Lot 48: weekending

October 19, 2015


 happy monday! well, are mondays ever happy? 
i had a really good weekend! on saturday, we went with my sister in law and her husband and kids to gardner village, and cluster of quaint stores that deck out for halloween! they have witch mannequins all over the place and all the halloween supplies you could possibly need! it is so much fun to browse around and look at everything! 

and it felt so good to wear normal clothes, not my show costume, normal makeup without false eyelashes, and to do something that isn't my show.  it was bliss and such a beautiful day. 

anyone who knows me knows how true this sign is for me!! #candyaholic!

 my niece and i, brilyn.

a witch trying to escape! 

they have this fabulous candy shop that was in food network magazine and is delish.  i got a carmel apple that was covered in two kinds of chocolate. #yum. 

here you pay to pet animals and go on little rides for kids and all fun little witch activities.  

we went home and i took a nap and then i did my show that night and on sunday i took another nap after church and read blogs and caught up on tv and it was a great weekend! hope yours was great as well! 

Bella And The City


  1. That looks like so much fun! And I bet it was really nice to get a break from being in character!

  2. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun, my weekends are spent at home often surrounded by children and grandchildren


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