Lot 48: new fall tv shows

September 22, 2015

new fall tv shows

it is that time again! my favorite time of year! and not just fall.  but new fall tv shows!!
in case you haven't read my explanation of the anatomy of a tv show, how a tv show is made, read part i here and part ii here.

i wanted to share what my shows i am most excited about this fall.

blindspot sept 21 10 PM on NBC
how cool does that look?!?! i can't wait to watch it and see why she has all those tattoos and see what the story is behind her!
the grinder sept 29 8:30 PM on FOX
i love rob lowe and this show looks so funny! i can't wait to see how this plays out and see if it is as funny as it looks!

 grandfathered sept 29 8:00 pm on FOX
well hellooooo john stamos, lovely to see you again. this show looks hilarious and i can't wait to see it. it's already been getting a lot of buzz. so i am sure you have already heard of it and are excited too.

life in pieces sept 21 8:30 PM on CBS
i feel like this show is going to try to be the new modern family. which should be interesting. it might bomb or be hilarious. we shall see.

 angel from hell nov 5 9:30 CBS
when i saw this trailer i was laughing so hard! i am really, really excited for this show! it looks sooo funny and jane lynch's character looks hilarious! i can't wait to see it! wish i didn't have to wait until november.

 the catch {not sure when this airs}

i love espionage shows like this. and it is a shonda rhimes show! so i can't wait. i wish they would nail down a premiere date! 

 what shows are you excited for?


  1. I watched Life In Pieces last night and it was okay, but not wonderful. I am really excited for some other shows, I just hope my DVR can handle it :)

  2. That's pretty funny. I don't think I'm really planning on watching any of these. The only new shows I'm really looking forward to are The Muppets and Limitless.

  3. You get me, you just really get me. I have a TV obsession with a DVR problem.. And I get SO EXCITED this time of year waiting on new shows and researching them and reading every last article and critique! I'm also hoping Angel From Hell is going to be as good as I hope it is, because it sounds hilarious!

  4. I'm so excited for Grandfathered! It looks hilarious and like Josh Peck/John Stamos have lots of comical chemistry. I caught Blindspot last night and was impressed, I'll probably tune in again!


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