Lot 48: christmas festivities

December 16, 2015

christmas festivities

hello hello hello!! do i even remember how to blog? it's been so long!! it's so good to be back.  i've missed blogging but have really had nothing to say. 

first things first before i tell you what fun Christmas festivities i have been up to, i want to announce i'm having a Christmas ad sale! 50% off ANY AD with the code CHRISTMAS!! 

now to get to the festivities, i have been having so much fun going to Christmas festivals!! Christmas festivals are my favorite and are so much fun, and one of my favorites to go to is the  festival of trees. 

the festival of trees is where people made and donate wreaths, gingerbread houses and most importantly, Christmas trees and then people buy them.  all proceeds go to the hospital and all donated decorations are made in honor of a deceased loved one.  i think. there are so many trees it could literally be a forest.  everyone goes to the festival of trees.  it is always packed.  and for good reason! 

**this post has a ton of pictures.  i can never tell if that is a good thing or a bad thing, because i would rather look at pictures than words.  but there was so much to see! 

this was my favorite gingerbread house!

this was so gorgeous and extravagant my mouth dropped! so pretty to look at and so festive! i wanted to take it home!

i chose carefully which tree we had our picture taken at! but i love peppermints and so this tree was the one!

i loved this pink, girly tree.

i love the game candyland so i got really excited when i saw this! 

ever the candy lover and sugaraholic, this was by far my favorite.

this wreath was very special because my mother-in-law made it in honor of her deceased friend.  she made it with a few other friends and there was a display below that i couldn't get in the picture.  i was lovely, i was so proud of her and impressed!! 

we got a few sweets (how can you not?) and by the time we had seen everything, my feet hurt so much i could barely walk! 

the next weekend, we went to the dicken's christmas festival. i had been going and performing at the festival since i was a kid and i didn't know until this year that it was in salt lake city.  i was so excited to go! i didn't take too many pictures and so are dark, so bear with me. 

the dicken's festival is a magical place where everyone there is dressed in old english clothing set in the victorian era.  it is fabulous and i love saying "cherrio" and speaking in a horrible accent the entire time.  the festival is made up of booths with handmade gifts and treats and it's so much fun.

this is the entrance and you can see the English flags and big ben.  i love it!

we took a picture with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.  it was super scary.  ;)

one of the booths had these beautiful glass dishware that looked to me like it would have been from peru but it was from poland.  it was still so beautiful.

a dark picture of some of the booths.  we got a cheesecake tart and some bread from this amazing bakery with a guy who had a thick british/irish accent and i couldn't tell if he was in the spirit of things and was pretending or was for real.  but the bread and croissant was realllly good.

this booth was really cool with it's trippy lamps.  i kind of wanted one.

this monday and tuesday, we got our first big snow storm of the season.  i love a good snow fall! i think it is so romantic and fun.  everything looks so beautiful and pure.  like in a storybook.  my mom was in town so yesterday i met up with them to take the babies to go see santa.  

the mall look absolutely gorgeous. the snowfall with the lights, oh so pretty. 

 the big kids did well with santa.

isaac, not so much.  what is it about santa that terrifies babies? every. single. baby. that i have ever seen sit on santa's lap starts screaming and thinks he is the devil or something.  it's so sad and so confusing! is it his beard? i don't get it?

 after santa we went to this awesome house that it's lights synchronized to it's own radio station so the lights practically danced with the music.  we have a house like that back home, but since i'm not going home for Christmas, it was so cool to see one like that here! the kids loved it and was so fun.  and it had been a while since i had played with the babies i had missed them.

this happened earlier this week, but had to mention this awesome holiday red velvet/green velvet cake taran made.  it's the bomb and is a limited time only betty crocker cake that you should rush to the store what are you still doing here go now it's so cute cake.

also, don't forget that you can watch tv without the tv by streaming all your favorite nbc tv shows online! my favorite nbc show, the blacklist every single episode on the site! makes these extra long days better and makes cuddling up with something great to watch fun! 

merry christmas! don't forget about the ad sale! and technically 90% of this happened during weekends so i'm linking up with bella. 

and man that was a long post! 


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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love looking at Christmas tree displays and gingerbread houses and things! I need to find something like this close to us.


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