Lot 48: i haven't high fived in a while

December 18, 2015

i haven't high fived in a while

it has been quite a while since i have high fived on friday, done five on friday, or said "oh, hey friday! look at you, being all friday like!" i really don't remember the last time i did it. but i've blogged twice this week and i am on a bit of a roll so why quit now?

one.  i am so excited for taran to open his Christmas present.  i asked him what he wanted, but what he wants for presents are always very boring and scientific.  "i need a new graphics card for my computer so i can design my inventions at a higher volume." snooooze.  he always asks for what he needs and not what he wants.  he has a hard time asking for what he wants.  'tis the curse of being a rational man.  so i made it my mission to find the best gift that would be something he would want and also be in his area of learning, science, nerdiness, and something he could justify a little as needing.  i scoured the internet for the perfect gift and i found it and oh boy oh boy i can't wait for him to open his present! he reads my blog so i won't say just yet what it is, but it is fantastic.

two.  one things i hate about this time of year is that all shows are on break.  it's rather awful.  i keep checking my hulu queue everyday to check if there are any new episodes of my shows but there never are.  aaaah!! plus! all the good cheesy abc family holiday movies that were on netflix last year aren't on netflix this year.  there are only like, five.  it's a problem.  my favorite abc family holiday movie is holiday in handcuffs.  it's so cheesy but so funny and i love it so much.  it wasn't anywhere online so i bought the dvd for $4 and taran loved it as much as me.  it's perfection. 

three.  volunteering at the detox center there is never a day when i don't have a story to tell at the end of the day.  i love it there so much.  i have realized that i am at my happiest when i am there.  i love helping them.  it is so unglamorous and smelly and sometimes gross and being in the presence of so many people who are detoxing from drugs and alcohol makes you just feel.....heavy.  but i love it.  yesterday the male dorm was really, really smelly and one of the guys asked me to come febreeze it and as i was walking through waving it in the air spraying it all the guys were yelling "yeah!!!!!!" and some were even clapping and then i went through again and said "is that good enough?" and it was just fun and even a small act like that helped them.  detoxing is not fun.  and doing it amongst 40 smelly guys in bunks makes it even less fun.  but with some apple cinnamon febreeze it makes it a little better.  and then, later, as i was about to leave to go home, i got a call from a frazzled girl asking if we had a bed available for her boyfriend.  she didn't really know anything about our facility and so i talked to her for 15 minutes and answered a million questions and i was really, really hungry i hadn't really eaten that day but she was so worried and she didn't know what to expect nor did her boyfriend and i told her everything i am to tell people who ask "so.... i don't really know a lot about this place what exactly do you do..." and they were writing things down and asking question after question after question and i was just really glad that i was there to answer her questions, to give her hope, to explain everything to her and to help.  i love it there.

four.  my parents gave us a hybrid bike/elliptical for Christmas and it's so nice to have one at home.  we don't have a gym near us and working out on the elliptical is my favorite workout and we have used it everyday since we got it.  i'm one of those weird people who loves to exercise and i just love having it in the house.  when taran first set it up, i looked at it and said "oh my gosh, it is enormous, it takes up our entire living room." but we managed to tuck it away into a corner and it isn't as obnoxious as i thought it would be.  thanks mom and dad! my mom also was in town this week and gave me my Christmas present early because she wanted to see me open it which i knew what it was because we made it together but it was this beautiful frame of our marriage certificate with a picture of us and the temple where we got married, all three framed right next to each other in one big frame.  it is beautiful.

five.  i can't believe that Christmas is next week! i am always sad when Christmas is over.  taran and i are kind of on our own this year as it's our turn to be with his family this year and his family doesn't make too big a deal about any holiday, but i kind of like this situation.  it gives us an opportunity to make our own traditions.  the last time we were with his family for Christmas was when we were engaged.  that year we saw frozen, made cookies, watched Christmas movies and, my favorite, made a birthday cake for Jesus.  i know that sounds really corny, but that tradition is important to me and is something i am trying to make a tradition.  after all, the birth of Jesus Christ is the true meaning of Christmas, and i don't want to ever forget that.  

happy friday all! we have no weekend plans, so have some fun for me!

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  1. I'm so glad you're loving volunteering at the detox center! That's awesome!


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