Lot 48: catching up

October 12, 2015

catching up

hello! i kind of fell off the grid for a while, and i gotta admit, it felt pretty good to take a break.  my show opened and i have been having a hard time adjusting to factoring it into my life.  i do the show 5 nights a week, taking me away from my sweet husband and it has turned out to be a lot harder than i suspected waaaay out of my comfort zone.  so let's catch up, shall we?

feeling:: anxious. constantly.  my show is stretching me immensely.  it makes me anxious all the time, and exhausted all the time.  we do the show at a different restaurant each night, and get two nights off a week. it's hard to be away from taran.  and it is hard to be so close the audience.  i am used to being on a stage, far away from the audience.  but here, i am close enough for them to touch me and we have to mingle with them in character before the show starts.  it is so far out of my comfort zone.  it is definitely an adjustment. 

volunteering::  at my church's distribution center still and have recently started volunteering at volunteers of america detox center.   i did a documentary on them in college and really believe in their organization and am so excited to be there.  they take people who are at the start of their drug and alcohol recovery and help them detox for two weeks and then guide them into furthur recovery.  a lot of the clients are homeless.  it's a great place, i'm really happy to be there.  i quit volunteering with the refugees; it was too hard on my heart.  it broke my heart to try to help children who wouldn't help themselves and children who were 10 learn how to read.  it was too hard on me.  it was negatively impacting me in a major way, i had to look out for myself and quit.  

wanting:: to go to a pumpkin patch with my nieces and nephews.  i missed going with them last year, i don't want to miss out this year too.  also wanting to decorate my entire department in pumpkins and fake leaves and all things fall.  my favorite month is upon us! already have stocked up on pumpkin spice candles, but i need some serious fall decorations. 

hating::  that i have to curl my hair for each show.  it takes an hour for me to curl my hair because it is so thick and i have so much of it.  it takes so long.  and since we travel to different restaurants, i sometimes have to drive up to an hour, so i have to start getting ready 4 hours before the show starts as i have to be there an hour before the show starts! it's madness!! 

wishing::  i could take a vacation.  i am itching to go to europe as i am reading caroline's europe recaps it is making me want to travel through europe with taran sooo badly.  i want to visit each of her destinations and go now.  she is giving me a serious case of wanderlust!  

proud of::  taran as he has been working so hard to get certified at work to get raises.  he has a big test coming up that will make him eligible for a promotion and a relocation to another office, and as we always said we want to settle in california, once he passes, he will put in a request to relocate to on of his company's california offices and then my dream of living in california again will come true! i am a cali girl at heart! we will see what happens, but regardless, i am so proud of how hard he has been studying.  

reading::  a lot of blogs and about to start reading the girl on the train which i am very excited about as everyone says it is the new gone girl.  

watching:: drop dead diva.  i started watching this on netflix a while ago, i think i might have mentioned, and it is so cute and girly an fabulous, i love it.  toally binge worthy.  i just started season 4. also loving grandfathered and blindspot as i predicted in my fall tv post.

missing:: my nieces and nephews who live in arizona.  my nephew just turned 4 (!) and i can't believe it.  he is my sweet boy and is so kind and considerate and smart and i love him to pieces and i can't believe he is getting so big.  plus! my niece who lives here is started walking at only 10 months old!!!! which i just refuse to accept because she is still a baby and can't they please just stop growing up?!?! 

excited:: that my sisters are coming to see my show tonight. 

what's new with you?


  1. I am reading a book by Jean Plaidy she writes historical novels and I am listening to Looking Up by Michael J Fox both are great.

  2. I'm glad your show is going well. I know I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of thing!

    You might be moving to California??? This makes me very happy!

    And also, Girl on the Train was good, but just try not to let your expectations get too high.


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