Lot 48: November 2015

November 24, 2015

watch tv without the tv

 i'm always afraid people don't understand when i say "i don't own a tv, so i wasn't able to watch the grammy's live." i don't that to lead them to believe that i don't watch tv, because believe me, i do.  oh boy, i do.  tv is my lover.  my dream is to be a sitcom writer.  i have worked in television in la.  i watch about a dozen shows each week.  
one of those shows includes the blacklist  i fell in love with this show from the beginning.  i have a love for action shows, especially FBI shows so i loved this one right away. and i just love the characters.  i love how tough liz is and how complicated red is.  their characters are one of the main reasons why i watch. the show just keeps getting better and better. but like i said, i don't own a tv, so i had to rely on my computer to watch the blacklist.

 luckily, NBC has me covered.  i can stream the blacklist, any episode i want completely free on their website.

tis the season for binge watching as it is getting colder out there!! doesn't the cold weather just make you want to stay in, cuddle, drink hot chocolate, light some candles and binge watch your favorite shows? i know that is how it makes me feel!

 and you don't have to wait until the next day or week to watch your favorite shows, you can stream live tv or catch up on full-episodes online!

 grab your laptop and watch now!! and let me know what your favorite NBC shows are! 

November 23, 2015

my biggest accomplishment

a while ago, i was reading another lean cuisine inspired post from venus trapped in mars on weighing not your weight, but your accomplishments.  sarah wrote about how her biggest accomplishment is her blog, and shared this heart warming video of women putting their biggest accomplishments on the scale instead of themselves.  

i loved this idea and am finally getting around to writing a post about it.  i have thought long and hard: what is my biggest accomplishment?

and then it came to me.  my biggest accomplishment is all the times i have had to pick my life up from scratch and rebuild.  

 ^^a dinner party i threw for friends in january of 2012^^

i moved to a small town for my freshman year of college just an hour away from home.  i was nervous to be away from home and thought baby steps would be best.  that year was incredibly hard.  it became apparent very fast that i didn't really know how to make friends.  i spent a lot of time in my room by myself.  a lot of time by myself.  after my freshman year of college, i decided to move 300 miles away from home, to salt lake city, where i know live and have lived for 7 years.  that was a huge move for me.  i was terrified.  i threw up my first day of school.  i moved the day after finals because i got into performing at a theme park that summer before school started.  i made some friends and lived with my aunt and uncle.  i built a new life once again, shredding the life i had built in that small town near home and building a new one in salt lake city. 

^^college graduation, may 2012^^

i loved  salt lake and felt like i belonged and made friends a lot easier this time.  right before the school year ended, i totaled my car and had to move home for the summer, forcing me to build a life once again. it was the worst summer of my life. 

i moved back to salt lake city knowing i didn't have to build completely from scratch as i did have friends from my sophomore year.  my junior year was a good one, i made great friends with my roommates and built an even better life for myself than the year before.  by the end of the year, i decided to do two things: go on a study abroad to london and then move to LA for an internship in the entertainment biz.   
^^study abroad in london, kensington palace, across the street from my flat.^^

i came back to america in june and didn't have to be in LA until august, so i went back to the job i left and lived with my aunt and uncle again until LA called. i widdled the time away spending a lot of time with my sister and my friends and preparing for LA as much as i could.

^^i love this picture, though i could live without the zit.  in front of the hollywood sign.^^

august came, and off to LA i went.  and time to rebuild a life once again.  LA was the best time of my life.  i wanted to be a writer so badly, i learned so much, i was happier than i ever had been.  from the second i got to LA, i felt as though i had lived there my whole life.  i made friends really easily, i was homesick as LA was so different than any other place i had lived, but i loved every single second of it.  rebuild i did, but it was surprisingly easy. 

come november, i went back to utah, right before thanksgiving.  i went home until the winter semester started, as i had two more semesters until graduation.  i spent thanksgiving until january between home and salt lake city looking for a place to live once school started.  i found a lovely home to live in with four other girls.  little did i know that those girls turned out to be some of my life long best friends.  i was so happy in that home. 

soon i met taran, and rebuild i did once again.

there are a number of things that i like about myself, but the ability to take chances and move to places i have never been and move into houses with strangers and rebuild again and again and again is one of my favorite traits about myself.  i live life to the fullest.  i pride myself on thinking constantly, "if you were on your death bed, would you have any regrets?"  no.  i wouldn't.  

and that is my greatest accomplishment.

i wanted to share the lean cuisine video as well. it really is so inspiring and reminds me to weigh what i have done with my life, not what i weigh.

