow dancing with him. i demanded a lot of dips and twirls, of course. 

it was nice and cozy and i got to meet a few other bloggers! 

mikell was supposed to go with me, but was super super sick so i took taran instead.  it was such a fun date! even though taran felt a little uncomfortable with all the women.

i have said it before and i will say it again! i love the friends that i have made through blogging! i love aubrey and amberly and was so embarrassed when i saw amberly for the first time in a few months and didn't even know she was pregnant! sorry amberly for being such a loser friend!

i was kind of in love with my new outfit i got for the event at costco of all places, so i had to pretend i was a model and took dramatic pictures because isn't that what you are supposed to do when you look good?

aren't the lights so pretty???  it's like a sparkly winter wonderland! 

now a few other things,

i am SO EXCITED AND HAPPY about the great response emelia and i got from out announcement yesterday!! please, please join in on the linkup! we just want to build each other up and create a supportive and comforting environment where no one feels alone, no matter what their struggles are.
i have started working out religiously and got a polar watch to track it.  i was a dancer for 12 years and i have always felt that because of my adolescent training, i bounce back really quickly from months on the couch to exercise.  it takes a few times of huffing and puffing before something gets easy.  i am now not burning as many calories as i was when i first started this new workout dvd.  so now i have to start a harder one that is longer to get the same result. bleggghhhhhhhh. blerg.  

i can't wait to share more dating stories like i did on monday! our anniversary is now only 9 days away and i seriously CANNOT believe it!! i am fighting with all my might for february 8 not to come because i want us to still be newlyweds!! but you know what?  we are going to be newlyweds for as long as we like.  we will probably be 80+ and still be newlyweds.  
we ran into an ex of taran's the other day.  he had no desire to talk to her.  he thought i would be mad and jealous like i have been in the past when we run into an ex, but i just thought it was funny.  of course i looked at her to see if she was prettier than me, and yes, she was very pretty.  oh well.  i'm the one that got him! 

are you like that too?? do you get jealous hearing about your partner's ex's or is it just me? taran told me in our 8 month hiatus, he dated two women.  he had two relationships in 8 months!! his response was "well, when they dump me after a month it's easy to date two girls in 8 months."  i got annoyed.  like who bounces from one girl to the next like that? i'm being ridiculous.  stop it, lauren.

now enter this date night giveaway because i am a slacker and just now telling you!!! 
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January 29, 2015

announcing... you are beautiful linkup!!

you guys!!  this is such an exciting day!! i am ecstatic!  today emelia and i launching our brand new linkup called.........
Lot 48

we all struggle with self esteem, each and every one of us.  and during this struggle, we can often feel alone.  there is no reason for that. the purpose of this linkup is to build a community where we can all feel supported from one another.  emelia and i want to create an uplifting atmosphere where you can read other's struggles and feel comforted.

i'm not doing this to build my blog.  i'm not doing this for any other purpose than to create a community where everyone feels safe and loved and supported in their times of need.  you can write about anything related to your self esteem. weight loss, going through a hard time, loss of a loved one, whatever you need to write about.  i know that for me, i am going to list several things i like about myself each week and good things i have done that week to build my self esteem.

we all have struggles.  and there is absolutely no reason for any of you to feel alone while you struggle.  let's be open, let's be real, let's take what the world labels "beautiful" and smash it with a hammer.  it doesn't matter if you look like a victoria's secret model.  it doesn't matter if you are technically overweight.  it doesn't matter if you have a boil the size of your face coming out of your neck.  YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.  no matter what, you are beautiful.  don't believe that you are?  this is the perfect way to gain confidence about yourself.  i challenge you to stop the voice in your head that tells you are worth nothing, that tells you you are fat, that tells you you are stupid or whatever it says, and tell it to shut the *&#$ up.  God created you, therefore, your body is perfect.  believe that.  remember that.  if you don't believe in God, whoever you believe created you created you perfectly.  somebody created you.  and they didn't mess up.

the linkup will be bi-weekly but to kick off the linkup, come back here next Thursday, Feb 5 to linkup and share whatever you would like.
grab the button and i can't wait to see tons and tons of you next week! love to all!! muah!

ps. thanks so much to ashley for designing the button, emelia and i are so not designers and the button is gorgeous.

