Lot 48: what is my blogging niche?

October 13, 2015

what is my blogging niche?

what is your blogging niche?  do you have one or are you still trying to figure this out?  this has been on my mine lately since i read this post from venus trapped in mars.  

finding a blogging niche is hard.  with me, since i don't have much fashion sense, i don't like diy projects, i am not the best cook and don't like cooking, and i sure as heck am not going to be a fitness blogger in this life or the next, i don't know where i stand.  when i tell people about my blog and they ask what i blog about, i say i blog about entertainment and life, and the category is lifestyle.  but that is very generic, right?  i try to come up with fun topics, and i try to balance out my thoughtful posts with fun posts.  i try to not be preachy.  but i still am at a loss when someone asks me what my blog is about.  my instinct is just to say "i don't know, i just write."  

a blogger who has done very well for herself making money off her blog told me once that at a blogging conference, she met with a vendor who when he asked her what her blogging category was and she said "date night ideas" he said "thank you so much for having a valid answer.  so many bloggers don't even know what their niche is. that makes it hard for vendors to work with them." and i haven't been able to get that out of my head.  if i am blogging to make money and to reach out to people, make friends and entertain, then i need a niche, don't i?  

so maybe you can help.  what do you think my blogging niche is?  personally, i think the majority of bloggers are lifestyle, and they write about their lives, their clothes, what they want to write about.  and they blog for themselves.  i think it is few and far between that bloggers have a very specific niche or category, like sarah is a sports blog, that girl was a dating blog, some are craft blogs, some are family blogs.  

so please, dear readers, help me know where i fall.  it would be much appreciated. 


  1. I totally reject the notion that bloggers have to have a niche to work with brands. "Lifestyle" is a legitimate "niche" and there's nothing wrong with being a lifestyle blogger. One thing I've found is that it is easier for PR people if you throw out a couple of topics you write about, but don't be afraid to embrace the lifestyle category.

  2. I don't have a blogging niche, just saying


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