Lot 48: #doxeythanksgiving2015

December 1, 2015


well hello!! i hope you all had a very very happy thanksgiving! i had a very very happy one myself! my family rotates between having us all together for thanksgiving and Christmas.  we spend one of them together and the other with the in laws. next year, we switch.  hence the title of the post, my maiden name! 

this year was epic! so much fun!! 
this is my niece capri, she is 7 months old.  i found this onesie right after Halloween, and was so excited to give it to capri!! she looked so adorable in it!!

all of us at the thanksgiving table, except my mom, who was taking the picture.  we have this really old tradition that is really fun.  we guess the weight of the turkeys.  and whoever guesses closest gets cash prizes.  this year there were six prizes because there were two turkeys because there were 18 of us! (there are 6 of us in our family, four daughters, my parents, all of us kids are married, and 8 grandkids) there was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each turkey.  it's one of our favorite thanksgiving traditions and is really fun.  we write down our guesses and then my dad calculates because we can guess to the thousandths.  taran and i were waaaay off.  i listened to him what he thought the turkeys weighed even though i knew it was wrong.  i used to win alllll the time.  i knew better!! uuggh!! 

the next morning i got the BEST surprise!! 

my sister got my parents and i and all the babies matching onesies!! it was so sweet!! 

i love my babies more than anything, like they are my own! it was so so sweet of my sister to include me and buy me a onesie so i could take a picture with my babies all matching! 

father daughter matching pjs! 
my sweet baby isaac! that baby is the sweetest, smartest, cuddliest baby around! i'm so lucky to be his aunt!

 later that day we went to glitter mountain! it's this place in arizona (our house is a mile from the utah/arizona border) where there are these crystals at the bottom of this hill.

we chiseled the crystals out of the mountain and then "hid" them in the mountain for the kids to find.  they each had their little buckets and filled them up  with the little crystals. 

the next day we had a bonfire up on the town hill.  it has started be a sort of a tradition.  the kids love to play on the rocks and we love to make s'mores. it's a lot of fun! 

i just love my capri!! 

the cousins have so much fun getting together to play! they love being together!! it is so sweet watching them.  

i've mentioned this before, but my dad is a guitarist and is in a band and my basement has been a recording studio my whole life.  when i got home for thanksgiving on wednesday, my dad's drummer brought his sons over to jam.  i'm not home until the live rock music is so loud i can't think!! 

so my dad gave them little musical instruments and he played kids songs and they all jammed together.  it was so cute!! 

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  1. Oh, that sounds like such a great Thanksgiving! And I love those onesies!!

  2. I liked the photo of all the children in matching onesies, sounds like you had a great thanksgiving


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