January 28, 2015

growing up

this is the first and only fashion post i will ever do. blame taylor, she talked me into it. i loved her boots too much so i bought them and she told me to do a fashion post. well, here you go, the most awkward fashion post photos ever because i know nothing.

^telling him to flip the camera to vertical^

{boots everything else i have no idea.  nordstrom for the skirt and blazer necklace for Christmas from taran hat from someplace cute shirt from a place that sells shirts, probably.}

growing up is something that we all stress about. it’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s liberating, it’s hard, it’s fun, it’s a million other emotions. i think the point of life when people start to really freak out about growing up is when college graduation looms near. or even starting college. those were all milestones for me, at least. 

the past few weeks have been really, really, really, really hard. last week was one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life because of....... me being an idiot and accidentally going off my meds and my nurse practitioner being a jerk and things going wrong and stuff. as hard as it was, i think i grew a lot from the experience.

like i have said before, strength isn’t something that is a choice, it is forced upon you. i was forced to go to work, i didn’t have a choice. being adult, you have to go to work. the only thing that go me through was thinking of my future children and my husband. i bring in a significant income. we would lose everything if i lost my job. taran and i, we have a plan. we have a plan of how long it will take to get out of debt, how long we will wait to have babies, etc. i want those babies more than anything. in order to bring them into a world where they are safe and we don’t have to financially struggle, i have to work. thinking of them is the only thing that got me through. i haven’t met my children, but i already love them more than anything. i would do anything for them. that was put to the test last week, and i passed. 

the hell i went through last week forced me to grow. and not only that, it did something i really did not expect: it made me feel as if i was growing into my own skin. the past two weeks have been crazy and a lot has happened. i can’t believe all that has happened in my life has been packed into only two weeks. but it made me realize a lot of really valuable things about myself. breakthrough things about myself. and now, 3 months away from being 25, i feel like i am finally growing into my own skin. the past two weeks have forced me to look at who i am, what i am capable of and how i should react to things. 

i haven’t felt like an “adult” until now. when you’re growing up, you are trying to figure out who you are, what you should be, what your potential is. and now, i feel like i have finally figured it out. i know who i am now. i know what i want. i feel like me. my true self. the self that has been underneath all along and now can be seen as the past two weeks threw several bombs at the shell i was hiding in until the true, real lauren emerged and came out to see the sun. 

welcome real lauren, it’s nice to meet you. glad to see you in the sun.

ps. check back tomorrow because i have a HUGE announcement.

and on a lighter note....... 

Becoming Adorrable

What is your favorite memory with your blogger?  my favorite memory of you was when i proposed to you and how you were crying and saying yes yes yes yes yes yes yes over and over again and then you ignored me for the next two hours and talked to your family and friends.
What is her best quality?  thoughtfulness.  you are constantly thinking of others and how to help others.  if you are constantly thinking of other people, you would do it no matter how much it effects you.
What is something the two of you enjoy doing together?  cuddling and watching amazing television shows.  that is all i ever want to do with her is just have her in my arms. 
What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written? our love story. i love that it is up at the top of the blog for everyone to see. 
How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week? (And what are you normally up to when she's blogging?!)  5 hours? and when she is blogging i researching medical devices. {5 hours?! more like 10+!}

January 27, 2015

random facts about me

today i thought it would be fun just to share a bunch of random facts about me, so you can get to know met better! cause i know you are dying to right?

 there was once a little kid in a restaurant who came up to me and tried to take my cookie and i was think i literally slapped his hand away.  he was probably two and i said "oh my gosh, no" as i did it.  it was a reflex. #ashamed but it was my cookie!!

