Lot 48: October 2015

October 28, 2015

protect your bum

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i'm what you might call a toilet paper brat.  i can tell the difference between cheap, scratchy toilet paper that hurts your bum, and comfy, it's so comfortable it makes you want to go to the bathroom just for fun toilet paper that is quilted so nicely it makes going to the bathroom feel less like a chore. a nice toilet paper that fits that category is Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong.

when we were first married and were trying to get used to living together, my husband was buying the very uncomfortable toilet paper, emphasis on paper.  it made my bum red and it hurt! (tmi?) since then, i insist on the toilet paper that takes care of your bum and brings comfort to the bathroom.  this is one area where i do not skimp! nobody likes going to the bathroom, so if we have to do it, we might as well make it as comfortable as possible, right? 

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong is by far the most comfortable toilet paper i have ever used.  and the best part is that as it's quilted, you can use less toilet paper than you normally would use, making the 12 pack last the same length a 24 pack would. 

protect your bum! head to Walmart to get your own Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong and click here to find your nearest Walmart that sells it!

October 21, 2015

cozy fall looks

today i have ady and lindsay giving lot 48 some much needed fashion advice, because heaven knows i never give any! take it away ladies!! 
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Hey hey hey!! Ady here, the founder and editor of Verbal Gold Blog!  We are a Global Lifestyle Blog from Atlanta to Australia to the UK with a lovely group of 10 bloggers!  We blog about travel, recipes, beauty, blogging and of course shoppable style!  If you're new, start here!

So excited to be on Lot 48 today and even more excited that it's finally Fall!  Fall is our faaaavorite time of year!  The perfect temperature that's not too cold but not too hot.  Perfect for cozy comfy fall outfits, layering cozy sweaters, dark manis and boots!  Ahhh love it!  My co-blogger Lindsay and I have put together two cozy fall looks for you that are a must for fall!

Don't forget our party is over on Instagram but you can find us on twitter, facebook, pinterest, and snapchat @VerbalGoldBlog!!  We love making new blog friends so drop us a line and let us know you're new!
xoxo Ady  + Lindsay

October 19, 2015

and his name was wonka

today i am going to tell you a story about a goose.  

i've been a performer for most of my life.  currently, i am in a dinner theater show called "salem witch trials."  when i was 18, i got the opportunity to perform at a regional repertoire theater that was an outdoor theater set in a backdrop of gorgeous red rock mountains.  the theater did les miserables 3 nights a week and the sound of music the other 3 nights.  my dad loved to tell me as i walked out the door each night "don't mix up your costumes!" because i alternated playing a whore and a nun.  baaahahahahah, dad.  

in the second act of les miserables, there is a scene where all the townspeople are gathered and jean val jean and javert are having one their infamous "spats."  because this was an outdoor theater, javert rode in on a horse and we as ensemble were assigned animals to have during the scene.  my castmates had a pig, dog, and goose.  i was the lucky one with the goose.  i named him wonka.  he was very temperamental. 

i was merely ensemble in this show, but to me, that was still something to be proud of as the show was sold out each night and the theater held 2,000 people.  the scene where i had wonka was also the scene where i had my 4 word solo.  i carried him onstage, tried to keep him from running away for just about a minute, ran off stage to give him to a stage hand, then ran back on stage to sing "where we gonna live?"

wonka, was not happy about the arrangement.  he had major stage fright.  he would "bark" and flap his wings while i tried to hold him and prevent him from getting away from me.  one particular night, when i was trying to pick him up before we went on stage, he just plain ran away from me.  in circles.  so just imagine me, running around, literally in circles, tight circles, trying to grab this dang goose to get him onstage in time.  my cast mate was laughing so hard she was crying and i finally got one of the stage hands to help me get him into my arms.  why did i have to carry him on stage, you might ask? because if i walked him onstage with his leash, he wouldn't follow me!! he wouldn't walk fast enough to get onstage in time for our cue! please, all animal lovers, don't hate me, i swear,  i did my best with him, he was just so scared, i felt bad for him! but the whole entire 6 month run he would try to run away from me, and dang it, i was going to get to sing my solo so this was not a good situation!! i'll never forget wonka, and wherever he is now, i hope he doesn't have to relieve his stage fright and is able to just peacefully do whatever geese do each day without anyone bothering him.

i hope i painted an accurate and hilarious picture for you, because no matter how frustrating it was, it really was funny.  

happy tuesday!