November 20, 2015

vegas getaway

well hello there! great to see you! ain't no day like the first day of the weekend to finally recap what you did last weekend, right?

over the weekend, taran and i took a very very spontaneous trip.  i had been feeling down, very down that week and on friday night when he got home from work i asked taran, "can we go home to saint george? i've always asked my parents if we can stay there."  so within a half hour we had packed and departed on an adventure to spend a weekend away from our everyday lives and were going to escape to a weekend in my hometown, in the house i grew up in, with my parents.  

i felt so relieved and blessed that taran and i lived the kind of life that we can drop everything just like that and go on a fun weekend getaway.  one of the good things about having no kids. 

on saturday day morning, when we were talking about what we were going to do that day, i had a few ideas, but going to vegas just for the day sounded like the most fun.  it's only 120 miles away from saint george and growing up we went to vegas more times than i could count.  vegas always felt like it was in my backyard, so day trips there were always frequent.

we did so much in one day, it was so much fun and an absolutely magical day! here we go, get ready for a lot of pictures! 

taran had only been to vegas once, with me, for my birthday when we were dating and we only were there for a few hours to see beatles LOVE.  so i took him to all my favorite places, plus some things i had always wanted to do.

we first headed to the m&m factory. 

^^cute ornaments!


this time at m&m world, i wanted to see the cute little movie they have for free. it was cute about how red M gambles away his M that is on his chest so he and yellow M go to find it.  it was in 3D and they had a huge gust of air blow when the m&ms get sucked into a vacuum.  please excuse this woman's head.

next stop was the coca cola factory! i couldn't wait to take taran to taste the trays of flavors from around the world! especially the italy one! i love seeing people's reactions when they drink it.  it is legitimately the most disgusting thing in the world.

and we made a new friend! 

^taran thought i looked so cute in this picture that he insisted we buy the store photos.^^

his disgusted face at italy did not disappoint! my dad lived in italy for 2 years when he was in his 20s, so all i have heard in my house growing up was about italy.  my dad has a deep love for that country.  so to prank him, i put the rest of the italy soda in my empty water bottle and took it home with me.  the thing with pulling pranks on my dad is his reaction isn't always as fun as you want it to be.  nothing phases him.  he can't be pranked.  he just made a disgusted face and said "no, i never had that in italy. but i remember having it in vegas."

as we left, taran pointed across the street and asked if i wanted to go to the hershey factory.  i had never been, so off we went!

how could you ever finish a bar that big?

"chocolate" statue of liberty

i like to pose in the center of a reese's

you know when you get a bag of jolly ranchers but you only want one flavor? look at this magical land where you can fill up a bag with only the flavors you like.

candles! i wanted to get one, but i knew whenever i lit it, that i would just get hungry.

i had always, always wanted to ride on the gondolas at the venetian and had never done it.  so bucket list check! next ride on a gondola in italy. 

the phaaaaaatommmm of the opera is there...

it was so dark, i couldn't get a good picture.

after the gondolas, we walked to linq to get some cupcakes at sprinkles.  i'd had sprinkles in LA and really wanted to go.  of course, did not disappoint.

and then we went home back to saint george!! it was the greatest day and one of my best memories i have.  especially of a memory with taran.  i guess it's true what they say, we'll always have vegas. 

November 13, 2015

well it's that day of the week!

well hello!! it's finally friday!! 

this week has been rough. it did not start out so well on sunday and i felt like i had a gloomy cloud hanging over my head all week long.  i'm really trying my hardest to get back into a schedule and get all my volunteer places organized.  it's an awkward time because i am getting trained finally at the detox center which i am most excited about.  i started my first of four training yesterday, and it was absolutely fascinating.  i can't wait to help out there.  i'm also waiting to start training at the women's shelter.  ahhh it just drives me crazy how slow these processes are!! i have been in process with some of these places since june! 

thanksgiving is getting closer and i can't wait.  the last time my whole family was together was labor day and with the kids so young, that is a long time not to see them for! i bet i will see my nieces and nephew and think they are entirely new kids!! they grow up so fast!! speaking of thanksgiving, a cup of joe listed 12 awesome pumpkin recipes!! you have to check it out, they all sound so yummy. 

fall temperature FINALLY has hit utah, which i love. now it is all boots and scarves and sweaters and gloves! so cozy! so i went out and got some new clothes! so fun! i can't wait to wear all of them! i love the cold and the way it makes you dress!! i love it all!! 

i feel so bad for my dad.  he likes to be busy and doesn't like to be all coopped up and not able to walk because of his recently replaced knee.  he is bored and uncomfortable and in pain.  i feel so terribly for him.  i wish i was there so i could take care of him, but i have too much going on to drop everything and drive 300 miles to help take care of him.  or maybe i'm just being selfish?

my sweet, fiesty, too cute for words niece turned 1 this week! i can't believe it! i am so happy my sister brought her into our lives.  we are celebrating this sunday.  i can't wait to go shopping for something to get her this weekend!  one of the best parts about being an aunt!! thank you june for being ours! 

i don't have cable but i love to watch ellen clips on youtube and the other day i was watching the bieb (ugh, he's just the worst, isn't) on the show, and one of my favorite things that ellen does on her show is when she puts an earpiece in people's ears and tells them what to say and then they just have to act crazy in public and it is always hilarious.  my favorites is always when dennis quaid does it. any way, you have to watch it it's just too funny and the only thing that is actually good that justin bieber ever did. 

have a happy happy weekend guys!! tell me what you did and what movies you saw! have a very happy one! 

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