i have never had a drop of alcohol in my life, and it isn't just because i am Mormon and we are taught not to, it is because i genuinely have no interest in it.   i am curious as to what it feels like to get a buzz, and i am curious as to what wine tastes like, but in general, the smell disgusts me and i really don't think i could drink anything.  mimosas also sound good as do margaritas.  

one of my biggest pet peeves is when bloggers turn on mobile view.  TURN IT OFF!!!! i can't see your pretty blog design and then i have no idea who i am reading because i recognize you by your picture and design, so i have no idea who is talking.

i majored in media communications and work as a social media coordinator but have a strong desire to be a cop, be in the FBI or the CIA.  it won't happen due to my health issues, and you have to get a whole nother degree for that.  and i am NOT going back to school.  i would really love to be a spy, an assassin, and kick serious butt, but it isn't in the cards.  i can live vicariously through my cousin, who is currently being trained to be an FBI agent at quantico.  wait, can i tell people that?

i think reading blogs is more important than the news because i want to know what is happening in people's lives right here, now.  i want to support people.  with news, i can't do anything, unless it happens near me.  with blogs, i can comment and make your day better, hopefully.  

i love sleeping in and sleeping in general and usually sleep in until noon on the weekends and it is glorious.  

i am addicted to gushers and fruit roll ups and martinellis (mormon wine) 

i grew up with 3 older sisters and no brothers.

i was terrified of boys until i was about 18 and didn't get my first kiss until 19 because i had forced myself to date even though i was terrified!!

in my 11 months and two weeks of marriage wisdom, i think the three most important things are honesty, trust and the ability to laugh together.  i am the luckiest girl in the world, i really have no idea how i got my husband and is the greatest man i have ever known.  i said that in front of my dad once and i said "no offense dad.  you're second though!" and he just laughed and said "it's okay, that is how you should feel!" 

the #1 most important thing to me in the world is my relationship with God.  

my favorite movie of all time is warrior.  it is so empowering and uplifting and i love it to pieces.  it so special. 

"our" movie is megamind as my husband and i watched that the night he kissed me for the first time. 

i grew up in a small town, a town of about 200,000 people and i don't think i would like living in a town that small now.  i am a big city girl, i need skyscrapers around me.  now i live in a valley with a million people.  much better.  not that salt lake city is considered a "big" city to most people, but it is to me! 

i will forever be grateful to my dad for teaching me the value of hard work.  if i hadn't done my chores and was dead asleep, he would wake me up and make me pick up the dog's crap, play with the dog, do the dishes, do whatever chore i hadn't done.  he is the reason i am doing well and able to make money.  he is the reason for every reward i have gotten for hard work. i respect him so much and am so grateful that he woke me up to do my chores.  never thought i would say that! 

i will forever be grateful to my mom for teaching me how to be kind, how to talk to boys, how to give service, how to take care of children, how to nourish others and how to be strong.  my mother is the strongest person i know and is such an example to me.  

i am shocked at how much i love my nieces and nephews, all 7 of them with another on the way.  i love being their aunt more than i ever expected and take the role very seriously.  i know each of them and have nurtured a relationship with each and every one of them and love them to the moon and back.

my husband and i already feel like we know the sex of our first baby and have also picked out it's name.  we can feel it, we know it.  i will be super surprised if in 3+ years when we have kids it won't be what we thought!

and now i want to introduce you to sharleen of my new lines blog!!  she writes about motherhood, life and everything in between.  i love her honest voice and her blog is very, very inspirational to me and very eye opening, especially about motherhood.  i feel like her blog is preparing me for motherhood because her posts about it are so real.

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog.  Life? Recipes? Fitness?
My blog chronicles my life as a woman and all things that pertain to that. I focus on marriage, motherhood, faith, health/body image, and homemaking. I share a lot of my soul and try to remain positive without making every post a "Pinterest" post. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
When I was a little girl my grandma babysat me while my mom worked. My mom got off work early on Fridays and we would all meet together and have lunch before I went home with my mom. My grandma has since passed away and I now have my own little girl. I would love nothing more than to meet my grandma and mom for Chinese food with my daughter in tow. 

