Lot 48: my phenomenal person

November 10, 2015

my phenomenal person

hello hello!! it's been a while!! i have been having a hard time finding motivation to write lately.  i knew that when my show ended, i would have an adjustment period of going from having somewhere to be every night to having nowhere to be every night.  i thrive on structure, so i am scrambling to build structure with other things.

back in august, sarah of venus trapped in mars wrote of who her phenomenal person was as part of a lean cuisine campaign.  waaay too late for me to be part of the contest, but i wanted to write about my phenomenal person in my life.  it's cliché, but the person who immediately jumps to mind is my mom.
everything about strength i learned from my mom. and not just strength, bravery.  my mom did something when she was only 18 that few kids would have the courage to do: defy odds, be ostracized from their catholic school in detroit in the 70's and go against their parent's wishes by joining the lds church.  she followed her faith in God, her faith in this church and joined the church despite how hard it was.  even furthur, when she was 21, she decided to go on a mission and leave everything behind for a year and a half.  by herself.  she was sent home early because she was sent to el salvador and got a nasty and lasty stomach bug who is too gross to mention and shall remain nameless.

my mom's bravery and faith has proven to be necessary and more than sufficient time and time again.  i have never known anyone who has gone through more with such grace and resilience.  phenomenal does not begin to describe her.  i admire her in every way.  one of the things i love most about her is how independent she is.  and how fiesty she is.  i am my mother's daughter, that is for dang sure. most people would be nervous to take trips to visit their daughters knowing full well that they would only see them in the evenings.  no matter!! my mom is fine to explore by herself during the day!! once the grandbabies started popping out, she has been leaving my dad behind for about a month at a time to inhale that sweet scent of new babe and tie the new grandbaby to hip of grandmother as young as possible, without the need of having her husband present.  i wish i could be as independent as that.   i can't be without taran for more than a weekend.  they miss each other, absolutely, but my mom is far too independent too let the fact that my dad has to work keep her away from her sweet babies.

i was so inspired when i read the story of sarah's grandmother, what a truly incredible woman.  my mom is nothing short of exquisite, and i only wish that i can be like her someday.  i really, honestly and truly strive to be like her.  here's to hoping that by the time i am her age, i can be at least half of what she was. 


  1. Awww I love this idea behind this post. You have such sweet things to say about your mom, I may need to do one of these posts as well!

  2. I loved this post! Thank you for sharing it. reading about your mom's story of joining the church, serving a mission and her example of faith, has strengthened my Testimony. I would love to meet your mom some time!

  3. Your mom must be a pretty awesome lady, because she raised a pretty awesome daughter!


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