Lot 48: one of the best days of my life

September 24, 2015

one of the best days of my life

i am linking up again with bailey for the blogtember challenge but a few days late with this prompt.  the prompt is, describe one of the best days of your life.  this one was pretty easy, i could point to my wedding day or the day taran proposed, but since you already know those stories, i had to think a little bit harder.  

but i didn't have to think for very long.  this day has always been in mind since it happened 4 years ago.  it was in june, 2011 while i was doing my study abroad in london. we went to kew gardens as a class, beautiful gardens that had many greenhouses and different types of plant life and it was a beautiful day.  we saw a peacock randomly walking around the grounds! 

lily pads!! 

suddenly, it started to rain.  and hard.  i know what you're thinking, it's london, so of course it's raining, but when i lived in london, it was actually during a drought, one of the worst, i think.  it only poured twice in the two months i was there.  i had adopted the habit of not carrying around an umbrella or a jacket with a hood.  so as you can see in the picture above, i was ill equipped to handle pouring rain.  

but i didn't care.  i remember so vividly running through the gardens to shelter laughing hysterically with my friends as we all got soaking wet. after a while, we decided we wanted to go see a matinee of  legally blonde: the musical.  i was so excited because i had been wanting to see it since we got to london. 

we headed to the west end and had lunch at pizza hut.  we all had a rule we weren't going to eat at any america restaurants while we were there, but we were so hungry and wet that we didn't care.  and the pizza and pasta and salad lunch buffet hit the spot.  we hid out in the pizza hit eating and laughing while we got warm and dry.

and then we headed to the musical.  and it turned out to be one of my favorite musicals that i have ever seen.  i have never had so much fun just watching a musical!  and what was so funny was watching brits try to be american.  it was hilarious to see how they view us and to see them do american accents and you could really tell some jokes in the script that were american that they didn't really get.  it was so funny.  if you can ever see that musical, i don't know if it is still running, you should see it for sure!! 

by the time we got out of the show, the sun was shining and we were completely dry.  it was one of the best days of my life.  filled with laughter and fun and music and gardens and beauty and friends and new experiences.  i remember like it was yesterday.  and sometimes, if i am having a bad day, i think back to that day, and suddenly it isn't so bad.  

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  1. That sounds so perfect!

    Every time I've traveled abroad, I always have one day where I kind of reach my breaking point and need to do something completely American. And you're right, it's SO funny to get other countries' take on what Americans are like.


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