Describe your perfect Saturday
This answer is probably much different than it would have been only a year ago. My perfect Saturday would start with some lounge time in the morning followed by a run. I would shower and get dressed. Spend a day exploring a new place with my husband and little girl. My husband and I would escape for a date for a few hours. We'd return home and catch up on some cuddling and our favorite Netflix while stopping for the occasional interruption of our very frequently waking little girl (although this is my perfect Saturday, so she'd sleep twelve hours straight!:) 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to?
While my husband has a deep desire to someday travel the world, I honestly have a deep desire to travel the country. There are so many places in the US that I want to see and visit. For as much as I am a sunshine lover, the place I most want to visit is Vermont. I want to visit in the fall, of course, and stay at a Bed and Breakfast. The trip would be cozy, romantic, and beautiful. 

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
I would really stress the importance of not comparing yourself to others. I think so many self-inflicted troubles have been caused by comparison for me and I wish I had learned to tackle that beast early on. I would also tell myself to never take out student loans!

isn't she great? i hope you hop over to her blog, i promise you will love her too!

 happy tuesday!

January 26, 2015

our early dating days

**this is a super mushy post so i apologize in advance**

^^confused by "second first date?" we were friends for a while and went on several dates but it didn't turn into anything.  we went out of touch for 8 months until i thought of him and asked him to go to a hockey game with me.  he took me to dinner instead.  that was our second first date, when we started to actually date.  "sealed forver" is the term we use when we get married in the LDS "mormon" temple as we believe that we are sealed for eternity, not just on the earth.  death will not part us.^^

with our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up, i have been thinking a lot about my most favorite memories from when we dated and boy there are a ton of them!  i think i am going to share a few every week until our anniversary because i kind of like my husband and want to talk about it. 

i have always thought the beginning of a new relationship is so much fun.  i remember a few days after he kissed me he called me to ask me out again for friday.  i already missed him and did not want to wait until friday!! wednesday came and he texted me to ask if i was busy that night and if he could come over.  i was so happy that he wanted to see again so soon i was over the moon!  when i got home, i told my roommates to stay upstairs so i could kiss him lots and not be interrupted. ;)

^^the night we got engaged^^ 

after our date on friday, we saw each other every single day after that.  in the 710 i have been with him, i think i have only been apart from him for no more than 20 days.  for about the first week of dating, he would always text me after work and ask me what i was doing that night.  me, being the blunt human i am, i said "lets not play games.  i want to see you too come over" and he did everyday after that, usually with a present like my favorite cookie or something in hand.  swooooon. {insert heart eye emoji} 

i remember so clearly the moment i knew i was in big trouble and that i was going to fall head over heels for this man.  i'd had a bad day at work and he had called me as i drove home and as i was telling him about my day, he was so sympathetic and sweet and comforting.  most guys i had dated would have first of all not called me at all but instead just texted me, and would have responded "haha thats too bad lol."  i loved that he always called me instead of texted me like a real man should and was giving me the exact emotional support i needed.  after that call i thought "oh dear.  i am seriously going to fall in love with this man."  it only took two weeks of dating before i knew i was in love.

the above picture is linked to one of my favorite memories too.  we had gone to a soccer game and it was only a few days after we had said i love you.  we were in that mushy stage where we kept saying it over and over and over (oh wait, we are still like that :)) and as we were walking to the car after the soccer game i said "i just love you, like, like, uh, like the galaxies.  fill them."  taran has never let me live that one down because it is so awkward and ridiculous.  

more sweet memories to come because i can't help but share! 