 happy monday! well, are mondays ever happy? 
i had a really good weekend! on saturday, we went with my sister in law and her husband and kids to gardner village, and cluster of quaint stores that deck out for halloween! they have witch mannequins all over the place and all the halloween supplies you could possibly need! it is so much fun to browse around and look at everything! 

and it felt so good to wear normal clothes, not my show costume, normal makeup without false eyelashes, and to do something that isn't my show.  it was bliss and such a beautiful day. 

anyone who knows me knows how true this sign is for me!! #candyaholic!

 my niece and i, brilyn.

a witch trying to escape! 

they have this fabulous candy shop that was in food network magazine and is delish.  i got a carmel apple that was covered in two kinds of chocolate. #yum. 

here you pay to pet animals and go on little rides for kids and all fun little witch activities.  

we went home and i took a nap and then i did my show that night and on sunday i took another nap after church and read blogs and caught up on tv and it was a great weekend! hope yours was great as well! 

Bella And The City

October 16, 2015

some highs and lows

TGIF.  and i mean that with gusto.  doing shows 5 nights a week and not seeing my sweet husband until 930 at night is really hard.  we are the annoying couple who can't get enough of each other and loves spending every single second of every day with one another.  so all this time apart is really new and strange and hard on us.  we don't like it.  i usually get 2 nights off a week, but we had a group of 60 request a private show, so next week, i only get sunday off, and the week after that is closing week, so i don't get a night off until we close on thursday.  which means we only get the next two sunday nights together and saturday days together until the end of the month.  it is so hard on us!! 
i wrote on monday how my show is stretching me immensely and how i wasn't having the most fun in the world.  i'm happy to report that i am having a lot more fun because i have forced myself to.  this is an opportunity, a sweet experience, a fun experience, and i want to make the most of it.  i don't want to look back on it and regret being crabby and not giving it my all.  i have gotten a lot more comfortable being so close to the audience and i feel i have fallen into a nice rhythm.  i want to live in the moment.  
yesterday i went the a pumpkin patch with my nieces and nephews.  i had never been to a pumpkin patch before, it was so much fun!! my niece showed up in little heels, the silly girl!! 

isaac is so stubborn.  he is about 15 months and refuses to walk while his 11 month old cousin has been walking since she was about 9 months old.  isaac got sooo  dirty crawling all over the ground at the pumpkin patch and the poor guy face planted as he was crawling around the cart and tipped it over.  

eli, my 5 year old nephew, the one behind the wheel, was so scared his brother next to him, oliver (3 yrs) was going to start the tractor!! we tried to tell him it wasn't a working tractor, but he was so scared he got down.

june bug.  walking since she was 9 months old.  how gorgeous is she?

posing with the scarecrows.

i often forget that my blog has grown substantially and that i have to be careful about what i write about those closest to me and protect those i love's privacy.  so without giving away too many personal details about this situation, my parents have been looking forward to a guided 20 day trip to the Holy Land that is scheduled to leave at the end of the month.  my dad had his knee replaced last october in preparation for the trip.  they have been studying middle eastern culture, intense bible study, and have been doing everything they could do to prepare for this bucket list trip they have been wanting to take their entire lives. a while back, my dad realized his other knee was giving him problems and to make a long story short and to not wave all his private health problems flying, he now has to get his other knee replaced and cancel the trip.  i feel horrible for my dad.  getting your knee replaced is major surgery and scary and results in major repercussions.  my heart aches for him and my mom as they are both so disappointed about their trip.  

but yesterday morning i woke up to the news and read about the Israeli security forces setting up checkpoints and concrete barriers outside Palestinian neighborhoods and the controversy and uproar regarding the Palestinisn president pulling out that certain peace framework from the 90s, it made me kind of glad they aren't going as the situation over there is dicey and not safe.

i had told my dad the day before the God knows all and has a plan for all of us and as my dad wondered why this was happening to his knee now of all times, i told him that i thought something terrible was going to happen in the middle east the same time he was going to be there, and that the Lord was looking out for him.  it is looking like i might have been onto something.  i'm now glad they aren't going. but please keep my dad in your prayers. 

fifth.  speaking of living in the now and acknowledging that the Lord has a plan for all of us, that doesn't mean that it is easy to sit back, take a deep breath and know that your life will work out.  i don't know what i want to do with my life.  i don't know what career i want.  and it is frustrating to the 10th degree.  it keeps me up at night, it makes me angry, it makes me sad, it makes me feel unfulfilled.  but the only way to know what i want to do and find my way is through life experience.  i volunteer at so many different organizations and research different fields and think and ponder and i know that one day, i will find my way and find my path.  i'm so grateful for the places i volunteer and the places that help me get that life experience.  they keep me busy, they give me a little bit of meaning, and they give me hope.  and it's comforting to know that i am not the only one in the world who doesn't know what she wants to do with her life.  there are a million people in the world who are in the same boat as me.  we'll figure it out.  

it's just hard to be patient in the meantime.

have a fun weekend friends!! tomorrow, we are going to a witch fest with the in laws! sure the be oodles of fun! 

