Lot 48: Christmas 2015

December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

welcome back from Christmas weekend! i hope sincerely that you all had a fabulous weekend and felt the Christmas spirit so strongly and remembered the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of our savior.  i hope that you were with your family and friends and surrounded by those you love and warmth and good food and fun holiday movies and pretty lights and trees.

i had a great Christmas weekend, and i'd love to share, if that's alright. 

we alternate between being with my family and my in-laws for thanksgiving and Christmas.  i was with my family for thanksgiving and so it my turn to be with my in-laws for Christmas.  i am serious when i say i am so blessed that i married into one of the best families i know.  i just fit  with them and love them dearly.  i always have so much fun with them. 

Chrsitmas Eve we went to their house and had dinner and a nativity with our nieces and nephews.  
i helped my sweet niece brilyn with her nativity.  each kid was given a nativity set and was to point out and set up the nativity as grandpa and everyone read the story from the Bible.  brilyn is my buddy, i love her so. she and i get to be girly together and taran says that he thinks that brilyn looks at me and thinks that i am epitome of womanhood and that she thinks i am so pretty and elegant.  brilyn is a total girly girly and i love it.  we have so much fun together.  her little sister bobbie is also so adorable and is in a phase where she always pretends she is a dog.  so we often are on the floor barking and panting.  that's fun too! 

this was one of the best Christmas presents i have ever gotten and i don't even know how my mother-in-law thought of it.  a fruit basket!! i LOVE fruit.  love it.  so when they gave me this on Christmas Eve i got so excited.  such a simple gift that i really loved!! i've been eating it all weekend! 

i have lived in salt lake city for 6 years but have always gone home to the desert where i grew up for Christmas, so i have never had a white Christmas before.  but this year, i woke up on Christmas morning, and it was snowing!! i had a white Christmas!!! i was ecstatic! i had always wanted a white Christmas!!! and i finally, finally got one after 25 years of life!! i couldn't stay out in it for too long, it was 21 degrees!! 

you may remember this awesome onesie from thanksgiving when my sister bought these for all 8 grandchildren and my parents and i, but i was happy to be rockin' my Christmas onesie.  what else was i to wear on Christmas? and i just now realized that i didn't get one picture with taran the entire weekend, and not even on Christmas.  #fail.  #oops.

the present i was most excited about was the fondue set.  we like to eat fondue but we have been eating it in a bowl and then it get cold and clumpy, not ideal.  now we can do it properly!! taran also got me adele's new cd #score and socks because he gets me.  i want an entire closet of socks.  i am always wearing socks and therefore am always losing socks.  he gets it.  and she's the man is a classic and i had mentioned to him in passing "ugh, why don't we own this movie?!" i can quote every line from that movie and watched it so many times in high school, it was a staple of my upbringing.  a must have.  

this is a robotic arm.  it was a huge win and conquest for me so i copied and pasted what i wrote on instagram because it's a whole big thing: I totally won the wife of the year award. Taran never wants anything for Christmas, he only asks for things he needs. I said "no no no, I'm going to get you the perfect present, something you want." The presents that Taran likes are design and engineer related and things he can learn from. I researched and found this gem. I got him a robotic arm!! He is in love with it and I think maybe likes it more than me. He is going to build it in his design program, figure out how it works, how to build it himself and is going to learn so much from it. He's been playing with it all afternoon now that he has put it together and we have named it Major. He was using it to pick up grapes to give to me and won't stop kissing my forehead in gratitude. He has now announced that Major is "sleeping" and won't stop talking about how awesome it is and how we will have to bring it down to my parents house on the next vacation to show all the kids. Best. Present. Ever.

my mom and i went to michael's and had this framed a few months ago.  we had been wanting to get this done for a while, since i got married, really.  she had done this for all my sisters and i was excited to have mine done. 

it is a frame with a picture of taran and me on our wedding day, our sealing certificate (in the lds, mormon, church we get "sealed" when we are married, sealed for eternity so death does not part us.  it is a sacred ceremony that is purely religious and also does bind us as husband and wife legally and lawfully, but also binds us together religiously, as we use the term "sealed" instead of "married." so our "marriage certificate" is referred to as a "sealing certificate.") and a picture of the lds temple we were married in.  i loved picking out the frame, the matting and everything and it turned out beautifully.  

we made Christmas dinner ourselves. we had no plans with his family as we were with them for Christmas breakfast earlier that day.  i kind of loved that it was just us.  it was special and sweet, just the two of us, our own little family.  we made a really good dinner, if i do say so myself, and after we watched scrooged which was weird but funny and then we fell asleep early.  we also made my traditional happy birthday cake for Jesus that i am too lazy to take a picture of, peppermint cookies and sugar cookies.  all delicious.

i this was one of my favorite Christmases of all.

i hope yours was equally fabulous as well! 



  1. Well it does sound like you had a great Christmas, you look good in your onesie, they are no longer just for babies. I spent most of the day at my parents house and in the evening it was just me, Tim, Tasha and Blain

  2. Glad you had such an awesome Christmas, girl!! A fruit basket is an AWESOME gift!!!! I've gotten fruit bouquets before and they're so good!!!!! Plus, guilt free!

  3. That sounds like such a lovely Christmas!


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