January 23, 2015


hey hey hey hey hey it is finally friday!! this week has been unbearably long and difficult, just like last week.  it has been so, so, so horrible because i am an idiot and took stopped taking one of my medicines for my chronic health problem (so vague!!) and that was noooooottttt a good idea.  but this friday morning i have a spring in my step because it is friday, i get more of that medicine today, and yes, did i mention it's friday?  yesterday, i literally and truly thought monday was a week and a half ago.  that is how long this week has felt! 

i have a secret for you that i can't WAIT to share!!!! be sure to come back next week for this special blog project i have been working on.   i  am so excited about it and can't wait to share it with you! an get you involved!! 

i have heard that these awesome elderly folks live on cruise ships because it is more fun than a nursing home but they still get excellent care.  and this week, i read this story about this lady who lost her husband and on his death bed, he told her to keep sailing.  so she sold her home, and lived on a cruise ship for 7 years or something.  the thing she most likes is to dance in the evening.  when they stopped the dancing in the evenings, she went to another cruise ship and has lived on that one for 11 years i think.  she has been to every single cruise port in the world and she has stopped counting on how many places she has been!! she sounds awesome!! the cruise staff is her family now.  

did you watch the youtube interview with obama?  it was good and also awkward.  they had youtube celebrities ask him questions regarding his sotu address.  bethany is only 19 so i was cringing at times, especially at the end.  i think the best well composed intereviewer was hank.  watch it here! it was interesting!  i have never voted for obama or have ever liked him, but recently, i am warming up to him a lot.  i really like what he is doing.

we are going to san fransisco over president's day weekend, which is also valentines day weekend!! i'm so excited!! we got super cheap flights and are staying with my mom's cousins.  i can't wait! i have only been to san fran once, for said cousin's wedding, so please tell me what i should do!! i don't want to miss out on anything! 

for 1 year wedding anniversary (!!!! how did that happen!!!) on feb 8, we are spending the night at this really nice hotel downtown and i can't wait!! really, really surreal that i has already been a year.  i can't believe it! we are going to be newlyweds together forever.  i am so in love with that man.  i hope we are going to be just like my parents.  my mom gets so excited when my dad comes home from work and she touches up her makeup first.  my dad would whisk her away on surprise trips growing up and they are still so in love it is such an inspiration and example to me.  i wouldn't have married taran if i didn't think we would be like that.  but if you are around us, it's kind of gross.  we are just so in love and happy with each other!! 

i was on the so-called homemaker's blog yesterday, check it out! i love q&a posts, they are so fun! 

have a fantastic weekend everyone!! if you have been to san fran, please tell me where to go! 

in celebration for the week being over and be feeling a lot better than i have in the past 10 days, i am giving a 20% discount on all writer and director ads!! use code YAYFRIDAY!  ps i really need to update my numbers because i have grown a lot since nov!

MUAH! happy weekend!! have you entered this giveaway yet?

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January 21, 2015

brand new family pictures + starbucks giveaway!

it had been several years since we had  taken family pictures, so the day after Christmas, we fixed that.  all pictures by M Felt Photography.
so many of us!!  my blog is so big now, i am not going to say anyone's names for their protection.  never know... ps the first time someone saw a picture of me in my house, house back home, house i grew up in, they thought it was a museum.  if i had a nickel for every time i heard that.  my parent's are art collector's, okay?  my house IS a museum.

adorable.  and they aren't even siblings!

all 7 grandkids!

proceed adorbs pictures of me and my hubs.

mom and dad.  they are really, honestly and truly, the best parents in the world.

i can't even contain myself.  she is SO GORGEOUS.

my sisters and i.  what is happening at our feet?

she just wants to be one of the girls.  and is holding on to her auntie's leg. hey if you look at the above picture and above above pic at the same time, it's cool!!

i have no brothers.  so my mom and my three sisters.  the sister in the solid red shirt is going to have her baby in april!

^^the original 6!!!^^

now go win stuff. 

Winter cold got you down? Well you're in luck - I've paired up with several other amazing bloggers to gift one of you with a $100 gift card to warm up with some Starbucks! Enter using the rafflecopter below and make sure you go say hey to all the other awesome bloggers sponsoring this giveaway! Must be 18+ and a US Resident to win.
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