Lot 48: the power of saying i love you

September 15, 2015

the power of saying i love you

lately i have been thinking about the power of saying i love you.  it is a big phrase.  not to be taken lightly and something people should hear often in their life.  my dad made a point of saying i love you to each of us girls every single day of our lives growing up.  he would say to us "{insert daughter's name here] have i told you today that i love you?" if the answer was yes, he would say it again, if the answer was no, he would say it.  he says that once he dated a girl who told him that her father never told her that he loved her.  he promised himself he was never going to be that kind of father.  he promised himself he was going to make sure that his children knew they were loved unconditionally.

when i totaled his car, sure, my dad was mad, but the first thing he said to me was "you are worth more to me than any car.  all that matters is that you are okay."  we say i love you a lot in my family.  it is how we say goodbye in each phone call, it is a frequent phrase we say to each other.  the other day in church, the speaker was talking about how his family never said i love you.  he spoke of how his friend's family always said it and how he craved to have that in his own family.  he started saying i love you to his family members and how it made them very uncomfortable.  but after a while, they started saying it back. 

over labor day weekend when i was home and all my sisters were home too and it was a big family gathering, my sweet nieces and nephews had these stickers that said sweet "i love yous" and such.  they kept walking over to me and putting them on my arms and telling me they loved me.  it melted my heart.  there is a great power in saying i love you.  every one needs to know they are loved.  it breaks my heart when i hear from that a family doesn't say it freely amongst each other.  i love yous should be said often among family members.  among lovers, it should be said often.  every one needs to be loved and needs to be reminded they are loved.  i think that is a basic human necessity.  it's a human need.  a man can say i love you to you once, you can date him, but i think he needs to keep saying it.  over and over again.  my husband and i say it to each other roughly 10 times a day.  

love makes the world go round.  love is necessary.  the power of love is one of the greatest powers on earth.  as said in moulin rouge, "the greatest thing is to love and be loved in return."  i truly believe that love is one of the greatest gifts God has given us and is not to be taken for granted.  

LOVE!! insert heart emojis! i challenge you to tell your family members you love them, to tell your friends you love them, your lovers, whomever you love, say it more often! saying i love you is not something that should only be said on valentines day!! 

and to you, dear reader, i love you!! thanks for reading this here blog and keep coming back! thank you for reading my ramblings and allowing me to do this hobby that i love so much! i love you, reader! 

 love on! 


  1. Agreed! Three little words that have a tremendous impact...!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. thank you for sharing it. I totally agree with you that the words I love you need to be said more...


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