Lot 48: who inspires me?

September 11, 2015

who inspires me?

i am joining in again today for the blog-tember challenge.  today: who inspires me?  well, the answer is really quite simple.  i guess with my recent announcement on instagram, i guess the cat is out of the bag.  i am a performer.  well, i used to be, but i am now again.  but in reality, i always have been.  it is a passion so strong that it has never left me.  i dream of being in a show one night every single week.  the passion runs through my veins.  i haven't been in a show in 6 years, and then all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, an old performer friend contacted me and begged me to replace her in a show she couldn't do.  the opportunity to do t his show fell right into my lap.  no audition, no nothing.  and suddenly, the next day, i was at rehearsal.  

and it was like riding a bike.  i fell right back into it.  i felt like i hadn't skipped a beat.  i was right back to where i was.  sure, it had been 6 years, but it felt like it hadn't been a second since i had since been in a show.  that friend of mine, mindy, she is like my fairy godmother.  she gave me such a gift of getting back into performing, something i had desperately been wanting to get back into doing but had been too scared to do.  and then now, here i am.  in a halloween traveling dinner theater show.  and it's excellent.

in performing, whenever i am in a show, i give 1000%.  that is an area where i never have trouble giving 1000% to and where i can't not give 1000% to.  it doesn't matter if there are 8 people in the audience, i am going to give them the best show that i can give.  i am going to give them all i can.  so it's understandable there are a few ladies i look to inspire me and give me that extra push, those who i aspire to be.  who are queens of the art of performing, masters of the voice. experts.  

beyonce.  bey.  queen b.  she really needs to stop wearing naked dresses and for heaven's sake, bey, you are a mother.  you have a daughter.  what example are you setting for her.  but man oh MAN are you a queen of the voice.  if i could ever be half the singer you are, i would be successful and consider myself good.  the other day in rehearsal, i thought about something you said, how when you were in obsessed you felt off kilter and scared because you didn't sing in that movie and singing is your crutch.  and in that movie, you only had to act, and singing is your strong suit.  

it's mine too. and in this show, i only act.  and i don't consider myself to be much of an actress.  at all.   it is not a strong suit of mine.  oh why oh why can't i sing in this show, if i only could, i would feel so much more comfortable.  i would feel more at home.  granted, there is nowhere else i feel most at home than on a stage.  but if i could just sing in this show, i would feel more calm.  but no, i am just to act, and that is far out of my comfort zone. 

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you are a master.  can i be a master too? teach me your ways.  you inspire me to no end.  thank you for getting me through this show where i don't have my crutch.  because sometimes you don't have yours either, and sometimes you feel self conscious too, and that makes me feel a whole of a lot better. i also really love her hair. 

who inspires you?  i would love to hear! 

here's to queen bey! 

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  1. This is awesome! Like you, I used to be a performer, but am probably about.. four years retired. But I really do miss it every day! I'm sure you will crush the show you're in-- best of luck!

  2. Beyonce is gorgeous and so inspiring. When I was little I wanted to be a singer just like her! You'll do awesome in your show! Break a leg :)
    Morgan - theradwife.blogspot.com

  3. I'm so excited for you! You are going to be amazing!


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