Lot 48: josh peck was my neighbor

October 15, 2015

josh peck was my neighbor

let me tell you a story......

a story i left out when i wrote this post about new fall tv shows.  when i lived in LA and was working as an intern for two production companies, josh peck was my neighbor.  i don't know if the name josh peck is jogging your memory, so maybe a picture would help, yeah?

or better yet, this one.

this was the josh peck that graced my television each week while i was growing up.  josh peck was the dorky kid on the nickelodeon show drake & josh.  i watched that show allll that time.  it was one of the most popular shows when i was growing up, and back then, josh peck was a dorky, pudgy kid who hadn't grown into his skin yet.  once we hit high school age, he got hot and lost all the weight and got serious roles.  years later, i moved to los angeles.  if you still don't know who josh peck is, he is a star on the new hit series that i have fallen in love with grandfathered.


okay, now you should definitely know who he is.  moving on with the story.  

it was 2011 and i lived in an apartment with my two roommates from my college intern program.  one night when i got home, i noticed a package on the doorstep of the adjacent apartment with a return label or "UTA."  UTA is one of the top talent agencies in los angeles. if you are signed with UTA, you aren't doin' too bad in life.  the return label peaked my interest, so breaking "law" i looked at who it was addressed to and saw it was addressed to josh peck.  by the size of the package, it was clearly a script.  my head exploded.  josh peck was my neighbor?!?! and i could potentially open and read what script his agent had sent him and no one would be the wiser?? or better yet, take the script into my apartment, pull a chair up to my peephole, wait for him to come home, then knock on the door and say casually "oh, who lives here, oh it's you, josh peck! this was left on my doorstep by mistake, thought you might need it, (giggle giggle giggle) why yes, i would love to come in, thank you, yes this is my natural hair color, oh stop it josh, you're so funny (giggle giggle giggle)."  

but as the majority of my plan was illegal/crazy, i ran into my apartment to consult my roommates. my girl roommate's head exploded too when i told her josh peck was our roommate, but our male roommate told us to leave him alone, to not be creepy, to let the guy live a normal life, and to stop being weird.  classic guy response, but he had a point.  

but that didn't stop me!!! i took to facebook for more advice and texted patrisha who's mind also exploded.  facebook friends' minds also exploded and they suggested i have a dinner party and invite him casually like i was inviting the whole hall and "oh my goodness i didn't realize the celebrity and star of my childhood lived here, goodness, well please come in, oh you brought wine, how thoughtful, such a gentleman... oh josh of course i'll be your date to the entertainment weekly party!!" (giggle giggle giggle).  it was a perfect plan and i really wanted to do it.  but my male roommate did have a point, and i was chicken.  

much to my dismay, i got home one night to find out my roommate kate had met him! she was getting home the same time he was, and she had introduced herself.  she said he was really nice and cordial but no giggling or invites to entertainment weekly parties or invites inside his apartment.  #jerk.  i was so mad i didn't get to meet him, and the 4 months i lived there, i never met him!!

now i have zero idea why a celebrity such as himself lived in an apartment in studio city.  sure, at this time he was C list actor at best, but i'm sure he could afford a house.  maybe he gambled it all away.  or bought a house for his mother.  or was really money conscious.  

but now that he has a show with john stamos, i am even angrier that we shared a wall and i never got to meet him!! unfair.  if i could turn back time, i would ignore my better judgement and act like an idiot, take that script and knock on that door and introduce myself.  because really, how often do you get to meet a celebrity.  and how even more often is one your neighbor?!?!?


  1. No way! That is so cool!! I so would have acted like a fool and camped out for him to come home! Haha. Also, now I need to go see if Grandfathered is on Hulu so I can watch it!

  2. That is so awesome!! I would have had the dinner party haha. One time I was going to dinner in Hollywood and I walked by Zac Efron. I stopped dead in my track and literally couldn't function. A few seconds went by and Vanessa Hudgens came up to him and they got into their car. I found out they broke up a few weeks later, and I feel like I easily could have been his next girlfriend. #BIggestMistakeEver


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