Lot 48: the top 8 tv shows on the air right now

December 21, 2015

the top 8 tv shows on the air right now

the mindy project
tuesdays on hulu

who doesn't love the mindy project, right?? i couldn't believe it when fox canceled it! what were they thinking! especially at such a cliffhanger season ending! luckily, hulu picked it up.  in an interview, mindy was asked if the show was going to be really explicit now that it was on hulu and it could be.  she said "no, this is a show that girls watch with their dads and i want to keep it that way."  i'm reading her book right now and she is writing what it is like to be famous and that she realizes that she is a role model to some girls.  she goes on to mention that she is very aware of what she does and takes that role very seriously and it has made her a better person.  i love that.

but, anyway, if you don't know what this show is about, it's about a really cool, awesome, kind of "child adult" OBGYN doctor in NYC.  she has an awesome work life and an awesome personal life and a fabulous personality she is hilarious you will love her if you haven't seen it.

beyonce pad thai.

moving on.

mondays NBC 10/9c

i LOVE this show.  this is one that i was really, really excited about when it aired and it did not disappoint!

this show is about a woman who was left in a bag in the middle of time square with zero memory of who she is, what happened to her, nothing.  her body is covered with tattoos and there is one big tattoo on her back that says the name of an FBI agent.  as the FBI tries to figure out why she was sent to them, each of her tattoos lead them to cases that help the FBI preemptively stop attacks.  each tattoo is a clue.  it FASCINATING and thrilling and each episode is SO GOOD i am on the edge of my seat the entire time! you have to watch it! i think it is my absolute favorite show right now!

brooklyn 99
tuesdays FOX 9/8c

i've talked about this show before, but i will say it again.  it. is. hilarious.  another work place comedy written by the writers of parks and recreation, this is a cop comedy that you will make you not stop laughing.  i think it is a tricky task to make a cop show funny, but they exceed this task so well.  the execution could have gone completely wrong, but oh how it didn't! this is not a crime drama at all, just an awesome work place comedy where the people happen to be cops.  because cops see some funny stuff.  and i'm so glad that somebody finally wrote about it.

crazy ex-girlfriend
mondays CW 8/7c

this was another show that i was really excited for it to premiere.  it's a musical comedy, which makes it even more fabulous.  the songs are amazing, and the cast is filled with Broadway stars such as santino fontana(the voice of hans in frozen, sunday in the park with george, billy elliot, cinderella, Tony Award winner), donna lynne champlin (billy elliot, sweeny todd) and a few others.

the show is about a brilliant lawyer who lived in NYC but was incredibly unhappy and decided to follow her high school boyfriend to his hometown in california to stalk him/have a change of pace.  the songs are great, the dance numbers are even greater, and rachel bloom, the lead of the show, was just nominated for a golden globe for her performance in the show.  it's fabulous and hilarious, you must watch it.

thursdays CBS 10/9c

i've been watching this from the beginning.  we all know there is the BBC version of sherlock, and we all know the BBC version is better.  but BBC doesn't give us weekly benedict cumberbatch now does it??

i read an interview with the creators of elementary and they said since sherlock has been done in so many ways so many times, they wanted to do it completely different, so they thought "what if we make watson a woman..." and then all of hollywood freaked out.  in a good way.

taran and i are very obsessed with this show.  all the episodes except for the current season are on hulu.  after a few episodes of watching it, you will start observing things and making deductive reasoning like you haven't before.  at least that is the effect it has on me.  it makes me want to be him.  without the drug addiction of course.

tuesdays FOX 8:30/7:30c

i've written about this one too.  i feel like the creator of this show wrote the part of the grandfather for john stamos.  his character is i think what we all imagine john (yes, we are on a first name basis) to be like in real life.

this show is hilarious i love how different the characters are.  the son is a total nerd and john stamos is the epitomy of cool.  at first, the "grandfather" doesn't know how to relate or father a son he has nothing in common with and it is hilarious entertainment watching them trying to figure it out.

  and man oh man is that baby cute.  oh so cute.  and don't forget, josh peck was my neighbor.

mondays NBC 8/7c

this show technically hasn't even premiered yet, it has only previewed.  they released the first 3 episodes at the beginning of the month.  i heard about the show when i was watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade and al roker was interviewing ben feldman and america ferrera about the show.  i love both those actors so i knew i had to see it.

i have to tell you, when we watch this show, we literally do not stop laughing the entire episode.  it takes us a really long time to get through the show because we keep having to rewind because we couldn't hear over our laughing.

it's another work place comedy that takes place at a walmart type store.  there are diverse characters who are not sterotypes, which is great, and, really, all i can say is watch it now, please, do yourself a favor and laugh your butt off because it is the funniest thing i have seen in a really long time.  i can't wait for it to actually premiere and for them to release more episodes.
life in pieces
thursdays CBS 8:30/7:30c

yet another one that i wrote about and was excited to premiere.  as i suspected, it is a new twist on modern family. characters are such an important part of a good comedy.  every writer knows how important that is.  it really is the most important part.  so when you create an ensemble cast like this, it is so crucial to create a cast of characters that mesh well, are different, argue, but can get along.  this isn't a drama.  they must get along at the end of the day.

this show tells four stories each episode. the family has mom and dad, (one story) a son and his newborn baby and wife (colin hanks, story 2) unemployed son living in their garage (story 3) and daughter living across the street with 3 kids married to an ENT doctor (story 4, exact same doctor as my dad.) stories aren't in that order all the time, but each story is so creative and funny.  it's one of our favorite shows.

honorable mentions
modern family, nashville, the mysteries of laura

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hopefully i gave you some new shows to watch! what are some of your favorites?


  1. I've heard such great things about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...I know I would love its musical aspect!

  2. I don't watch any of these, but I might start! Or just binge 'em at some point. Do you watch iZombie? I really enjoy it, it's basically the only thing on right now that I follow. My husband watches *all* the superhero shows, so I almost watch them by default.

  3. My husband and I are pretty much obsessed with Blindspot! It's been so much fun to try and figure out what happened to her and who are the good and bad guys!

  4. I have Superstore saved on my DVR, from the previews I can tell it's pretty much how work goes for me on most days(I work at a walmart hah.)

  5. You have me so intrigued by Blindspot! I absolutely love Grandfathered... it is too cute!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass


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