Lot 48: well it's that day of the week!

November 13, 2015

well it's that day of the week!

well hello!! it's finally friday!! 

this week has been rough. it did not start out so well on sunday and i felt like i had a gloomy cloud hanging over my head all week long.  i'm really trying my hardest to get back into a schedule and get all my volunteer places organized.  it's an awkward time because i am getting trained finally at the detox center which i am most excited about.  i started my first of four training yesterday, and it was absolutely fascinating.  i can't wait to help out there.  i'm also waiting to start training at the women's shelter.  ahhh it just drives me crazy how slow these processes are!! i have been in process with some of these places since june! 

thanksgiving is getting closer and i can't wait.  the last time my whole family was together was labor day and with the kids so young, that is a long time not to see them for! i bet i will see my nieces and nephew and think they are entirely new kids!! they grow up so fast!! speaking of thanksgiving, a cup of joe listed 12 awesome pumpkin recipes!! you have to check it out, they all sound so yummy. 

fall temperature FINALLY has hit utah, which i love. now it is all boots and scarves and sweaters and gloves! so cozy! so i went out and got some new clothes! so fun! i can't wait to wear all of them! i love the cold and the way it makes you dress!! i love it all!! 

i feel so bad for my dad.  he likes to be busy and doesn't like to be all coopped up and not able to walk because of his recently replaced knee.  he is bored and uncomfortable and in pain.  i feel so terribly for him.  i wish i was there so i could take care of him, but i have too much going on to drop everything and drive 300 miles to help take care of him.  or maybe i'm just being selfish?

my sweet, fiesty, too cute for words niece turned 1 this week! i can't believe it! i am so happy my sister brought her into our lives.  we are celebrating this sunday.  i can't wait to go shopping for something to get her this weekend!  one of the best parts about being an aunt!! thank you june for being ours! 

i don't have cable but i love to watch ellen clips on youtube and the other day i was watching the bieb (ugh, he's just the worst, isn't) on the show, and one of my favorite things that ellen does on her show is when she puts an earpiece in people's ears and tells them what to say and then they just have to act crazy in public and it is always hilarious.  my favorites is always when dennis quaid does it. any way, you have to watch it it's just too funny and the only thing that is actually good that justin bieber ever did. 

have a happy happy weekend guys!! tell me what you did and what movies you saw! have a very happy one! 

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  1. "Dennis Quaid is here!"

    You are NOT selfish for not going down to help out your dad. You have a life and responsibilities and shouldn't feel guilty about it. I'm sure your dad wouldn't want you to drop your commitments to help him. You are a good daughter for caring about him and checking in on him.

  2. It is now Sunday in my part of the world and I am at last getting around to writing well haven't written yet but reading blogs that I am doing this wonderful morning


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