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Bright on a Budget

October 15, 2015

josh peck was my neighbor

let me tell you a story......

a story i left out when i wrote this post about new fall tv shows.  when i lived in LA and was working as an intern for two production companies, josh peck was my neighbor.  i don't know if the name josh peck is jogging your memory, so maybe a picture would help, yeah?

or better yet, this one.

this was the josh peck that graced my television each week while i was growing up.  josh peck was the dorky kid on the nickelodeon show drake & josh.  i watched that show allll that time.  it was one of the most popular shows when i was growing up, and back then, josh peck was a dorky, pudgy kid who hadn't grown into his skin yet.  once we hit high school age, he got hot and lost all the weight and got serious roles.  years later, i moved to los angeles.  if you still don't know who josh peck is, he is a star on the new hit series that i have fallen in love with grandfathered.


okay, now you should definitely know who he is.  moving on with the story.  

it was 2011 and i lived in an apartment with my two roommates from my college intern program.  one night when i got home, i noticed a package on the doorstep of the adjacent apartment with a return label or "UTA."  UTA is one of the top talent agencies in los angeles. if you are signed with UTA, you aren't doin' too bad in life.  the return label peaked my interest, so breaking "law" i looked at who it was addressed to and saw it was addressed to josh peck.  by the size of the package, it was clearly a script.  my head exploded.  josh peck was my neighbor?!?! and i could potentially open and read what script his agent had sent him and no one would be the wiser?? or better yet, take the script into my apartment, pull a chair up to my peephole, wait for him to come home, then knock on the door and say casually "oh, who lives here, oh it's you, josh peck! this was left on my doorstep by mistake, thought you might need it, (giggle giggle giggle) why yes, i would love to come in, thank you, yes this is my natural hair color, oh stop it josh, you're so funny (giggle giggle giggle)."  

but as the majority of my plan was illegal/crazy, i ran into my apartment to consult my roommates. my girl roommate's head exploded too when i told her josh peck was our roommate, but our male roommate told us to leave him alone, to not be creepy, to let the guy live a normal life, and to stop being weird.  classic guy response, but he had a point.  

but that didn't stop me!!! i took to facebook for more advice and texted patrisha who's mind also exploded.  facebook friends' minds also exploded and they suggested i have a dinner party and invite him casually like i was inviting the whole hall and "oh my goodness i didn't realize the celebrity and star of my childhood lived here, goodness, well please come in, oh you brought wine, how thoughtful, such a gentleman... oh josh of course i'll be your date to the entertainment weekly party!!" (giggle giggle giggle).  it was a perfect plan and i really wanted to do it.  but my male roommate did have a point, and i was chicken.  

much to my dismay, i got home one night to find out my roommate kate had met him! she was getting home the same time he was, and she had introduced herself.  she said he was really nice and cordial but no giggling or invites to entertainment weekly parties or invites inside his apartment.  #jerk.  i was so mad i didn't get to meet him, and the 4 months i lived there, i never met him!!

now i have zero idea why a celebrity such as himself lived in an apartment in studio city.  sure, at this time he was C list actor at best, but i'm sure he could afford a house.  maybe he gambled it all away.  or bought a house for his mother.  or was really money conscious.  

but now that he has a show with john stamos, i am even angrier that we shared a wall and i never got to meet him!! unfair.  if i could turn back time, i would ignore my better judgement and act like an idiot, take that script and knock on that door and introduce myself.  because really, how often do you get to meet a celebrity.  and how even more often is one your neighbor?!?!?

