Lot 48: watch tv without the tv

November 24, 2015

watch tv without the tv

 i'm always afraid people don't understand when i say "i don't own a tv, so i wasn't able to watch the grammy's live." i don't that to lead them to believe that i don't watch tv, because believe me, i do.  oh boy, i do.  tv is my lover.  my dream is to be a sitcom writer.  i have worked in television in la.  i watch about a dozen shows each week.  
one of those shows includes the blacklist  i fell in love with this show from the beginning.  i have a love for action shows, especially FBI shows so i loved this one right away. and i just love the characters.  i love how tough liz is and how complicated red is.  their characters are one of the main reasons why i watch. the show just keeps getting better and better. but like i said, i don't own a tv, so i had to rely on my computer to watch the blacklist.

 luckily, NBC has me covered.  i can stream the blacklist, any episode i want completely free on their website.

tis the season for binge watching as it is getting colder out there!! doesn't the cold weather just make you want to stay in, cuddle, drink hot chocolate, light some candles and binge watch your favorite shows? i know that is how it makes me feel!

 and you don't have to wait until the next day or week to watch your favorite shows, you can stream live tv or catch up on full-episodes online!

 grab your laptop and watch now!! and let me know what your favorite NBC shows are! 

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  1. I think Chris and I are going to start watching Blacklist one of these days.


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