Lot 48: i don't know how they do it

November 4, 2015

i don't know how they do it

it's been a while.  and i miss this blog.  it's been a while because i am so beyond exhausted i barely have the motivation to do anything at all.

my show ended last thursday.  and that is a very good thing.  my show was a month long run, 5 - 6 nights a week, that took more out of me than i imagined it would. 

when i first started the show, {in case you didn't know, i did a Salem Witch Trials show for the month of October and rehearsed for all of September.} i had no idea what to expect; it was so different than anything i had ever done before.  my experience as a performer had been strictly done on a stage or on film.  this was completely different.  there was no stage.  i was walking in between tables at numerous restaurants amongst the audience.  it was a real stretch for me.  the show was emotionally, mentally, physically exhausting in more ways than one.  as i watch tv and watch these actors who do their tv shows season after season, i look at them and think "how are you doing this? how are you not burnt out by doing 18 hour days and having no life and doing take after take after take?" i don't know how they do it. 

as i had never never done dinner theater before, and it was for sure a learning experience.  the thing with dinner theater is that they think they are part of the show.  my character was a hated character; controlling and manipulative. a character that prompted the audience to yell things like "burn the blonde!" or "you're dramatic!" or "you're stupid!" or other mean things that i wasn't supposed to take personally.  it was rough.  very rough.  i knew that they were heckling my character, not me as a person, but i spent so much time being my character and so little time being lauren in my day to day life, it felt very personal. 

the night my mom came to see my show.  it meant so much that she got to see it.

being away from my husband every night was also very very hard.   the weekdays since the show ended, taran has loved coming home to me after work.  he hasn't gotten to do that in a month.  we didn't even realize how much we treasured such a small act of coming home to each other at the end of the day.  and it has been sooo nice to not look at the clock at 3 and think "oh, it's time to start getting ready!" now, i have nowhere to be at night and it is so nice to get back to normal life again.  
each show we danced during songs while dinner and dessert was served and one night this little boy danced with us! so cute!

soon i will start to forget my lines from the show, i will stop looking at the time at 3 o clock, and i won't feel like a limb is missing at night.  the night after closing, taran and i went to dinner, and it was marvelous.  my hair wasn't curled, i wasn't in costume, i was wearing no makeup, i had no mic on, the restaurant we were at i wasn't performing in, and i didn't have a pound of makeup on my face.  i was just out for a night with my husband.  i felt free. 

 these little girls were so cute to dance with!

i loved this girl.  after the show, she kept hugging me and telling me how great she thought i did and that she wanted to be as great of an actress as i was some day.  she hugged me like 20 times and took a million pictures with me.  it was so sweet. 

i am really glad that i did this experience, and i treasure the things i learned from it. the last week or so of the run, i was fighting off a cold, and the day after halloween, i woke up with a cold that had come full force.  my body is kind to me and when i am in the middle of something big, it holds off an illness.  but the second it is over, it releases said illness with all it's force.  i've been recovering for days.  body aches, sore throat, hot skin, the works.  i have been doing what i haven't done in a long time: relax.  it has been hard to do, but has also been necessary.  i've been reading and napping and watching tv and feeding my soul and it has been great.  

in the last act of the show, it is revealed that i am the lead witch of the coven.  a lot of people knew that i was a witch all along, but they never guessed that their beloved alleged witches were guilty.

so to mindy kaling, tina fey, everyone who is in a tv show, i ask you this: how do you do it? i did a grueling show for a month that took up my time for an evening each night.  you do a show 18 hours a day.  how do you do it?? how do you keep up with that? blows my mind.  given this experience, i could never do it. 

but all in all, i am grateful for this experience.  i am grateful for all that i learned, no matter how hard it was.  i do hope this post doesn't sound negative or like i'm complaining.  i swear that isn't my intent.  i tried something new.  i learned, i grew.  here's to learning and growing.  i am raising a metaphorical glass and yelling "here here!!" yay for new experiences.  i hope to have many more.


  1. I'm so glad you made it through and that it was a good experience, even though it was hard. I honestly have no idea how actors do it for so long. I suspect that's a big reason there are so many divorces. Not enough time together to cultivate good relationships.

  2. You may have been exhausted from all the work involved with the show but I am sure you enjoyed it all at the same time as exhausting as it was


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