October 13, 2015

what is my blogging niche?

what is your blogging niche?  do you have one or are you still trying to figure this out?  this has been on my mine lately since i read this post from venus trapped in mars.  

finding a blogging niche is hard.  with me, since i don't have much fashion sense, i don't like diy projects, i am not the best cook and don't like cooking, and i sure as heck am not going to be a fitness blogger in this life or the next, i don't know where i stand.  when i tell people about my blog and they ask what i blog about, i say i blog about entertainment and life, and the category is lifestyle.  but that is very generic, right?  i try to come up with fun topics, and i try to balance out my thoughtful posts with fun posts.  i try to not be preachy.  but i still am at a loss when someone asks me what my blog is about.  my instinct is just to say "i don't know, i just write."  

a blogger who has done very well for herself making money off her blog told me once that at a blogging conference, she met with a vendor who when he asked her what her blogging category was and she said "date night ideas" he said "thank you so much for having a valid answer.  so many bloggers don't even know what their niche is. that makes it hard for vendors to work with them." and i haven't been able to get that out of my head.  if i am blogging to make money and to reach out to people, make friends and entertain, then i need a niche, don't i?  

so maybe you can help.  what do you think my blogging niche is?  personally, i think the majority of bloggers are lifestyle, and they write about their lives, their clothes, what they want to write about.  and they blog for themselves.  i think it is few and far between that bloggers have a very specific niche or category, like sarah is a sports blog, that girl was a dating blog, some are craft blogs, some are family blogs.  

so please, dear readers, help me know where i fall.  it would be much appreciated. 

October 12, 2015

catching up

hello! i kind of fell off the grid for a while, and i gotta admit, it felt pretty good to take a break.  my show opened and i have been having a hard time adjusting to factoring it into my life.  i do the show 5 nights a week, taking me away from my sweet husband and it has turned out to be a lot harder than i suspected waaaay out of my comfort zone.  so let's catch up, shall we?

feeling:: anxious. constantly.  my show is stretching me immensely.  it makes me anxious all the time, and exhausted all the time.  we do the show at a different restaurant each night, and get two nights off a week. it's hard to be away from taran.  and it is hard to be so close the audience.  i am used to being on a stage, far away from the audience.  but here, i am close enough for them to touch me and we have to mingle with them in character before the show starts.  it is so far out of my comfort zone.  it is definitely an adjustment. 

volunteering::  at my church's distribution center still and have recently started volunteering at volunteers of america detox center.   i did a documentary on them in college and really believe in their organization and am so excited to be there.  they take people who are at the start of their drug and alcohol recovery and help them detox for two weeks and then guide them into furthur recovery.  a lot of the clients are homeless.  it's a great place, i'm really happy to be there.  i quit volunteering with the refugees; it was too hard on my heart.  it broke my heart to try to help children who wouldn't help themselves and children who were 10 learn how to read.  it was too hard on me.  it was negatively impacting me in a major way, i had to look out for myself and quit.  

wanting:: to go to a pumpkin patch with my nieces and nephews.  i missed going with them last year, i don't want to miss out this year too.  also wanting to decorate my entire department in pumpkins and fake leaves and all things fall.  my favorite month is upon us! already have stocked up on pumpkin spice candles, but i need some serious fall decorations. 

hating::  that i have to curl my hair for each show.  it takes an hour for me to curl my hair because it is so thick and i have so much of it.  it takes so long.  and since we travel to different restaurants, i sometimes have to drive up to an hour, so i have to start getting ready 4 hours before the show starts as i have to be there an hour before the show starts! it's madness!! 

wishing::  i could take a vacation.  i am itching to go to europe as i am reading caroline's europe recaps it is making me want to travel through europe with taran sooo badly.  i want to visit each of her destinations and go now.  she is giving me a serious case of wanderlust!  

proud of::  taran as he has been working so hard to get certified at work to get raises.  he has a big test coming up that will make him eligible for a promotion and a relocation to another office, and as we always said we want to settle in california, once he passes, he will put in a request to relocate to on of his company's california offices and then my dream of living in california again will come true! i am a cali girl at heart! we will see what happens, but regardless, i am so proud of how hard he has been studying.  

reading::  a lot of blogs and about to start reading the girl on the train which i am very excited about as everyone says it is the new gone girl.  

watching:: drop dead diva.  i started watching this on netflix a while ago, i think i might have mentioned, and it is so cute and girly an fabulous, i love it.  toally binge worthy.  i just started season 4. also loving grandfathered and blindspot as i predicted in my fall tv post.

missing:: my nieces and nephews who live in arizona.  my nephew just turned 4 (!) and i can't believe it.  he is my sweet boy and is so kind and considerate and smart and i love him to pieces and i can't believe he is getting so big.  plus! my niece who lives here is started walking at only 10 months old!!!! which i just refuse to accept because she is still a baby and can't they please just stop growing up?!?! 

excited:: that my sisters are coming to see my show tonight. 

what's new with you?